Return of The Former Hero ch.118

Weekly Chapters (2/2)

MC vs Aura~
Illustration included~


Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 118 – Former Hero hides from the group

I and Aura face each other at the center of the stage and wait for the start of the semi-final match.

Even though I had strengthened my hidden motivation while in the waiting room, I held myself so it’s wouldn’t disturb the match.

Aura is surely stronger than any of my previous opponents.
Although I have no intention of losing but if I lowered my guard and she, on the off-chance, takes it, I might mess up.

Therefore, I’ll use my full power from the beginning and show off my abilities.

To summarize, I want to show off my cool side and impress Aura.

[Then… the first final tournament match, begin!]

The moment when the semifinal begin, the audiences rises in joy.
As expected from the semifinal, the audience’s tension is high.

In contrast, Aura hides half of her body behind a big shield held on her left hand and holds a long spear on the right hand.

As expected from a member of the Hero’s party. She has style.
I became completely charmed when I saw her beautiful look which shows a tense expression.

As we became opponents in this tournament match, I felt sense of intimidation that I couldn’t feel during our practice.

Slowly, Aura shortened the distance between us.

I decided to make the first move in this match.

Aura’s weapon had far superior range than my sword precisely because it was a spear.
Moreover, because piercing is her main offensive attack, if I tried to slash at her, I may get counter-attacked.
Usually, a spear is difficult to move around with but since Aura handles her spear very well, it would probably be better not to think that it could be easily avoided.

[Amagi-dono, come at me with your full strength.] (Aura)

Outside the range of my sword, Aura told me these words again and set the position of her spear range to the very limit.

Come at her with full strength? Wait, idiot.

[Yeah.] (Haruto)

[I’ll do the same.] (Aura)

After she heard my answer, Aura’s look become more tense than earlier and she took one step closer.
And the spear that she has set-up was thrust out straight toward me.

It’s fast.

Aura was easily handling the big spear that was heavy by the looks of it as she moved it at good speed.

So she’s aiming at my right shoulder, huh?

Having thought over on how to avoid it, I jumped back lightly as the result.

Seeing the length of the spear Aura thrust at me, I lengthened the distance by one more step so the tip doesn’t reach me.

I ward off Aura’s spear with the sword’s backside and stopped its momentum.

[…Uh!] (Haruto)

Aura’s blow didn’t reach me as I suspected.


Without stopping, I tried to grip it before Aura pulled the spear.

Grip, draw and deliver a blow when her balance is broken.
That’s what I thought when I extended my left hand to the spear.

[Haa!] (Aura)

As Aura breathed out, 4 blades of light burst out near the tip of her spear.


By including her magic power into the energy, Aura increases the strength of her thrust.

However, from her current position, it won’t likely be a powerful blow even if she extended the thrust to me.

Moreover, I have extended my hand to grip the tip of her spear.
It’s possible for me to grip it before her attacks reached me.

The moment when I managed to do it, Aura’s spear showed an unexpected movement.

[Uo?!] (Haruto)

The tip of the spear flew off with the surprise, disconnecting from from the rest.

Just like how a pen and its cap disconnects from each other, the tip is being fired from the nozzles which is releasing the magic power.

I have thought it has strange design, but I didn’t expect there was such gimmick like that.

Aura’s trump card; to think she would use it now.
Really, Aura had challenged me with all of her power from the beginning.

[Kuu!] (Haruto)

The bullet that being shot from the spear, I was barely able to grip it.

That was dangerous!

If I had not extended my left hand to grab it, I probably wouldn’t make it.

Being injected by magic, even if I have gripped it, this spear bullet still continued to come at me with force.

However, my gripping power was one step above.

Aura’s surprise attack has failed… That was my thought, I was surprised further.

Hidden in the energy of the magical power that’s being injected earlier, the part of the spear which remained also bursted out with intense momentum.

T, two-stage shooting!?

When I noticed the projectile, I was in no position to be able to defend.
I’m still grasping the first shot of the spear in my left hand and it is too close to ward the follow-up with my sword in my right hand.

[Guu… Oo….!] (Haruto)

In order to avoid direct hit, I somehow twisted my body and took evasive action but I’m still unable to fully dodge it and the homing spear lightly grazed my left shoulder.

Blood spilled from my shoulder.
I haven’t felt the pain yet.

However, in a few seconds, the pain will surely sting and I am convinced that it will be hard for me to move my left hand.

What the hell.

It’s the first time I’ve received a damage since I came to this world.

Although I don’t fight as often as I used to, I don’t believe that I would be able to make it out of every fight unscathed. Though whether I take damage or not doesn’t matter.
It’s fine but I was going to win against Aura in a cool manner so this is really unsightly.

Since I was thinking about that, didn’t I just underestimate Aura a bit too much?

While I was still thinking about it, although it was too late for it already, Aura scooped out her spear and rushed towards me who was not able to set up my stance yet

On the spear handle that remained in her hand, there is a short black blade.

A Matroyshka weapon!

Aura’s third stab; I brush it off with my sword.
However, Aura doesn’t stop and tackles me.

I couldn’t evade it in any way and I fell down the ground with Aura being on top of me.


The impact from my back spreads even to my abdomen.

Aura was riding on top of me who had fallen down.

Horseback riding…

There is no need to explain more, since Aura’s foot is stepping on my right hand, her white panties can be seen at the edge of my sight but right now, it’s not a situation that I am happy about.

[I got you!] (Aura)


Aura shouted and lowered the sword in her hand.

[Just kidding!] (Haruto)

I gripped Aura’s hand with my left hand.

My grazed shoulder is throbbing in pain, however I can’t complain.

[Kuu.] (Aura)

When I stopped her blow, Aura’s face distorted a little but she recovered her calmness at once.

This situation: Aura is perfectly in an advantageous position.

Although Aura is a girl, she is wearing armor so she is quite heavy.
If you got in a horseback position in that situation, it won’t be easy to break this deadlock.

Normally, she could continue striking from above until I gave up.

However, I won’t be defeated like that!

[Deei!] (Haruto)
[Eeh? ….U, uwaa?!] (Aura)

I put all the magical power in my body and lift my right hand which got stepped down.

Although I can’t show my trump card Magic Boost, it’s enough to compete against Aura’s suppression power.

I lifted Aura’s body as it is and reversed our positions.

[Kuu…!] (Aura)

I turned upside down our position, so my waist entered between Aura’s groins.
My left hand gripped Aura’s right hand which was holding her weapon.
I pressed Aura’s body against the stage with my body so that she cannot raise herself. My right elbow set up on Aura’s neck and shoulder to completely block her movement.

With this, Aura’s body is completely blocked.

[Guu… gugu…] (Aura)

Since her neck was also being pressed, she seems like she cannot breathe well. Aura’s expression showed pain.

[Will you give up?] (Haruto)

I asked Aura. However since she almost won the match earlier, she doesn’t nod easily.
I don’t know if she tried to overcome this situation or not but Aura put more power in her body and kept struggling.


N, now that I can relax after catching a glimpse of victory, I am able to take note of her movements.

Due to our position, both of Aura and my lower abdomen just touched each other and every time Aura’s struggled the feeling of touch was being transmitted to me.

Moreover, she kicked my back with her feet.

I know. I am a guy who likes it.
I am a guy who did this to everyone too.

So… This hold is the so-called Daisuki Hold. (TL Note: Google だいしゅきホールド if you curious)

Even elementary school like me who cannot graduate, I refused to explain why I know such a name.

And, while being hugged by Aura’s feet, she was being pinned down and breathing hard, she looked in pain and teary eyes.

I-I don’t have a fetish of being aroused by tormenting girls… This… just happened all of a sudden.

…. This is bad. I cannot awake myself to this. This should not become my fetish.

[I-It’s already impossible. J-just give it up.] (Haruto)

I don’t know why but I am the cornered one since a while ago.

[Ku…. I, I give… up…] (Aura)

Although Aura struggled for a while ago, she was exhausted after a few minutes and gave up.

After receiving the announcement for the final match, Aura and I get off the stage.

[Cough… Cough…] (Aura)
[Are you alright?] (Haruto)

Aura is still coughing, so I tried to ask her.

Usually, the winner won’t say any words to the loser, but it should be alright.

[Cough… No, Yes. I’m alright. What about Amagi-dono? Is your left shoulder alright?] (Aura)
[I am.. Well, the injury of this degree is no issue.] (Haruto)

On the contrary, Aura seems worried about my injury.

Even though I said that to Aura, honestly it hurts.

Although it’s hurt, I calmly show my ability to stay composed.
I wonder if is it really my ability? Although it’s different but whatever.

[I see. But do you plan to get first aid? Is it okay for me to accompany you?] (Aura)

Aura who is uninjured is planning to go to the first aid room.
Is this because she felt responsible for causing the injury?

[Well, there is Leon’s match after this so I’ll be alright by myself though?] (Haruto)

Don’t you plan on cheering for Leon? I thought this might be a special chance so I tried to cut it off.

[No problem.] (Aura)

However, Aura easily refused it.

[I see? Then let’s go.] (Haruto)
[Yes. Thank you very much.] (Aura)

If there is no problem, then I’ll accept her offer.

[However, Amagi-dono is amazing. To be able to evade in such a short distance even with the surprise attacks too.] (Aura)

When we’re walking toward the first aid room, Aura talked to me.

[Ah, that’s, I was also surprised myself.] (Haruto)
[I think it’s amazing to be able to deal with surprise attacks.] (Aura)

Is that so?
I’ll be embarrassed if you keep praising me like that. Please say it more.

[After taking such position, I didn’t think that our body position could be reversed like that. It’s impossible for me to escape from Amagi-dono no matter how much I struggled.] (Aura)
[Well, that’s because our differences on magic. As for Aura, your strategy was perfect. You would’ve definitely won against anyone except me.] (Haruto)
[Thank you.] (Aura)

Somewhat we’re praising each other.

After that, although it was short, we’re talking about the movement in the match a while ago.
And we arrived in the first aid room in flash.

Originally, it’s located just next door.

[By the way, Amagi-dono.] (Aura)

When I tried to put a hand on the door to enter the first aid room, Aura spoke to me further.

[Hm? What is it?] (Haruto)

I stopped the hand stretched out at the door and turn around.
It was because the current atmosphere was a bit different from earlier.

When I turned around, I saw an Aura with her eyes cast down. She spoke a little nervously.

[Umm… I heard a man gets excited after fighting… Is that true?] (Aura)

Hey, what did just she say?


Is that what she meant?

The moment when I pushed you down.
Wait, that’s different, you know.
There is a reason why I pressed you down like that.

I don’t have any fetish of being excited because of the battle.

More like, what’s with Laurier and Aura knowing these kind of information?

Does a man in this world become excited after they fight?

[No, that’s….] (Haruto)

That’s… What should I say next?

Did I get excited from feeling the lower half of Aura’s body?

Huh? Isn’t that the same thing?

No, it’s different. Different… Eh? Huh? That’s weird.

[I-It’s alright. I was just surprised because it’s my first time this happened so there is no any particular thought about it! Saa, let’s go inside!] (Aura)

Aura suddenly talking rapidly to conceal her red face as she opened the door in the first aid room and she entered inside.

Isn’t she a cute girl?

Anyway, did Aura also feel the same thing I felt in that situation?
We pressed against each other so it’s natural that she would, but when I remember about it again… it throbs.

Even though I have blood coming from my shoulder, I just let out more extra blood.

However, this is bad.

From Laurier, Tanya, and Sharon, the talk will likely spread to the rest of female group.
In addition, even to Aura, I was being misunderstood as the guy who gets excited after the fight.

As a result, it was everyone’s misunderstanding.

I don’t get excited because fighting.
I only get excited because of the cute girls.

That’s why I want them to understand it properly.

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  1. Thanks~
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    I disagree with people who related this novel with Sendai Yuusha.That MC completely mad with his MILF-MILF delusion while disregarding the girls in front of him, that completely put me off

    Come to think of it what does title refer to? It usually related to chapter’s punchline, but seem a bit off.


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