Announcement + LN Glutton Berserker vol.2 cover (25/03/2018)

Sorry for the lack of new chapters last week.
Unexpectedly, several of my editors are busy at the same time so they can’t deliver the chapter. orz

– Sushi seems busy with his/her IRL and the latest Monster Hunter World new updates.
– Shirayuki told me that he planned to resign his current job, so he need to focus to tie-off his job before resign.

Thus, GGC, Motoyuusha, and One-Eyed Female General got delayed a bit.

Fortunately, Xaga and Mirp can deliver Glutton Berserker more faster than schedule. Enjoy your mass-releases of Glutton Berserker chapters in the following week! 😀

I hope the schedule will be revert back to normal next week.


LN Glutton Berserker vol.2 cover


MC and mysterious Gallia’s girl


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20 thoughts on “Announcement + LN Glutton Berserker vol.2 cover (25/03/2018)

  1. Thanks for more this chapter, and thanks for translating the novel too, there have been few chapters so far, but I really really like this work ..


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