One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.35

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki


Witch Hunting part 3

―――――――Bargugand, the evil demon of old. It’s reported in old documents that these beings already existed long before the “Battle of the Gods”. There was an era where the gods ruled the sky while Bargugand ruled the earth.

Bargugand had immense power but it was not without weakness.

It cannot live long outside the dark world. Therefore, it needed to reform the earth into an environment suitable for it to live. It burned the lush forest and drowned the earth in lava and black clouds, turning it into the dark world. During that time, many animals were turned into monsters due to environmental changes and after being exposed to Bargugand’s magic power.

Bargugand dominated the surface of earth. Humans with some power were able to survive, but there were limit to that. People began to ask the gods for a way out, day in and day out, praying while wishing for help to come.

Originally, meddling with the surface was not allowed by the rules, but the prayers were heard by Akmular who, in turn, gathered other gods. Taking the responsibility himself, he sent his goddesses; his daughters for this very mission.

Helping the humans and taking down Bargugand.

Rishia, Avalde, and Stifa: the three goddesses descended from the heaven to the world and, with the assistance of the elves, dwarves, goblins, giants and the White Wolf alliance, fought a fierce battle against Bargugand. This battle where the people and the goddesses worked together was later known as the “Battle of Gods”

After a hundred years and having been dominated by the human forces who had gained the power of gods, the forces of darkness weakened. Humans started to build cities and made countries. Improving technologies and weaponry throughout the fights and from there, a strong army was made. At first, they only used fur and iron swords in battle, but during the latter half, they wore steel plate armor and shields imbued with magic to fight off the demons.

Finally, Listia, Avalude, and Stifa managed to defeat Bargugand. But it was far from dead. In a way, Bargugand was immortal. Even if it lost its physical body, it’ll not die as long as there is darkness. That’s why it was called the “demon who lurks in the darkness”.

As he lost power, Bargugand took note of one of the goddess, Avalde. She seemed to take great joy when she destroyed things, taking the lives of millions as she soaked herself in blood.

Bargugand treacherously lured Avalde into the dark world. This made Avalde insane, and ended up taking her sister Rishia along. The indignant Akmular then sealed Bargugand within an eternal prison “in the recesses of time” for eternity where it will be impossible for it to escape――――――or so the story was told.

That Bargugand who was supposedly trapped in the recesses of time was now called upon from within its prison under the form of a summon. It had been watching the movement of the world this entire time. Such an exquisite grudge of revenge, it thought. Would be a waste if it’s not delivered. For a thousand years, it had waited for this very moment.


A loud laughter resounded from the Rochef village.

『Gahahahaha――――――――! Such a great hatred! Very well! That wish: I will fulfill it―――――――!』

Suddenly, a flash of light engulfed the mountain of corpse like a flash of lightning. A shock that ran through the ground occurred, causing some soldiers to lose their footing.

Daedalus who was on the spot, along with several Fuhren Saint Knights, was the first to recover from the bright flash caused by the lightning that had struck the mountain of corpses.

There was a mysterious girl standing among the corpses. Certainly not an ordinary girl. A huge pair of bat-like wings sprouted from her back and her eyes were crimson like jewels. The red-eyed girl looked at her palm then forward with a seemingly happy expression on her face. Her eyes met Daedalus, causing a chill to run up through the man’s spine.

『Hey Mister. Where is my father and mother?』

Daedalus now wondered if he heard earlier was truly Bargugand. Or did he just confuse it with another demon?

『Nee where are they? Please tell me。Oh could it be that mister has killed them? Nee please tell me, my family; Did you kill them?』

The girl’s expression was cold as if she was never alive to begin with.


The red eyed girl shrugged her shoulders as if regretting something before changing her attitude.

『Well no matter。I don’t really care about who killed them。I’ll just kill everyone here。Nee, don’t you think so too?』

『That’s right “Rian”, you can kill everyone。It won’t make much difference.』

『Kill、kill、kill everyone!』

『Ahahahaha。Die。Die and join the dark world! It’s fun, you know!』

『Come、Come! It’s fun! It’s comfy!』

Several voices were heard from the girl’s direction. However, there was no one else but the girl herself. One of the knights muttered to particularly nobody.

「That thing is…is a mixture of pain……」

It was chilling. The kind that raised goosebumps.

Mixture means that all the other villagers that were killed previously had merged into the girl. You can understand whether it is true or not by reading knowledge on monsters. Daedalus gulped the saliva that had been accumulated in his mouth.

(――――――didn’t one of the voice called the girl as “Rian” before……How is that possible……)

Daedalus shuddered at the realization that the girl named Rian had turned into this monstrosity. It caused him to have a difficulty breathing.

Meanwhile, the Fuhren Saint Knights who were only standing around previously had recovered. They moved as if already expecting this. A captain gave an order.

「Fuhren Saint Knights are not afraid! We can handle this! Brothers! Our ancestors had defeated that thing once! We’ll surely be able to do the same!」

「All forces prepare for battle――――――!」


With that order, the saint knights instantly began to form a formation.

「Long spears at the front! Bow at the rear! Quickly get into formation Into formation!」

The Fuhren Saint Knights moved in a hurry, setting the shields up and brandished the spears toward the girl. Daedalus instinctively raised his hand.


The captain waved their sword while waiting for the archers to be ready.

「Archers, fire!」

Countless arrows passed above Daedalus’ head as a volley aimed at the girl.

However, none of those arrows hit. All of them were suspended in the air. It was an astonishing spectacle.



「Is it magic? No, it couldn’t be.」

The arrows used by the Saint Knights were different from the normal ones. It was a weapon specifically developed to fight against demons. So naturally, there is a secret mechanism that will allow it to pierce through magical barriers. Even so….the arrows were still stopped nonetheless.

With a delicate movement, as if leading an orchestra, the girl pointed at the knights. At the same time, the suspended arrows changed their direction toward the knights.

『These arrows: I’ll return them to you』

Emitting the sound of air being cut, the previously stationary arrows shot themselves back at the knights. The defense was set up in a hurry. However, the arrows pierced through both of their shields and armors regardless. The knights were knocked back due to the very strong impact.

Screams rang and the knight’s front line collapsed in a clattering mess.

Taking the chance thinking that the girl wasn’t paying attention to him, a knight attempted to ambush her from behind. He ran to the girl spear first. Then a light sound was heard. The spear tip hit an invisible barrier before being able to touch the girl’s skin.

「Are you kidding……?」

While he got astonished, the red eyed girl turned toward him.

『That was surprising! Too bad~』

She pointed her palm at the knight’s face. Particles of black light gathered on the girl’s palm into a huge ball then it shot out.

One bright flash later, the spear wielding knight’s figure had disappeared completely without a trace. The ground where the black ball had passed was deeply gouged and heat still permeated out of its surroundings.

「Do-don’t be afraid! Charge! Attack! We have Goddess Stifa’s divine protection!」

「Divine Protection!」

The knights and soldiers of the Starry Sky Church raised a shout despite being frightened by what just happened and charged at the red eyed girl from all sides. Spears were thrusted and swords swung.

『Bye bye! It was fun!』

Amidst the cries of men and after the girl let out an amused laughter, the village of Rochef was engulfed by a fire pillar that shoot up to the sky.

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