One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.36

Weekly chapters (2/2)


The name is Julienne

Sounds of clashing metal was heard and small sparks scattered. A black haired boy fell on his butt.


A woman whose eye was transparent like a glass bead walked over to the teary eyed black haired boy, looking down at him.

She then laughed.

But there was no ridicule with that laughter.

「――――this is no good。How do you hope to win against this Ortashia? You can’t even win against a single Fuhren Saint Knight.」(Ortashia)

She put her hands on her waist whilst saying that. The black haired boy pointed at himself.

「If I have the thunder sword、I’ll manage somehow.」(Shingen)

He sent his glance to the thunder sword leaning on the wall. Ortashia shook her head after taking a glance too.

「You won’t progress much with that line of thought.」(Ortashia)


「Tell me honestly。You relied on that sword to fight, didn’t you?」(Ortashia)


Shingen was surprised at what Ortashia had pointed out.

What she pointed out was correct. As she said, Shingen didn’t fight using his own ability. It was the “Thunder Sword”.

There was a soul residing within the thunder sword.

It wasn’t a human soul, but the soul of a divine phantom beast called Kirin.

It was the result of many research on making a stronger weapon; a method to make a monster or phantom beast’s soul to reside within the weapon.

This Kaminarizuki (Thunder Moon) was one of the sword forged on the far-eastern land of Jiparg, the final work of the legendary swordsmith Fuji Minamoto Itsuki. He also produced several other swords.

Shingen inherited the sword from his elder sister.

Though he didn’t understand the importance of it yet when his sister gave it to him, he came to realize the reason now.

You didn’t fight by yourself; the sword will fight for you.

It wasn’t something that a normal opponent can handle. Kaminarizuki made it so that it will be hard to tell what will the user do next.

Most human feelings are shown on their face. Eye movement, body language, individual habits: it can all be seen through since we are only human.

However, the sword was a different case. It’s simply impossible to read the intent of cold steel.

This made Shingen even more afraid of Ortashia.

She had seen through everything.

Behaviour and habits. She always had that penetrating gaze even when they first met as if trying to see what lies at the back of his heart.

(――――――she had never even touched it directly、but managed to guess the mechanism behind the thunder sword nonetheless……Ortashia is really amazing……)

He felt a pure admiration for this girl. And it won’t be nice to have her as enemy just as expected.

Ortashia was exercising in order to be able to fight without turning her shoulder too much by controlling her power. She’s been practicing for a while now, but she had no sweat on her at all.

And it wasn’t only that that was surprising.

She did all of that with her slim legs and arms.

It’s hard to see her as a veteran of many battles no matter how you look at her.

Despite still recovering from old wounds and having been unable to regain her full power yet, it doesn’t mean that she’s weak.

Unhesitantly, she attacked the openings Shingen had made.

The way she used her ability to the fullest makes you question whether this girl was truly a human or not.

She’ll hardly be a human if her full abilities could be used.

At the very least, Shingen still considered her as a human. It’s because he also hailed from a special race of Jiparg.

But even so, he couldn’t seem to be able to reproduce the superbly fast slashing anyways. As he was looking around in a deep thought, his gaze accidentally fell on Ortashia’s thighs which he quickly averted his eyes in a panic.

(――――――Dangerous……。I might get killed if she noticed……)

Ortashia had been teaching Shingen on fencing every morning.

The sun had risen right above their heads, signaling that it’s already midday. Smoke rising from chimney of every house on the town of York, seemingly preparing for lunch.

Shingen’s stomach started to grumble upon sniffing the drifting fragrance of baked bread.

Ortashia clearly heard that noise.

She widened her eye while Shingen looked down. His face was crimson.

「Tha、that is、thi、this……」(Shingen)

Ortashia muttered inside her mind.

(――――――he’s so cute……)

Ortashia looked up to the sun while holding up her hand.

「Ah so it’s midday already? Not yet. No need to be in a hurry。It’ll be best if you become able to protect me from danger.」 (Ortashia)

「Eh? Just now、what did you say?」(Shingen)

Ortashia looked back at Shingen, who was also looking at her. She giggled a little.

「Never mind.」 (Ortashia)

Ortashia patted Shingen head as she said so.

Riru came in and offered a glass for each of them.


「Thank you」(Shingen)

Shingen finished the content of the glass in a single gulp. Ortashia was also feeling satisfied.

「Fuu。Umu。it truly is nice to drink water after training.」 (Ortashia)

Ortashia looked somewhat cute when she said those lines or so Shingen thought.

「Mina should be done with the meals some time soon。Shall we?」 (Ortashia)

「Ah、very well.」(Shingen)

Shingen nodded deeply before getting up.

Riru beat the dust that stuck to his hips. That only served to make him slightly embarrassed.

When they were about to enjoy their lunch, a girl’s voice rang out from somewhere.

「Maruru!! As I thought、it’s really Maruru―――――――!」(Julienne)

Shingen, Riru and Ortashia turned towards the source of that voice.

At that moment, a blue haired girl with a pair of leather boots and shorts ran at them with full momentum.

「Eh? Who again?」(Shingen)

Riru and Ortashia quickly moved away from Shingen. At that point, the blue haired girl was jumping toward Shingen with her arms spread.


Shingen was caught off-guard as he was knocked down due to the girl’s momentum. The girl herself already got up when he noticed.

「……a、are you alright?」(Shingen)

「You are still alive! This stupid idiot! I was really worried! I was told that you were dead so I went out to search for you。Thank god。Truly.」(Julienne)

A blue-haired girl suddenly drowned in tears while rubbing her face on Shingen’s chest. The already worn out shirt became damp. Though he didn’t think it’s bad… but this….

Shingen had an embarrassed look on his face.

「I-I am not Maruto, you know?」(Shingen)

That reply was immediately denied.

「Are you kidding me? No way I can mistake you. Don’t argue back to an adult!」(Julienne)

(――――――Nonono、aren’t you younger than me?!)

Externally, the blue haired girl looks to be only sixteen.

Though the voice sounded mature, she’s still a petite-bodied girl. Riru then told the blue haired girl.

「Julienne-sama? That boy is not leader Maruto.」(Riru)

Maruru was apparently Maruto’s pet name. Julienne pointed her finger to Riru.

「You are lying! Since you are here、then Maruru should be here too!」(Julienne)

「E, even if you say that……」(Riru)

It was a frighteningly simple but justified idea.

Riru had worked as Maruto’s adjutant for years now so it’ll be normal to think that wherever there is Riru, Maruto will be there too.

But Maruto was really killed in battle. It’s necessary to tell her that fact.

Shingen tried to say that he’s not Maruto again, but Juline began to cry again, this time beating Shingen’s chest multiple of times.

Riru was powerless in this matter.

She hesitated whether it will be okay to separate them by force. Meanwhile, Shingen hesitated as to whether he can touch her in the first place.

Ortashia then admonished the girl calmly.

「That boy is not Maruto。……his name is Shingen.」 (Ortashia)

Juline finally looked up on to Shingen’s face and stared at him so intently.

The sun made it as if she was shining beautifully. Her golden eyes were moist with tears. Julienne shook her head.

「That’s a lie……aren’t you just dyeing your hair? There is no doubt that you are Maruto……I’m certain of it。There are a lot of people in this country wanting to kill you。Is that why you disguised yourself as someone else? That’s cowardly of you。You’ll still raise some suspicion anyways。That’s why you don’t have to deceive me anymore…」(Julienne)

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