Glutton Berserker ch.45

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Chapter 45 – Regained Honor

Hausen city was finally free of monsters. At least, in a bit…

The skeletons on the southern, eastern, and northern parts of the city were already under control. Which left us with the western area. We were in the midst of battle to retake that part.

Aaron and I had hunted over 1000 skeletons up to now, so the accumulated aggro was really high.

I had never hunted monsters continuously without breaks before this, so this could be regarded as unknown territory for me.

[Aaron, the skeletons are swarming on us like ants finding sugar.]

[Normally, doing continuously hunting like this is dangerous and should never be done. However, it’s not much of a trouble with you around.]

Aaron’s holy sword was infused with Holy Attribute; I could tell from how he easily hacked through 5 skeletons who were coming at him. Un, I don’t think that my presence here was needed if at all….it’s that kind of fight.

He was truly on fire.

Since we defeated Lich Lord, it’s been a non-stop 15 hour hunting without any breaks or sleep. No, judging with how it’s already twilight here, I guess it’s been 18 hours? We were hunting skeletons to the point that we were no longer aware about the passage of time. If I went to sleep now, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a dream about skeletons. Other than that, I’m also slightly worried that the Gluttony skill will flare up again.

[Fate, it will be over once we defeated these skeletons. Can you still go on?]

[Of course]

I switched my sword into bow, and rained down a hail of arrows. Of course, all of them were petrification magic arrows.

I feel like I’m progressing fast in terms of handling the magic bow from this fight. It’s clear that the foundation that Aaron had taught me was the cause of this improvement..

In addition to that, there was someone acting as a role model fighting in front of me. I wondered myself if watching him fight could be counted as practice. Let’s try imitating how Aaron did it.

While twisting, jumping, and stirring my body around, I kept releasing arrows into the air. Since I’m using Greed, all I need is to aim a little, and the arrows will correct itself and pierce the target skeleton’s head.

《Gluttony Skill activated》
《Durability+1290, Strength+1440, Magic+1110, Spirit+1230, Agility+770 will be applied to your stat》

Wow, this is really useful. I realized something whilst hearing the inorganic voice.

How to fight while avoiding enemy’s attack simultaneously. Up to now my brain had been processing attacking and evading attack separately, but apparently it’s possible to do it at the same time. You do start to understand new things while fighting alongside Aaron.

Since this will be the last time, I’ll burn Aaron’s fighting style into my mind. How he launched an attack without wasted movements. To what extent he was aware of the surrounding enemies while fighting.

Whilst continue to fight my own way, I tried to imitate Aaron’s style bit by bit.

After separating with Aaron, I’ll have to continue developing my fighting style on my own. The way Greed is now, he’s unable to show me any battle technique. And with Myne’s personality, I doubt that she’ll ever teach me how to be a proper warrior.

So most likely than not, Aaron is my first and last teacher.

[I’ve taken care of all the skeleton archers. Once we’re done with the skeleton knights, it will be over.]

[Indeed… to assist me for such a long time…you have my gratitude. Thank you.]

Aaron gave me a side glance and smirk, all the while activating 《Grand Cross》with his holy sword.

[Now, this is the end.]

The holy light emerged from the engraving on the ground, engulfing the remaining skeleton knights. The magical power was more than sufficient to purify the undeads. When the light finally subsided, the city became serene and soundless place. The only sources of light were the stars in the sky.

[To think it’s night time already. I’m sorry for delaying your departure.]

[No, I’ve been learning a lot from this outing. Thank you very much!]

[Hahaha, I actually had no intention to teach you this much. But it must be destiny. I have nothing left to teach you.]

[Eeeee, isn’t this too fast?!]

To my surprise, Aaron actually gave me a reminder.

[When it comes to swordsmanship, no matter how many shapes it has taken, it’ll be of no use. Unless you can sublimate yourself in it, understand it. Fate took in the foundation I taught you more than I can imagine, I’ve showed you enough.]

[I still have much to learn…. At least I know how to fight properly.]

I never thought that swordsmanship was actually something like that. Somehow, I felt like I just achieved a sudden breakthrough.

He put his hand on my head, and said with a gentle look.

[No, it’s enough. Your weapon can switch its form freely. Thus, learning only swordsmanship will make you unbalanced. I want to avoid that. That’s why you should wield it as you want it. One day, I believe that you’ll definitely find your very own fighting style that suits you the most.]

Right…..that’s very true. At the moment, Greed has unlocked three form: sword, bow, and scythe. More forms will eventually unlocked in the future. That’s why sticking to only 1 weapon discipline will be a wrong move.

My very own style that I have to pursue,

[Do you mean that I have to integrate all these weapons into one style?]

[That’s it. I cannot teach you that of course. After all, I’m just a simple swordsman so all I know is swordsmanship.]

Aaron took off his hand from my hand after saying so.

Having met and fought alongside him, I came to understand that the path in front of me was a far one. Well, that’s because Greed was such an exceptional weapon, but let’s not tell him that. Because he’ll just get on my nerves.

『Did you call?』

[….I didn’t!]

『Really……? I felt that I was called just now』

I was surprised since Greed suddenly called out through 《Mind Reading》. This guy really had a good intuition.

While I was busy with myself, Aaron put his holy sword back into its sheath and walked toward the castle.

[Now, let’s retrieve the gold from the castle, and return back. It would be bad for us to delay any longer, right?]

[That’s right! Myne is most likely very angry right now.]

[If that’s the case, let’s hurry.]

We ran through the empty boulevard. I hope that I can visit this place once more when it’s crowded with people again.


Bringing along the gold from the castle’s vault, we returned back to the village, to find an angry Myne as expected. Her eyes were brimming in red as if she’s about to explode.

[You should’ve returned yesterday! What made you returned 1 day late!?]

[That….after we defeated the Lich Lord, we went ahead and kill every skeletons in the city…..]

[I was the one who invited him to do it. My apology.]

[If you can’t even keep your promise, what make you guys any different than kids!?]

It felt really bad since the one who told us out was someone who looked so much younger than the two of us like Myne. Aaron usual dignified face looked disheartened and exhausted. It’s clear even to me that he looked like a mess at that point. Perhaps he was reflecting to himself after Myne told him off like that.

Looking at this, I had the urge to pat Aaron’s back.

[Aaron, quickly take that out]

[Oh, that’s right. Myne, here. My gratitude for protecting the village while I’m away.]

[Un….OOooooooh! !]

Myne received the bag full of coins in delight. It was the promised 50 gold with an additional 100 gold. This surprise had indeed successfully rendered her to forget her anger.

[We somehow made it]

[Umu, glad that helped. I’ll go to sleep after the meal today. I’m actually quite exhausted.]

[Me too]

The villagers had prepared the meal it seemed, considering that I can smell a delicious scent coming from Aaron’s house.

It appeared that Myne had told the villagers that Aaron went out to seal an evil being. Since they also wanted to be able to do something too, they ended up cooking the foods in preparation for our return from defeating monsters. Since we were supposed to return yesterday, Myne also mentioned that the villagers was worried because we didn’t come back as planned.

All of the villagers had returned to their house since it’s already late at night. We planned to tell them that Aaron had returned safely tomorrow.

[So, shall we go inside?]

I pulled Myne, who were smiling at the bag of gold in her hand, and went into the house. After eating to our heart contend, we went to sleep. Although Myne used my body as pillow, I didn’t even have any energy left to even bother.

In the next morning, Aaron and the villagers sent us off in the front of the repaired carriage.

Since most of the monsters coming to attack the village came from Hausen city, by helping Aaron, my achievements toward the village could be considered pretty high since the villagers were thanking me again and again. Myne also seemed to have beaten about 30 monsters or so while we were away, so she also received appreciation from the villagers.

At that point, Aaron told me something subtle.

[Fate, listen. Once you finished what you need to do in Gallia, please come back here. I have an important thing to tell you.]

[Important thing?]

[Yes, verily. I’ll tell you when the time comes. So be sure to stay alive and come back.]

He offered me a handshake afterward.

[Until next time, Fate.]

[Yes, until next time]

I shook his hand as strongly as I could and nod back to Aaron.

Let’s return here if I survive Gallia. Aaron and I only had four days this time. There was so many things left I’d like to talk about with him.

Myne looked at me and Aaron shaking our own for a while before finally saying.

[Fate, let’s go.]

[Yeah, roger that. Alright, Aaron, everyone. Thank you for having me.]

I got on the carriage, and looked out of the window. I saw them waving their goodbyes.

Aaron told me that he’ll revive the city of Hausen back. It’ll surely be a lively city in the future. I don’t know what will happen to me in Gallia, so I can only wait and see.


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