Glutton Berserker ch.46

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We’re entering Myne’s Arc.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 46 – Myne’s Request

The carriage we rode steadily made its way toward Gallia. Now that we reached this area, we’ll only come across fortified cities that act as the guards of Gallia’s border. Probably I’ll aim for the city where Roxy’s army was stationed at.

[Thank you for everything up until now.]

[The pleasure is mine, I made quite a lot of money from this work after all. But I’m sorry….past this area, it’s too dangerous for a horse drawn carriage.]

[No no, it enough to go up to this point.]

I said my thank to the middle-aged coachman who had brought us here. I gave him 15 gold before going.

It appear that I don’t have to conceal my identity as a warrior anymore. The coachman said that military carriage appears frequently to recruit passing warriors to help defend the city. Taking a hitch on that carriage to the fortified cities will be much safer.

The coachman said that he’ll leave the city once he found another warrior who wanted to return to their homeland. Apparently, this is a place you don’t really want to stay in for long.

[Myne, let’s go.]


The city we are in now was made for back line support, so a lot of goods came in everyday, to be sent towards the front line. Along with that, there were also warriors, unexpectedly many of them. Apparently they gathered for monster hunting.

In here, requests for monster subjugations were piling like mountains, so you could earn as much as you wanted as a warrior. The reward was also much higher than other places. This was like a heaven on earth for a well-prepared and skilled warriors. But since the monsters often made a stampede and attacked in groups, these people lived side by side with danger.

There were two types of stampedes, small and large.

Large scale stampedes were often referred to as Death Parades, and it usually fell into the jurisdiction of the Holy Knights and military powers sent from the capital to deal with it. Death Parades consisted of thousands of monsters, and it could wipe out a party of warriors instantaneously.

The small scale stampede consisted of hundreds of monsters and was much smaller in size. The warriors would form big enough party to contend with it. The leader of this big party seemed to be a former holy knight in the past. Former holy knights who still yearned for their old lifestyle in the capital, all of them went here. Apparently, still hoping to make a name for themselves so that they could return to become a holy knight.

[Fate, where are you planning to go?]

[First of all, I’m a bit pissed. Somebody ate the preserved food without telling.]

[Fu〜nn, I see.]

The culprit, Myne, didn’t seem to reflect on her faults at all. Rather, it seems like she did it purposely to pick on me.

Well, no matter. I’m already quite used to Myne’s antics. It’s fine as long as she doesn’t get mad at me. Keeping to Greed’s advice, I tried to not enrage her as much as possible.

It’s very rare for Greed to actually urge me that much, so at first I thought to just follow it half-heartedly. But then there was that event where she carried some grudge, but it’s enough for her to instantly send a holy knight flying. Now I’d rather not imagine what will happen… if she truly got mad.

[What are you waiting for? Come on.]

[Wait up, don’t enter the store as you like.]

I chased after Myne into an unknown shop. Whoops!? This scent….it’s meat! The delicious smell caused me to unintentionally drooled.

The inside of the shop was filled with grilled meats. I think I could eat 10 loaves of bread just from the fragrance alone.

I had plenty of money, and seeing that I only had preserved food lately, some luxury should be okay. Were there any vacant seats? I didn’t see any empty seats anywhere at all.

Uu〜nn, all those seats were mostly occupied by warriors, and they still chatted there even after they’re done with their meals. I’d be grateful if they just went out already.

While I was thinking to myself, Myne left my side. She stopped in front of the table occupied by several warriors who were still having some after-meal conversation.

[If you already finished your meal, get out. You’re getting in the way of the other people who’re waiting.]

She told them in a very flat voice. Ahh, I can already see how this will end somewhat. There is a big chance that terrible things will happen.

I don’t want to get involved, so simply watched from some distance.

Those warriors got annoyed of course. The eldest of them waved his hand, as if to shoo Myne away.

[Go away, you eyesore. This is no place for brats. Even if you came to entertain me, that flat chest is…]

Those are one of the many things that should never be said to Myne, as written on my personal Myne Instruction Manual. Being considered brat is one thing, but being told flat chest was what did it. I really have no idea what will happen next.

And then, all the fun atmosphere suddenly froze over.

Aaaaaa…..uaaaaaa, that looks it hurt. That too, most likely was very painful. Aa, stop it, that part shouldn’t be bent to that direction. Welp, no way….. Was that even possible? No, no, Oouwwie, Noooooo. Even I who only looked at it felt terrified.

That ‘flat chest’ was really a very very dangerous word. I should add this as an entry to my personal Myne Instruction Manual.

The 8 brave warriors who dared to annoy Myne lay sprawled around me, their eyes only showing the white parts. From how their mouth were leaking white foam, it’s obvious that they had come across the scariest woman in their whole lifetime. This will surely leave irreparable trauma.

If they could measure Myne’s ability, such things wouldn’t happen. They were deceived by Myne’s childish appearance.

After causing such disaster, Myne leisurely sat on the now vacant seat and beckoned the waitress to come. The waitress was stuttering while hearing Myne’s order. The poor lady was shaking on her feet so much….

Myne then called me to sit beside her. I’m afraid that the rest of the customers will become scared of me if I were to be called upon by her at this timing.

[Fate, hurry up. Sit here.]

[Okay, okay, ehh !? I haven’t even made any orders.]

Before I could even take a seat, the waitress quickly cleaned up the table and escaped.

Ehh, this can count as torture for the owner of Gluttony skill. Did I accidentally anger her or,

[I’ve taken care of everything. I’m kind, aren’t I?]

There was no way this red eyed girl would let the waitress escape without her consent.I actually wanted to order for something I like, but apparently she already beat me to it.

But anyways her aggressive mind actually brought benefits….so I guess I ought to thank her.

[Thanks. Yeah, Myne is kind.]


Eh? She actually turned her face away when praised. Unexpectedly, Myne doesn’t seem to be accustomed with being praised by others. Thinking about it, she usually act in violence. And those act scares people, so it’s not actually something praiseworthy.

I guess it’s because she’s also a Mortal Sin skill owner like me, that I treated her gentler than how I treat others.

While watching the embarrassed Myne, the order arrived. It was a huge serving of grilled meat, served on a large dish.

Eh? What about mine? Myne then said to me who was about to cry.

[This is for the two of us to share.]

[Hee, so that’s how it is. Why are you doing this again?]

We usually ordered our meal separately. It’s very unusual for us to share things together like this.

Is it because she wanted to get along more with me? So Myne did still have some common sense. Just when I sighed in relief,

[This is like a ceremony before battle. I will eat the same thing with my colleague before going into battle.]

[Oh…, what did you just say?]

[Let’s eat this together, then fight enemies. I will have to borrow your power this time.]

Dammit, I take back that saying about Myne is kind. So it’s about what she told me when we met again. That she’ll need my help on Gallia.

So the time has come to do that. Coming to this fortified city, and help Myne defeat an opponent even she deemed too strong for her….

I had my worries, but I’ve been waiting for a chance to fight side by side with another Mortal skill holder. Well, it’s mandatory in this case, no escape.

I took and chewed on the meat piece that Myne had cut out for me. Meaning, I agreed to join her in battle.

26 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.46

  1. Are 3 or 4 of the mortal sins weapons to be held by the remaining sin skill holders? I don’t think I’ve seen this explained.


      1. Does that make sense, though? That would mean that there is both a “greed” weapon and a “greed” skillholder.


      2. Maybe there is…

        Maybe there could be more than one holder of the same sin ability…

        It wouldn’t be strange since abilities for each person is random…


      3. I feel like Pride would wield Envy and Lust would be a magician without a weapon tho.


      4. i think maybe its more to : gluttony is an unique skill for fate and greed is an unique skill for the weapon, the same goes for myne, wrath is her unique skill and sloth is her axe unique skill? i think… I THINK… sorry for my broken english….


      5. No, the name of the weapon is greed and the name of her ax is sloth. But for Fate and Myne, their skills are also named after the 7 deadly sins. Of course, there is a chance that it’s actually just 7 sins between the people and weapons…


  2. Thanks for all your work so far! After catching up with Gacha Girls Corps and now reading Glutton Berserker it’s time to catch up with The Return Of The Former Hero and starting One-eyed General Harem.

    Thanks for taking al these good novels @ the teams ^^


  3. Thanks for the chapter

    Aaaaaa…..uaaaaaa, that looks it hurt. That too, most likely was very painful. Aa, stop it, that part shouldn’t be bent to that direction. Welp, no way….. Was that even possible? No, no, Oouwwie, Noooooo. Even I who only looked at it felt terrified.

    Lol, this part was gold, I couldn’t stop laughing. He just stayed on the sidelines giving a mental commentary lol


  4. Wonder what kind of help someone as strong as Myne needs. If it’d take a person as strong, experienced and useful as Aaron 1000 years to get to her level, then just how useful would Fate be. Probably he won’t be upgrading Greed anytime soon. It’d be quite tragic for an stat 100 to be in Gallia, given all the hype we’ve heard about this place. Or perhaps he might, and then take advantage of the plentiful monsters to immediately power level. He does have the long range bow afterall.


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