One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.41

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 41

A day later, the scouting party finally went back home.

They seemed to have been engaged in battle with the enemy as several of the soldiers returned injured. Some had bandages while others had traces of blood on their uniform. Some of the horses had no rider. The soldiers who had been waiting for their arrival quickly sprung to action, helping them to get to the medical center for treatment.

Riru, who served as the scouting party’s commanding officer, went ahead in her warhorse in a hurry to meet Ortashia. She then gave a salute toward Ortashia who returned it in turn.

Riru took a breath before reporting the scouting result subtly.

[――――――reporting. The enemy consists of about two corps!] (Riru)

A groan can be heard upon hearing that report. Twenty thousand soldiers just to attack a medium sized town. In this situation where there are no other allies, the amount of enemies is nothing to joke about.

And this is perhaps why Riru had reported this as subtle as possible so others won’t be affected by it immediately.

[Right about now, the enemy should 15 kilometres away from the town of York. In addition to that, their advancing pace is quite slow because there are heavy infantry.] (Riru)

[Then the commander?] (Ortashia)

Riru stuttered when this is mentioned.

[The commander…..judging from the battle standards――――――] (Riru)

[…..probably, general Octanus and General Herkutes.] (Riru) (TL Note: I tempted to wrote Heracles instead. >w<)

[What?] (Ortashia)

Ortashia was wide eyed for a moment. To be honest, she didn’t expect this.

(――――――to think he’ll sortie the main powers of Ardesil military……)
Octanus was a proud noble with the title of Marquis. He’s the expert of cavalry battles within the Ardesil Military ranks: able to make use of the cavalry’s mobility at an exquisite timing to overrun the enemy. Above all, he hates hiding behind his allies, preferring to charge at the forefront. Swinging his sword from above his horse, cutting his enemy’s head and crushing the opposition with his horse riding skill. For this, he’s nicknamed “Cavalry Hero General”.

Next is Herkutes. He’s also a Marquis. An expert of infantry warfare, he incorporated the closed formation into the Ardesil Military and succeed in achieving the ultimate combination of offense and defense. Even if the flow of battle is turned against him, he’ll still have confidence to make a reversal. He had repelled many foreign invasions successfully. His performance was appreciated prestigiously,= with the former queen awarded him the title of “Queen’s Shield”.

Two such renowned generals are now advancing towards the town of York.

[They’ll march in boldly…] (Ortashia)

[Nhn]. (Elize)

After nodding, Elize then said in a low voice.

[… can’t be helped, he’s being cautious. I should’ve killed him sooner…..and I could still do it. It’s not late if I go now―――] (Ortashia)

Elize’ eyes glittered coldly. It appear that she’s talking about Runatitas. No, there is no doubt that it’s him. Ortashia herself had long thought that that man will create a problem one day, but she never thought that it would be like this. She, like Elize, only felt regret now.

[Yes, I’m regretting it too now.] (Elize)

Elize drew her dagger from its sheathe a little. She had that look in her face that she’s about to kill someone. Ortashia put her hand on Elize’s shoulder. Saying this while staring at her.

[But now, I want you to stay by my side.] (Ortashia)

After a short pause, Elize gave a little nod.

[…Alright.] (Elize)

She returned the dagger back to its sheathe despite the frustration.
Elize had proposed to Maruto a plan to assassinate Runatitas before. Many assassinations had been attempted against Maruto. She needed to do it before he ended up getting killed first. She already tried to convince him, but Maruto still declined. There was no definite evidence and he didn’t want to become a cowardly man like his opponent or so, Maruto said.

Remembering his words, Ortashia can only sigh.

[….you were too gentle.] (Ortasha)

She said so with a barely audible voice. After crossing her hands over her chest, Ortashia laughed.

[Fufufu…..I feel like we are cornered rats――――――but it’s not that bad. My body feels smoldering instead.] (Ortasha)

Everyone around her were stunned. Ortashia raised her fist up. Her will and spirit remained unshakeable. For Shingen, it felt both strong yet frightening.

[What should we do?] (Shingen?)

[Yosh! To the military camp at once!] (Ortashia)

Ortashia turned her body gently and briefly headed to the Town of York’s House of Lords. Her men followed right behind her.

Upon the desk on the House of Lords’ conference room, a map which depicted the surroundings of the town of York is unfurled. Ortashia and the others surrounded the table, staring at the map. There were two pieces of red horses and one blue horse at the edge of the map and a green horse piece at the spot marked as “Town of York”. The two red pieces were placed in a plain marked as “Teraheim”. The red signify enemy troops, while blue represents allies.

Ortashia began the war council, breaking the silence in the conference room.

[Now, as you already know, the enemy consists of two corps. With that amount, we have some hope that there won’t be any reinforcements for them.]

[However, we must still be vigilant. We haven’t yet known if there are any other armies marching behind them.]

[I concur. There are plenty of places to hide in the plains. It’s fairly easy to hide troops in the meadow, at the back of the hill or in the forest.]

[Right. Maru-sama will think similarly.]

[Anyways, they are all enemies regardless of their numbers, aren’t they? I- I’ll brace through them all.] (Riru)

Elize narrowed her eyes at that, staring at Riru who made the comment.

[Wha, what?] (Riru)

[Riru, don’t be so self-conceited. Maruto will be mad. Remember that time?] (Elize)

[Guh. Tha, that’s right, ahahaha….I’m sorry for what I said earlier.] (Riru)

Once, Riru chased after the barbarians into the forest but got surrounded instead. It was the result of her charging on her own. That accident would’ve killed her, if not for Elize’s timely rescue. Since Elize can blend in the shadows without leaving any trace, she was able to kill one barbarian after another without any of them managing to see her. Every time the silver wire flashed, there was a sound of meat being cut, followed by a scream.

Since it was pitch dark, both sides couldn’t see well, but Riru noticed the opening in the barbarians’ ranks and made her escape through the forest amidst of screams of pain. She was still unable to forget that event. Especially the part when Maruto slapped her exaggeratedly then scolded her upon seeing her return, full of scratches. She can still remember the pain vividly.

Riru touched the cheek where she had been slapped with a nostalgic look on her face.

[That’s right… leader isn’t here anymore to slap me…] (Riru)

[Ara~ Riru, are you probably an M?] (Mina)

[N, no I’m not! What makes you think that way!?] (Riru)

After laughing at the derailed topic, Ortashia continued with the war council.

[――――――The enemy leaders are both Octanus and Hercutes. Each one will most likely command one corps. In contrast, the strength on our side doesn’t even amount to a corps, just a brigade at most.] (Ortashia)

[At this point, we can’t expect any reinforcements to come our way….]

[So we’re stuck with only the available troops we have now?] (Shingen)

Shingen asked, to which Ortashia replied with a nod.

A corps is consisted of 10000 soldiers, while a brigade consisted of more than 1000 but lower than 10000 soldiers. It all depends on the formation, strategy, and the importance of mission, etc. For example, when the battle requires surprise attacks and mobility, only a brigade will make a move while a corps is organized for a larger scale battle. It seems that two corps are dispatched because it’s meant to completely destroy their enemy. It means that Ardesil is serious.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    How are they getting out of this mess? I haven’t seen anything that could allow them to overcome the quantity disadvantage. Except taking out the commanders.

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    1. Maybe the curse of the witch that summoned the demon/devil comes and kills the enemy. Read on and find out.


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