Glutton Berserker ch.51

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 51 – Drawing Power

Haniel spread its feathers to its surrounding when it flapped its wings.
That spectacle reminded me of something. Myne warned me while I was watching the falling feathers..

[It’ll explode when touched. Be careful.]

[If all of that exploded, not even bones will remain.]

Myne and I promptly went in. Aiming for the Haniel.
Since I had pulled out half of Gluttony’s hunger, my physical capabilities received substantial boost. Even now, I can clearly see all those falling feathers without missing one.

Also, all of my stats, no, I must make do with what I have. I’ll devour Haniel before the time limit.
The feathers that fell to the ground began to detonate, causing the atmosphere to heat up. Large amount of feathers flew towards me from the right side due to the irregular wind.
Just in time, let’s use that.

[Greed, shall we?]

『Absurd. There is no way this me will be scratched from that. But what about you?』

[The time is right. Let’s go!]

I deliberately ignored him.
I cut away at a feather with the black sword. Sure enough, a huge explosion occurred, propelling me to the air. This degree of burns will get healed shortly thanks to auto recovery.
In mid-air, I switched to the black bow and told Greed.

[I didn’t get here merely from luck alone. Greed, take away 10% of my stats.]

『Very well, I’ll do that. 10% of your stats!』

The black bow changed shape immediately. I aimed the black bow which had turned into the instrument of death toward Haniel.
The magic arrow is formed, already infused with Dust magic.

I will turn those feathers along with Haniel into stone. There was still Myne among the flock of feathers, but it’ll be okay. I have Greed to control the magic arrow’s path.
So even if I fired the arrow while closing my eyes, I still wouldn’t hit Myne.

[Let’s go, Greed!]

The empowered petrifying arrow was fired, shooting through the air like a lightning bolt. Along the way, it branched into many, shooting down countless feathers all at once, turning them into stone before they can detonate.
Haniel itself was hit by the main arrow. Its body won’t get fully petrified, but regardless, the magic arrow still packed a lot of punch.
With tremendous power, a huge chunk of Haniel’s body were rendered petrified.
I shouted to Myne whilst floating in midair.

[Myne, now!]

Even without my words, Myne already knew what to do as she was already on her way to approach Haniel directly.
The partially petrified Haniel was full of gaps.

[Perfect opportunity. Here we go. Sloth, release!]

Myne held the axe up and swung. In response to that, the black axe changed shape instantaneously.
The axe head became bigger and sharper in preparation to unleash all the power it had accumulated so far. As the dark light turned brighter, the weight also seemed like it increased further.

Myne slugged that overwhelming destructive power on to the petrified Haniel.
The destructive power gouged a huge hole on the ground as well as blowing away Haniel’s lower body. The aftershock was terrible too as it was enough to send the remnants and debris of the old village everywhere.

[What the… that’s too powerful]

『Don’t be surprised with only that. Fate, it’s time!』


Haniel lost its lower body. But thanks to its regenerative ability, it will regain the lost parts in no time.
I need to strike at its core at once.
Using the momentum from my fall, I struck at Haniel.

When I was about to switch back to the black sword,

『Fate, change to the black scythe!』

Haniel, who was aware of my attack, invoked a blue fireball around it to retaliate. Not only targeting me, but also Myne who was still nearby.

I cut down the blue fireballs that headed towards me and continued closing in toward Haniel. If it’s still under this form, the black scythe will be able to dispel the blue fireball.
Seeing that its attack was ineffective, Haniel then projected a blue barrier.

『That barrier is also a skill. Cut it down with the scythe!』

[Okay, I’ll do just that]

Kuu, for the first time I felt resistance when trying to cut a skill down. Up until now, the black scythe would simply cut effortlessly. But right now, it felt like trying to cut through metal.
Apparently, the barrier was strong enough that it can resist the black scythe.
The barrier and the scythe competed to overpower each other. At that point, Greed…

『What’s wrong, Fate!? Is the limit of releasing half of Gluttony’s power only to this extent?』

[Shut up!]

『Observe the barrier with that eye of yours! There is no way that this kind of barrier can be evenly spread.』

So I can even see such things with the red eye…..concentrating myself, it’s as if I’ve arrived at a different world.
There are blood-like veins that circulate across Haniel’s blue barrier. Some of them were active while the rest were stagnant.

[Could this be the flow of magic?]

『That’s right. All you need is target the right place!』

Pulling out the scythe, I once again attacked the part where the magical power is the thinnest according to Greed.
Hitting on ever-changing spots, the slashes did interestingly break through the barrier much more easily.
And after a certain extent, the black scythe’s power to dissolve skills finally went through and the barrier broke with the sound of breaking glass.


『Let’s put a stop to it now, Fate! 』

Maintaining the momentum of my scythe, I slashed at Haniel’s remaining upper body.
It tried to defend by crossing its arms, but it’s in vain. The scythe will still fall upon it.

It opened up a very large gash, cutting through Haniel’s hand and the core in its chest. The white girl who served as the core struggled as she was getting torn in half.
Even if I knew that I have to and while I was I doing it, it still feels like there is something stabbing my heart.

While I was hesitating, Haniel started to flap its wings, attempting to escape by spreading the exploding feathers.

I couldn’t fly so I won’t be able to attack it if it’s high above in the sky.
I fell down to the ground while trying to slash apart the feathers and when I thought to jump in pursuit, it was already out of reach. At this rate, Haniel will start regenerating.

Che, red blots bloomed on the ground below me. My red right eye had started to bleed.
It appears that I’m approaching my limit. Quick, I need to eat Haniel’s soul before I lose myself.

While I was frustrated from Haniel’s trick to buy some time, Myne joined in.

[I can launch Fate up to the sky.]


My! You want me to ride on the flat part of the axe head, just like that!?
Well, it’s not because I’m the holder of Gluttony skill, right?

[Come on, quick. Before Haniel recovers.]

[I know already.]

I have no decisive attack. The strongest attack I have now, the black bow–the killing strike I got when I unlocked the first tier. But at this range, the damage won’t be enough to overpower Haniel’s regenerative power.
I need a high power attack for a single target.

What should I do? Shoot the powered black bow at close range?
That’s a totally unreasonable method, but also all I have….

『Isn’t it about time to try out the killing strike of the second tier?』

[What’s with that? Withholding it until only just now.]

『It’s because Fate won’t be able to handle it before. But in your current condition, it should be fine.』

I was about to ask him what it is, but Myne forcefully put me on the black axe before I could do that.

[Quick, no time to play around. You can talk while in the air. Go already!]


Before I could say anything, I was propelled toward Haniel.
Oioi, I tried to ask Greed in a panic.

[Quickly, tell me!]

『The killing strike of the second tier requires 20% of your stats. Also, it has to be aimed at the part where enemy’s magical power is concentrated at. If otherwise, it will fail.』

[What the. The place where magic concentrates, how do I even fi….]

No, I can find it now.
With half of Gluttony’s power unlocked, I should be able to find it just like how I did with the barrier.
I’m getting close to Haniel. It appear to be preparing for retaliation. I didn’t notice that.
It can’t be helped, can’t it?

[Greed, take 20% of my stats!]

『Then I’ll take it. 20% of your stats.』

He already consumed 10% from when I used the black bow. Now that he took another 20%, the gap of the statuses between me and Haniel increased.
Though still barely clinging.
In other words, I can’t afford to fail this second-tier killing strike.

Meanwhile, Greed took the stats away from me. The feeling of power escaped my body.
The black scythe fed upon my power and started to change.


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