Glutton Berserker ch.56

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Chapter 56 – The Ruffian’s Gathering Place

The next morning, I woke up to the birds’ chirping, something I’ve missed for a while now. Yesterday I was invited by proprietress to a dinner as a welcome to the inn, and I guess I drank a little too much alcohol.
That cost me some extra gold, so my wallet was completely bust now. Even today, I won’t be able to continue staying here if I don’t make any money from killing monsters.

I was told by the proprietress during the dinner that her husband had died, so she’s raising her three children on her own. The eldest son had become independent, and now lives as a mercenary at the fortress city.
There were also two daughters. One was 14 and the other was 8 years old. They also had dinner at same table as me last night. But they acted distant to me and mostly remained quiet, they didn’t seem excited when I tried to talk to them too.
Only the proprietress and I did the talking at the table last night.

While changing my clothes, I heard the sound of knocking on my door. Judging from the timid sound, it couldn’t be the lady proprietress. Most likely one of her daughters.
After replying with my skull mask on, the door opened.

[Good morning, Fate-san]


[The breakfast is ready. It’s at the dining room.]

[Un, got it.]

The eldest daughter told me that much before closing the door to escape. Somehow….she was blushing, I wonder why?
Ah!? Oops. I was in the middle of changing clothes, so my upper body had been left naked.
It’s considered embarrassing to show such appearance to a young lady. Later, I will apologize.

Even so, my clothes are getting worn out. From the royal capital to this place, I’ve been through a lot of battles after all.
Especially from the fight with the machine angel Haniel. My clothes had burnt holes nearly everywhere thanks to that fight.

[I have to replace these already.]

As I took the black sword Greed that was leaning on the wall, a gleeful laughter rang inside my head.

『That was undignified for one who wields me. Earn your keep quickly. Also don’t forget to buy a new sheath that fits more better for me.』

[That’s your real intention, right?]

『Why of course it was.』

Greed never changes. Well, for starters.
Greed’s sheath had also been damaged in battle. It’s still usable, but it could use a replacement. I changed my mind, both of us could use a new look.

If anything, I don’t have any money at the moment. The pricing would be five times more expensive than that of the royal capital.
Fu~….lodging fee, clothes, and sheath….this will be the first time that I’ll have to hunt monsters real hard to make a living.

[It should be alright for now. Let’s go, Greed.]


I brought Greed along and left the room. The second daughter then looked at me strangely.

[Onii-chan….why are you talking to a sword……..?]

She then took a little distance from me. Apparently, she saw me as a strange person for talking to my sword.
That’s a misunderstanding! I tried to approach the girl to explain, but she instead kept distancing herself until she fell on her bottom. Then she started to cry.


She ran away to seek help from the proprietress.
I’ll be in their care for the time being…..but I’ve been disliked from day one….
Greed laughed so hard through the 《mind reading》.

『Hahahahahahaha, they just can’t help but to dislike you. Eh, Fate?』

[Just who caused that in the first place?!]

『Certainly not my fault』

[It’s YOUR fault! Really….]

No no no. If I kept doing this, I’ll just keep getting strange stares.
Beyond the corridor, the eldest daughter was looking at me from afar!
Those eyes were filled with misunderstanding alright. Up to this point, that guy had been topless in front of me, and now he’s talking to a sword—-definitely signs of a dangerous guy. Have to avoid him at all costs!

[That’s a misunderstanding. This sword is a living weapon….]

[I’ve never heard of a living weapon before]

Ku…of course she never did. I didn’t know there was one myself before Greed talked to me through the mind reading skill.
All of a sudden, I just didn’t know how to explain myself anymore..
Can’t be helped. Please just accept that this guy…..likes to talk to his sword. However, there was one more thing I needed to say.

[Ah right. Apart from this, I’m sorry about before.]

[Whawhat for?]

[I will reply after properly clothing myself from now on.]

When I was tilting my head waiting for her response, the lady proprietress came in. Perhaps she went to call me since I haven’t shown up despite that the breakfast was ready.

[Ara!? What’s the matter? The other customers have already had their breakfast.]

I explained the circumstances to the lady proprietress. About how I opened the door to the eldest daughter while I was still topless. To that end, I apologized since I had troubled both of them.
This time, it was the lady proprietress who gave her daughter a good look.

[What’s the matter with you? Haven’t you always told the guests without opening the door? I wonder what is this all about?]

For some reason, the daughter’s face turned red and she promptly escaped to the dining room.
I wonder if she’s alright. The lady proprietress then spoke to me who was scratching my cheek.

[Please, excuse her]

[I see, I see. So that child is already at that age, huh?]

The lady nodded to herself, and gently pushed me to the dining room.
At that point, she whispered to me.

[By the way. Yesterday, my daughter helped you back to your room since you were too drunk and couldn’t walk properly. At that time, she apparently saw your face behind that mask.]

That’s a lie……to think somebody saw my real face on the very first day after I arrived on Babylon….
I really want to hit the me from yesterday. The lady then continued her whispering.

[It’s alright, we’ll keep your secret safe as long as you are a good-natured person.]

[……thank goodness.]

I cannot actually move to the other inn.
Un, I get it. I shouldn’t drink alcohol too much. Nothing good will come from an intoxicated mind.

[There is no point in regretting what’s in the past. Now then, let’s eat the breakfast.]

[Well…..that’s right. Let’s eat.]

[Let’s go then.]

[Please don’t push me that hard.]

[Come now]

It’s a somewhat nice inn. There was warmth here. I almost felt like I was among my long-lost family.

After having my breakfast with the proprietress’ eldest daughter, I headed out to the commercial district for information gathering with my stomach full. I’d like to replace a lot of things, but since I had no money, I had to be patient.
The commercial district was similar to the residential district in a sense. Most of the best stores are located closer to the main road. I have a feeling that the deeper I get, the lower ranked the store will be.
I was attracted by trendy-looking clothes at one of the prime location shop, so I went in to take a look.

[Ooooo…’s expensive.]

『You’re just too poor!』


As if unaware that the clothes costed at least a gold each, Greed complained to me in amazement through《Mind reading》
Such a thing only makes me want to go hunt monsters and make money already. After walking around the commercial district for a while, I went out to hunt orcs.

As I walked, I noticed that people were gradually gathering. What’s happening?
Perhaps a rare item auction or something. I got absorbed into the human wave, which was converging on a small bar. It was neither an interesting nor beautiful looking shop.
The old red bricks showed that it had some history, but it’s hard to say it had tasteful atmosphere if any. Appearance-wise, it’d be better if it got demolished already.

I could not honestly believe that these people actually gathered here willingly. Moreover, it’s still morning.
People are actually allowed to drink at this hour? I don’t think so. Almost everyone here dreamed of getting rich quickly. Warriors would make preparation for monster hunting. Merchants would prepare to open their store.

U~n, was there actually something that was worth any fascination in here….?
When I tried to peek at what actually happened, the bar was opened. And at that same time, voices of joy could be heard one after another.
Apparently, everyone was here for her. A stunningly beautiful woman.
Her face was on the younger side. Her silky, almost transparent hair, was like flowing water.


What the….I can’t keep my eyes away from her. Leaving my feelings behind, it’s as if I was forced to stare at her…this feeling. This feels really weird.

I tried to retreat, against the wave of the crowd heading to see her. My instinct rang like an alarm..
Don’t get close…..
Greed told me through 《Mind reading》.

『I see that you’ve finally realized.』

『That’s….could she be』

『Yes, you’re right. Like you, she’s the owner of Mortal Sin skill』

I took a deep breath, and gave the light blue-haired girl another look. So she was the same kind as me, was she?
She noticed my gaze. No, I guess she was already aware of me.
She came out of the crowd, which easily parted when she passed, while smiling as she stared back at me. She then talked in a very enchantingly, soul-stealing voice.

[I’ve been waiting for you. My name is Eris. I’ve been watching you all the way from the kingdom. That’s why, I went to Babylon at once, I’ve been waiting for you to come.]
(TL Note: Eris is using ‘boku’ here to refer to herself.)

Eris then motioned for me to enter the shop. Now, what to do?
Well, no matter. I’ll just accept the invitation. Perhaps, because we are owners of similar skills that we are drawn to each other.


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      1. The only three left are Pride Lust and Envy, unless there can be both a human and a weapon with the skill (or doubles). Likely Pride and Envy are a combo, so if she doesn’t have a weapon it makes sense for her to be Lust. Though though I am leaning on Pride because of how she referred to herself/the air around her, if she was Lust I would have expected a more… back ally approach.


      2. @Ori:
        If the author uses the original mortal sins then there are 8:
        Gula (gluttony)
        Luxuria/Fornicatio (lust, fornication)
        Avaritia (avarice/greed)
        Superbia (pride, hubris)
        Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency)
        Ira (wrath)
        Vanagloria (vainglory)
        Acedia (sloth)
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        Hence let us wait and see.

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    1. If it was envy, then either other people hate her cause she got something they don’t have, not raising voice of joy when they meet her.
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  2. Thank you for the treat ~

    It’s probably Pride and Envy combo because if it’s Lust she won’t be able to control her sexual urges ( I think) .

    And if she’s the Lust skill holder her introduction will be feminine as Fuck that it will attract attention, but she used ‘boku’ so I think it’s Pride.


  3. From the way she talk I think it should be pride but lust is probable like the others said
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    Thinking about it, this dude been drinking for years, lol seems like he started drinking from 11 – 12, wow, even his entire backstory, kicked out of the village that would have to be at 10 – 11, and someone gave a weak and tattered looking 11-year old kid a job as a castle guard O_O. I think he should have been made a little bit older to make his backstory more realistic I guess.


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