Glutton Berserker – Vol.3 Illustrations

Sup everyone, Raizu is here.

Good news! Volume 3 is out!
Along with the cool illustrations too~!


I have updated the chapters with the illustration, however our current chapters seems not covered the whole volume 3 yet. So, please look forward for the next chapter of Glutton Berserker! 😀

Here is the chapter with illustration(s). I added the link too to make you easier read them. Enjoy~


Reunion with the Holy Knight




Fate’s new outfit




Fate vs Tenryu: To protect his beloved ones


Greed and Luna

44 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker – Vol.3 Illustrations

  1. Raizu, who is the girl who’s hugging Roxy from behind??? (in one of the picture that doesn’t appear here), it suppose to be in arc 3, but I don’r recall reading it.


    1. i have my memory trouble so i feel uncertain. at the chapt 6 or 7 in manga, Fate departed to purchase : sword maintenance (a sheath, oil, etc) and mask, i dont recall he went on a date with her because in the market area, i recall his sword warned him to be careful when looking for item at there as customers / people with appraisal skill were hated. the merchant or arms dealer are basically fraud


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