Glutton Berserker ch.60

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Chapter 60 – Parting Place

The number….it’s about 30 people. That’s quite a large amount for a party.
That guy walking at the front is likely to be the party leader.
I noticed that he’s decked out in high class equipment. The guy then gave me a strange smile.

I’ve never seen such a smile before.
Who are you….? I grasped the black sword even tighter as I stood there.

『Calm down, Fate.』

[Yeah, but I feel that that guy will be a problem.]

Unaware of my thoughts, he arrived. He still kept the smile even as he begun talking to me.

[Hi, my name is Norden Alistair. You are really strong. I’ve been watching you from afar and yet, I can still feel your overwhelming might. May I know your name?]

Norden said while offering his right hand for a handshake. However, I didn’t respond to it.

[I am Mukuro. Just a warrior. Nothing more, nothing less. Would you please? I want to return to Babylon to cash this out.]

As I said that, Norden’s party had surrounded me. I couldn’t go home if it’s like this.
I fiddled a little with my skull mask, and hefted the hemp bags back on my shoulder.
Somehow, I had a bad feeling. These people seemed to be infatuated to this Norden, since it didn’t seem like they will let me go until he’s finished talking.

And to that end, all of them readied their hands on their weapons.
Tsk. so much for adults. The way they see me: it’s as if I’m already dead for not complying with Norden’s will.
What’s with that…. There is no way this party is meant to do something like this, right? No, it couldn’t be.
Then why….?
While I was thinking about the sense of incongruity, my eyes landed on the weapon strapped on Norden’s waist.
A holy sword!? I see. So that how it is. But even so, that doesn’t mean that I have to change my attitude.

[So you are a Holy Knight…]

[As you’ve guessed, I’m a Holy Knight. Today was the first time in my life that I went on vacation. So I brought my men and came to this place.]

I was quite amazed. He considers hunting monsters as nothing but a game. Norden put up a smile while combing his blonde long hair with one hand. If I were a woman, I might’ve fallen for him already. Unfortunately, I’m a guy.

This is slowing me down.

Anyways, a Holy Knight, eh? Perhaps he’s angered from me snatching the 2 squads of orcs just now. That’s probably also why he ordered his men to surround me like this.

[Could it be you want these?]

I pointed at the the two hemp bags that are filled with orc’s ears
But Norden shook his head.
Tsk, I guess I was worrying for nothing.

[Let me tell you this: don’t waste my time anymore or else.]

This is the world where power rules everything. I can easily do anything that can be deemed unreasonable back in the kingdom.
I drew the black sword and brandished it toward Norden.

[Wait, hold on. As I said before, I’m very impressed with your strength.]


[How about this. Why don’t you serve under me? I can give you anything you want.]

As usual, Holy Knights…..Apparently, this is the one thing that hasn’t changed even here in Babylon.
They deemed that everything is possible with money and power alone. That’s the kind of story.
If that’s true, then I won’t even be here in the first place.

[I refuse. You can do that to others. But I only work alone and will not join others. I hope that is all.]

I kept pointing the black sword toward Norden. As Greed said [Indeed, indeed] through 《Mind reading》, I prepared to leave.
If I want to serve anyone, it will only be Roxy and I have no intention to work under any other holy knight. I’ve already decided on that the day I left the kingdom.
Watching my attitude, Norden backed down a little.

[I had seen you using that black sword during the previous fight. How I was really amazed. Its shape can actually change, can’t it? It was said that there is something like multiform weapons in the past. I read about it in an old document once. Who would’ve thought that it actually exists? If you don’t mind, can you show me how it works?]

[I also refuse. I don’t have time to do that now.]

Again, Greed told me through 《Mind reading》: [Just kill this fickle guy already. This me will allow you.] It’s him being noisy as usual.

Looking at Norden, he sighed and motioned his hand.
His subordinates began to retreat.

[Understood. Then shall we save it for when the next opportunity arises?]

[….there will be no next time. I hate persistent guys.]

[We’ll see about that. I always got all the things I ever want. And that’s not going to change even now.]

Norden let me through with a smile still plastered on his face as usual. As I passed by, I gave his men a glance. All of them seem to be strong. Perhaps Norden himself had recruited them for their talents.
His men also seemed pleased to serve under him.

Good grief…..I came across a troublesome guy as soon as I arrived in Babylon. Why does my life seem to be always intertwined with holy knights?
Finally, I managed to extricate myself from Norden’s party. When I just thought so, he actually called out to me again. I didn’t bother to even turn my head.

[I’m working at the Babylon’s military district under Roxy Heart who just arrived yesterday. Come visit us anytime if you don’t mind. I’ll be waiting.]

Dammit, so he’s actually working under Roxy. Imagining them being together, somehow….that makes me angry.
In addition to that, I can sense some unknown malice from Norden. I’m merely a normal warrior, so I can’t get close to Roxy easily. I can only pray that I’m just imagining things.
There is also the matter with what Eris told me. The grim air around Roxy only gets thicker.

No matter how hard I think about it, nothing comes out. With the hemp bags on my shoulder, I crossed the border between the kingdom and Gallia. Fresh air entered my lungs. The irritation from before died down gradually.
But not all of it. I hadn’t felt something like this before but now it kept egging me. I wonder what this feeling is…..

[Hey, Greed.]

『What’s the matter? Where did your usual energetic self go?』

[That’s……no, nevermind]

『What is it? It’s alright, you can tell me.』

[It’s fine.]

I tried to consult with Greed, since I felt something weird. But I felt stupid for doing that, so I refrained. It’ll be alright.

[Well then, let’s return to Babylon. Cash this thing out and buy new equipment.]

『Umu, I’ve been waiting for that. Craft me a sheath made of pure gold』

[Are you kidding me? That’ll be too heavy!]

『Hahahahah, consider it muscle training. How about that!』

Aside from the muscle training part, he’s just too unreasonable as usual. Greed prefers flashy equipment. And he kept nagging me about that. If I were to leave the managing of my equipment to Greed, I’ll end up fully dressed in golden attire…..I don’t really want to imagine it.

If I try to go to tavern or inn like that, I’ll end up being a laughing stock.

[What my ass. Normal is the best, normal! Normal is number one!]

『That’s boring. I bet you’re going to buy another set of black clothes again, aren’t you~? Too plain.』

[That’s right. Black is practical since the dirt stuck on it will be less noticeable.]

『Fine, fine.』

[Fu~, now while we’re at it, I’ll put a black sheath for Greed.]

『That won’t do. Your preference is far from impressive.』

[Hah! Speak for yourself!]

Really now……when you say that, I felt like leaving you behind inside a shelf.

As I continued to converse with Greed, the fortress Babylon came into view. A defensive city protected by outer wall made of adamantite. We went in through the gate at the northern side.

Well, let’s get the cash then buy new clothes and sheath. I’ll buy some that will match this skull mask. Of course, all of it will be black-colored.

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  1. When I play Kingdom Come Deliverance, and wear full black suits, the guard come to check me every minutes, lol.


  2. I wonder if he’ll ever figure out a way to kill without devouring the soul. Like consigning every single person he might have to kill to an eternity of hell and suffering, is even worse than the concept of hell. Times would arise where he just has to kill people, not because they are the devil and evil abominations, but just because of circumstance, like an armed confrontation, or a war or something.


  3. I hadn’t felt something like this before but now it kept egging me. I wonder what this feeling is…..

    lol I wonder, could it be jealousy, because the knight gets to stand by Roxy-sama-nim? lol, but on a more serious note, now he’s feeling some kind of malice and bad premonition from someone who’s beside Roxy and knowing how Holy Knights can get, isn’t this further proof that he needs to be standing right beside her?

    What even is the reason for not directly joining up with her? Lets way pros and cons of joining with her directly

    He’ll be able to keep an eye on the malicious Holy Knight Norden
    He’ll be able to be at her side regardless of where she gets deployed to fight
    He’ll be able to deepen his relationship with her (an obvious pro)

    She might reject him because of his power.

    This is literally the only con he’s worried about, but it makes no sense to be worried about this because, even if she rejects him, he can just return to protecting her from the shadows. If he’s worried about her rejection because he plans to stay by her side after she returns back, then it’s impossible to maintain his secret in that scenario, meaning after he protects her in Gallia, he might leave her and go his own way. If that is the case why worry about the rejection. It’s probably just a means of adding unnecessary drama rather than just going for the most logical option.

    Besides, why would she reject a strong power in the current state of things, and considering who she is, there is even less of a chance for her rejecting him.

    If there was a good and solid reason why he couldn’t stay beside her, I’d understand but it’s annoying when the reason is this flimsy.


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