One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.50

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Seriously, our MC need to work harder to get his own harem.

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 50

It was nothing like an ordinary day. That day was the time Elize was told, “I’ll leave Maruto’s well being to you” and was also the day Elize finally pledged an oath to him. A promise that she’ll always protect him.

Elize had been staying near while Maruto was doing his usual duties. She had kept her mouth closed for almost half a day fearing that she’ll disturb him. The sunshine went through the window and made Maruto’s blond hair as if it was sparkling.

This man called Maruto seemed to be a chronic weirdo.

Even to the men of the Fuhren Holy Knights, he kept smiling and, though he raised his voice sometimes, Maruto never once broke his smile. Sending the other party off, he rose from his seat, seemingly in thought while the smile remained on his face.

His face simply oozed with kindness. Maruto seemed to release a fragrance that let others’ mind relax. It’s hard to describe it, but he smelled like the sweet scent of a beautiful flower growing in an open field….it’s that kind of fragrance that tickles your nostrils.

Maruto breathed out loud as he cleaned up the documents on the desk then leaned back on his chair.

[Sigh-. Finally today’s work is over~]

He said as he stretched his hand upward. It seemed that he had accumulated some fatigue.

However, there were actually some documents left piling up on his desk. Anyone could see that some of these documents had never been touched at all.

But since Elize had been watching him working, from the beginning and up to now. So it’s impossible for her to not know. She then said while eyeing on the documents.

[….it isn’t finished yet.]

[….No…I had enough――――――]

[Ortashia has told me not to let you off until it’s finished.]

[Fuhahaha….aren’t you my escort? Since when…did you suddenly become my supervisor….?]

Elize had been personally requested by Ortashia. She was to keep an eye on Maruto. Of course, other than regular escort work, there is also a hidden meaning to it. And that is to prevent Maruto from ditching his work.

That’s why, she had been keeping him in the White Wolf Knights base. Unless something special happened, Elize was responsible for not letting Maruto leave the office.

Recently Ortashia was worried over the the assassination attempt on Maruto, especially since the guy in question has a non-existent sense of crisis. Back then, it was her who commanded the White Wolf Knights to escort Maruto on a daily basis.

If Maruto even got a small scratch on his cheek, the knight in charge of escorting him that day will be punished severely as if they are in hell. Basically all kinds of terrible experiences.

That’s why everyone sharpened their senses and remained vigilant. Nothing will be allowed to happen to Maruto.

Presently, the White Wolf Knights will patrol the peripheral of their headquarters while Maruto’s deputies will be on standby at the hall.

With this, there’s bound to be a shortage of men that can be sent on missions.

But no one complained. One can’t consider themselves a knight if one can’t ensure the security of others after all. You can say that knights are actually a bunch of overprotective people in a way. But Maruto loves freedom so this appeared to be boring for him. He’s not one to be locked up in the office for a long time.

Elize didn’t even leave his side when he went to the restroom. She did turn her face away, but she didn’t leave his side. This is kinda… he wanted to complain but can’t really say it in the end.

It had become inconvenient for him to do whatever he wanted to do.

She even followed him to the bathhouse….. Normal girls would be blushing tremendously, but she didn’t. Elize was quite used to many kinds of assassination, so she doesn’t mind seeing a naked body. She looked at him with traces of interest instead. There is really no concept of ‘shy’ for this girl.

[Haー I’ve had enough…. Every single day, like this….]

Again, Maruto let out a huge sigh. The silver eyes still locked on to him

Maruto laughed uncomfortably from being watched like that. He then glanced at Elize. Maruto merely wanted to say that he wanted to go home since it’s already late, but it’s as if he was looking at the depth of underworld. Elize was unresponsive and simply stared back.

The answer was silence. She didn’t even bother to talk about it? Maruto drooped his head down at her gaze.

[….Fine. Fine. I get it! I get it! I just need to work, right!? Right!!]

He said it as if it was a devil’s word.

[Nn, that’ll do.]

The reply was said in an emotionless voice. Maruto sighed once more and picked back the quill. He then started signing the remaining documents.

After some time had passed, Maruto’s hand stopped moving. There was still half of the documents left.

Wondering what’s wrong, Elize took a peek of the documents Maruto had worked on from behind. Apparently he didn’t make any mistake.

However, the worry still lingered. The usual smile was gone, Maruto had an unusually dark expression on his face. Elize decided to ask why he had such a face.

[….what’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?]]

Maruto shook his head.

[… you still remember? What we talked about on that day.]

[What do you mean?]

[Ah, the day when I solicited you into the knight order.]

[Nn, I remember….why?]

Elize tilted her head. Why he suddenly brought that up, she stared at him with such a look. Maruto then started talking with a distant look.

[…..anyways, back then, you told me, didn’t you? That you you can kill me painlessly.]

[I did.]

A short pause later, Maruto finally opened his mouth, and said with trembling lips.

[…..that, what you said… it really true?]

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  1. Ok that’s it i’m done with this novel.

    All it talk about is a dude called Mokuto who i doesn’t even care about and a story about MC who became a substitute of a random dead guy


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