One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.51

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Two chapters again because both are short. >w<)


Chapter 51

[Why so suddenly…?]

It was too sudden. Elize was upset since she had no premonition of being asked about that. It wasn’t something that can be brought up so easily and it bothered her. It made her wonder what to do.

However, it’s also something she can’t tell to anyone else.

Because it will only cause a fuss if anyone else in the knight order heard about it. And it will reach Ortashia eventually. Once it does, Ortashia will likely never let Maruto out in the open anymore. Pretty much the same as if he’s trapped in the dungeon.

Since the talk will likely cause unnecessarily huge problem, he can’t say it except to her, Elize thought.

Because Elize is a silent type of a person, it’s unlikely for her to speak about it to others. A habit that came from her old occupation. She won’t leak any information.

In fact, up to this day, Maruto still didn’t know who had sent Elize to assassinate him. She had kept her mouth shut everytime being asked about her client.

Elize herself didn’t know for certain who had hired her. She didn’t know because the request giving, approval and the request completion report are all done through carrier pigeon so that the secrecy of those involved can be maintained. After all, those who work in the dark always has one foot in the grave.

The scariest thing isn’t the one who undertook the request; it’s the one who had sent the assassin. Because there was very little trustworthy information regarding them, even if you managed to repel the assassin, you won’t know who had sent them. With no information to work with, you’ll never know of who to trust and who to suspect. Even the closest friend will seem suspicious.

It’s just that Maruto was an abnormal case. There had been 12 assassination attempts so far. 10 of them were done in January. Although the escorts were able to fight them off, all that attempts will render any normal man insane.

Elize at first thought that Maruto had gone crazy, but decidedly think that he’s just feeling scared. She then whispered weakly.

[……are you alright?]


There was no reply, as Maruto seemed to be thinking of something. He nodded after seemingly came into a conclusion, then looked to Elize, who looked back at him anxiously. With a serious face, he clearly told what he want from earlier. Only shorter.

[…..when the time comes, I want you to kill me.]

Elize suspected that she had heard wrong. But she didn’t and it left her standing there, stunned. Only at that moment she came to understand what Maruto meant and thus, she stepped forward.

[Wha, what are you talking about?! Don’t joke around! Aren’t you our leader?! Aren’t you a man?!]

Maruto smiled bitterly. Elize calmed herself down, and then continued.

[…..I will protect you if you are scared.]

[Thank you.]

It was something she had in mind for quite a while already. Elize who had no relatives and only knew murder was picked up by Maruto. The reason for that was simple. Because she’s a girl. Nothing less, nothing more.

He felt worthless….

[….but really, please do what I asked.]


Maruto lowered his head. Elize got enough of his attitude, grabbed his shoulder and knocked him down to return some sense into him. But he stood up right away. Maruto then said while facing toward Elize.

[… are the only one I can ask.]


Maruto ignored the unconvinced Elize and grasped her tiny hand with both hands. Elize felt a weird sensation coursing through her body at that moment. It was surprise at first, then quickly turned into warmth.

He grasped her hand so hard, it’s hurt. She could definitely sense a strong intention there. Looking at the hand then at Maruto, she found that his body was shaking. He’s scared.

It’s probably the fear of death.

He had the same eyes that Elize usually saw in her soon-to-be victims when she was still an assassin. In Maruto’s eyes now, Elize was a master assassin. Her voice trembling when she said this.

[… want me to kill your? Really? Why…it has to be me…?]

[That’s right. I just thought that rather than killed by my enemy, I’d rather die to my beloved companions. No, by you instead.]

Being confessed at like that didn’t actually make Elize happy. It angered her instead. If you do, then why did she have to kill him?!

There is no reason as to why Maruto should die. She didn’t understand whether he wants to die, or that he has to die, but that’s another story.

Elize remained silent, immersed in her own deep thoughts while looking at the floor. He didn’t seem to be joking around, judging from his eyes. She couldn’t decide something like this immediately, neither could she make the decision on her own anyways. Her eyes were swimming. Her mind was confused. Meanwhile, Maruto pulled her hand roughly.

[Please! Only you can do it. Only you can give me a painless death! Please!]

In addition to that, Maruto pulled Elize further toward himself that her face was buried in his chest. Elize quickly moved away and forcefully pushed him.

[Stop! Get away from me!]

Maruto easily collapsed backwards. Elize retreated until her back touched the wall. Breathing heavily while supporting her body with her hands on the wall behind her.

She apologized before moving away.


Maruto got on his knees and smiled. Despite getting shoved like that, he didn’t seem angry. He shook his head.

[No…I’m sorry. I got a little too forceful…]

Elize couldn’t look back towards Maruto. She thought that he’ll continue asking if she did.

[It may sound cowardly. But I want you to understand this. I really don’t want to die in pain. So, when the time comes, I want you to kill me.]

Elize’s face was hidden beneath the strands of her silver hair, still staring at the floor.

A few days later, Elize came to decide that she’ll accept his wish. But she’ll still protect him to best she can. If everything went wrong, then she’ll be the one to end his life.

Maruto thanked Elize for accepting and smiled.

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