One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.52

Weekly chapters (1/2)

One-Eyed Female General need some fanservi—


Chapter 52

Both Shingen and Julienne didn’t notice that quite a long time had passed while they were talking about Elize’s past. Before they knew it, it’s almost dawn. The birds had even started to chirp.

Julienne, who heard the chirping, smiled bitterly. Knowing the sun was already up, Shingen scratched the back of his head and lightly laughed. Julienne apologized while sticking her tongue out.

[Wellー my bad. Sorry for the very long talk~]

There was a sense of incompatibility between what she said and the tone she used, but that’s what makes it cute.

[……Ah, it’s okay… I enjoy hearing others telling stories. I also want to know about Elize even just a little anyways.]

Why did he want to know about Elize? It’s easy for Shingen to answer that question.

[Because she’s an important companion.]

As long as he considers someone a friend, it doesn’t matter to Shingen if one of them was a former enemy. An important friend at that. This is his creed. Shingen learned from the surrounding people while he was still travelling with his sister before they arrived at Ardesil to treasure friendship regardless of whatever reason; once you are my friend, then you’ll always be one.

Julienne smiled as she looked at Shingen’s serious face.

[Alright. If we got another opportunity, I’ll tell you another story. It’ll be still about Elize.]

[Okay, I’ll be looking forward to it.]

Shingen came to understand a part of Elize’s past and it made him feel ashamed of himself. He and Maruto were of similar age but there was a huge difference between the two of them. No wonder Elize acted cold towards him.

Not only she failed as an escort, she couldn’t fulfill her promise to Maruto. He couldn’t imagine the regret she felt. He wished to be able to help even a little. From now on, Shingen decided to try to talk to her little by little and maybe then she’ll brighten up a little.

The previously dark sky slowly turned light blue, gradually becoming brighter and brighter, so both of them hurriedly returned to their own room.

Shingen became aware that he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all tonight as the drowsiness returned to him. His eyelids felt heavy.

Shingen and Julienne separated after bowing to each other. As soon as he returned to his room, he took off his leather boots, stripped off his coat and put it on the chair.

A half naked figure was reflected from the full length mirror at the corner of the room. Although his state of dress was a bit embarrassing, he swept that thought aside since he’s the only one staying at this room after all.

Shingen jumped onto the bed just like that. Burying his head in the pillow to block out the light coming from outside, he fell asleep.


It was stuffy. An unprecedented heat also struck him as if it was midsummer. He couldn’t breathe properly and it’s as if there is something weighing on his stomach. Shingen groaned in his bed to this mysterious event.

Is there someone above me? Shingen frowned as he thought to himself. A scene from the book he had recently read came to mind. When he opened his eyes, a sense of crisis crept into Shingen’s mind.

As his eyelids opened up, a dark brown ceiling came into sight. A lamp hung there. It’s not lit up but the surroundings were bright already.

[Could it be….]

Nothing had happened. He had a bad feeling, but there seemed to be no problem.

(―――――――Ah this is bad. I overslept until noon……)

After saying that to himself, Shingen tried to wake up.

But he couldn’t. There was something he had forgotten. Now that he remembered it, there seemed to be something weighing on his stomach. He looked down to check――――――to see a mass of golden hair. He doubted his own eyes.

[….a head?]

Certainly there was someone’s head on his belly. Naturally, it’s not a severed head. This isn’t the battlefield after all. It’s the head of a living human being without a doubt. Besides, Shingen could hear a breathing sound. And from there, a slight hint of grape fragrance mixed with alcohol entered his nose. A scent similar to wine.

This bedroom was meant to be privately used by Shingen alone. So he wondered if someone had actually mistakenly entered this room. Even so, the owner of the room was sleeping on the bed, which amazed Shingen that someone didn’t bother with that and even slept over him. If anything, he wanted to flip the bed already.

[Good grief….who is it?]

A somewhat soft feeling was transmitted to his skin. Twin hills were pressed upon his stomach. Since he had slept while being topless, the feeling was pretty accurate. He started to wonder what was the thing pressing on his stomach.


The golden haired person shook and moved around, causing their face to become visible. Shingen recognized that face. The girl with short golden hair that talked in her sleep

[Uumu. I can’t drink anymore….really, but can I have one more….]

Then the shouting started..


The shout resounded throughout the room. Riru’s eyebrows twitched due to that noise.


She opened her eyes narrowly, her face telling that it’s normal to sleep there.

[Aa~ what is it Shingen…..good night….munyamunyamunya..]

[Oi, don’t go back to sleep! Don’t sleep in my bed! In fact, this is my room!]

He frowned at Riru’s answer then said that angrily.

[Aaah so noisy….]

She picked up the nearby blanket and covered herself with it after replying lazily. While still laying over Shingen’s body, the girl had actually resumed her sleeping. Shingen was left amazed at her action, and even now he could faintly hear her snoring coming out of his blanket.

[Are you kidding me…oi?]


[Are you drunk?]


This is the worst. Shingen didn’t know what to do since it’s the first time something like this had happened to him. He felt embarrassed since he isn’t properly clothed at the moment.

There is a possibility of misunderstanding if someone see this. Riru is laying over Shingen’s half-naked body. From the others point of view, it will be hard to imagine this as something accidental. At that moment, Shingen’s body shivered upon imagining how loud Ortashia will be.

For now, he tried to escape with extreme caution so as not to touch Riru’s twin peaks or waking her up.

Shingen scratched his head after managing to free himself, smiling at Riru’s sleeping form. She seemed to be in a deep sleep. Perhaps she drank too much.

[Did something like this always happen…..]

[….cheers to leader, cheers to me, we make for a good couple….fuhihi…]

Ignoring the loud sleep talking with a troubled face, Shingen put his cheek over his knee.

[Now I wonder….]

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