One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.53

Weekly chapters (2/2)

It somewhat become the usual haremcon. lmao.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 53

Shingen watched Riru breathing soundly beside him. For him, who never had the chance to look closely, this is something new.

There is a scar on her cheek.

He never noticed before. She didn’t even bother to hide it, but Shingen never thought that there was a scar on Riru’s face. For girls, their face can be considered their life so most of them get awfully depressed if their face merely got scratched. And yet she’s so bright everyday. Too bright even.

Riru didn’t seem to have any qualm about exposing the scar. For warriors, it’s like a testimony that they have survived a lot of battles. It’s like a medal or something. Back in Shingen’s hometown, there is a saying: “Having a scar is honorable”. So it seems that there is a same concept here in Ardesil.

It seemed to be an old scar, judging from how faded and barely visible it is now. This girl went through a lot of hardships, Shingen thought to himself.

Both Mina and Riru reminded Shingen of his time living in the slums. He neither lived in poverty nor in wealth. Basically an ordinary life in an ordinary family so he can’t imagine what hardship the two had gone through.

Shingen gently stroked the scar whilst staring at the sleeping Riru. She had dark skin, slightly sticky due to sweat, but still soft and moist. No different from any ordinary girl. Shingen thought that she’s pretty cute like that.

Shingen smiled as he continued to look gently.


Riru suddenly moved, causing Shingen to quickly withdraw his hand.

[E, eh….what am I doing…..? Why do I see this mass of masculinity as something cute….]

Ashamed of what he did just now, Shingen blushed. Thinking about again, he was alone with a girl sleeping on his room――――――Shingen eyes swam in agitation. His heart palpitated and beat violently, he could hear it.


Riru called him in a low voice.

[Wha, what?]


Shingen couldn’t hear what she said, so he leaned down and had his face closer to Riru. Her mouth moved ever so slightly.


[You still want to drink…..? I’ll just give her water…..let me fetch some right now.]

Shingen sat back up with a shaky expression. When he tried to stand up to get some water, a thin hand slipped out from under the blanket and grabbed Shingen by his trousers’ back pocket. He stumbled forward, pulling Riru’s arm along. Riru finally woke up due to the sudden pain.

She raised her body up. Standing on all four, she then rubbed her sleepy eyes.

[That hurts…. What are you doing….?]

[Shut up. Drunkard.]

[Ne? Is this sake?]

[No. You’ve had enough.]


Riru pursed her lips. An adjutant and also the core member of the White Wolf Knights is now reduced to a terrible drunkard.

Riru raised her upper body to a sitting position. The blanket which was covering her fell from her shoulders. Shingen sighed looking at her slackened face.

When Shingen glanced at her casually, he noticed a glorious scenery in front of him. Riru was sitting there only in her black bra and panties. Illuminated by the sunlight coming in from the window, her thighs bring out the air of an adult.

Shingen hastily turned away and, with a shocked voice, pointed to Riru.

[Wha, whaaa!? Underwear!?]

Riru who finally realized her own clothing condition laughed at the embarrassed Shingen.

[Ehehehe…..that’s right….. Should I…..take off my top?]



She fiddled on the strap of her bra. Afterward, much to the clueless Shingen, Riru actually came close to him. It only served to make him restless.

[O, oi, come on now! Don’t come any closer! A lot of things are wrong here!]

[And why is that~]

[You are drunk! So you probably don’t realize what are you doing, right?! You’ll be embarrassed to death once you are sober!]

[Fufufu….it’s fine. This is nothing to me.]

Shingen was overwhelmed by Riru’s breathing. It felt like one could get drunk just from inhaling her breath. He nearly collapsed. His vision seemed distorted for a short while.

Shingen is actually weak to liquor. Even a single sip is enough to make his face red.

Fearing that Shingen may collapse at any time, Riru jumped in to catch him. But it seemed that she wasn’t really up for that task. She lost balance when Shingen’s face fell directly on her soft twin hills. And so both of them got pushed down to the bed.

She had straddled Shingen with both of her hands pressing his hands against the bed. He was restrained. Riru laughed giddily at Shingen, looking down with a drunken face.

Her gaze turned hot.

(―――――――Eh, what is this……?)

He started thinking about what he’s going to do. Unable to decide on anything, his body froze. The girl didn’t say anything and simply gazed, but she seemed like she has something to say.

[Wha, what is it? What do you want to say…?]


Shingen, while feeling relieved upon hearing that, muttered.

[….ha. What the….sake?]

He was amazed. He simply couldn’t understand why she still want to have more despite being this drunk. She was steaming with sweat but it wasn’t smelly. Perhaps the smell of alcohol was too strong, but Shingen felt like the fragrance of liquor permeated out of her body. He could smell the scent of alcohol mixed with faint sweet fragrance of fruits.

Shingen looked up and away from her to distract himself. Suddenly, Riru lifted her eyebrows. Her eyes as if she was looking at a distant place.

[….Leader Maruto]


[….Leader, I’ve fallen in love with you. For a very long time, since that moment….]

Having lived as if she’d die tomorrow, only Maruto who saw her differently among the crowds of people who despised her as if she’s filth. He grasped Riru’s hand without hesitation. That in itself was impossible for Riru to forget. Riru then pledged everything she had for Maruto who continued to look at her the same way he did that day. Of course, with all her mind and body…

There was only Maruto’s face in Riru’s eyes. The difference in hair color doesn’t matter. Under her intoxication, with her face burning hot, she told him her feelings.

[…..I….until the end…..I want to become your strength. A sword and shield for you, leader….]

Whilst saying so, her face gradually closing in to Shingen’s face. Her lips approached his. Shingen shook his body to resist.

[Wa, wait a minute! I’m not Maruto! Wait, calm down]

However, she ignored Shingen’s words.

When their lips nearly touched, the door unexpectedly swung open. Riru stopped moving. That accident actually saved Shingen but――――――it’s impossible for the door to open by itself.

In other words, someone was visiting Shingen’s room. At that point, Shingen felt his blood boiling and his heart palpitated. The visitor shouldn’t have any idea about Riru being in his room.

[Shingen, how long do you want to sleep? Do you want to make this Ortashia mad?]

When he heard that voice, Shingen turned pale. It means that a brutal general with one eye is coming towards them.

Ortashia’s eye widened upon seeing the condition of the man and woman in front of her. In her vision, there is Shingen laying there on the bed with Riru straddling him. She glanced at both Shingen and Riru alternately.

Her stare became ruthless.

A shiver ran through his spine. On the eve of battle, he actually dared to fool around with a girl. Shingen felt like he’ll die thanks to this misunderstanding.

Whether or not she’s aware of the situation, Riru actually waved and greeted at the visitor.

[Ah~ Your Highness…..good morning-]

Ortashia gave a bitter smile, seemingly in deep thought.

[A, apparently, I was in the way….ahaha….]

She surprisingly didn’t get mad and looked upset instead as she left the room.

[….it’s over..]

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