One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.55

Weekly chapters (2/2)


Chapter 55

Meanwhile, Shingen left the House of Lords and headed out to the town of York.

The sun had risen a little to the west. It’s a countryside town so there isn’t any extravagant shop. But there seemed to be shops almost everywhere. Few people walk the street at this hour but it’s still more than in Shingen’s village. Well, it’s a normal town after all.

Shingen simply walked around the town without having any purpose.

After finding out that the Ardesil military corps will be heading out here soon, he felt restless. Just like him, the town residents are the same. They looked uneasy and their expression stiff. Shingen could see that some of the people on the street are talking about what they should do in the future. Some others prepared their baggage to evacuate with their family.

Among such hubbubs, men with axes came out from one of the diner along the main street. There were roughly twenty of them, making it such an unusual sight. Apparently they are of the same profession as Shingen: lumberjacks. The lumberjacks went away while chatting to each other. Out of concern over what they are going to do, Shingen asked one of them as they passed by him.

[Hey, where are you guys going? Are you still going to work or something?]

[Whaay doya wanna no?]

With a weird accent, the person replied with another question. Shingen shrugged his shoulders, not knowing whether he had done anything wrong. Looking at Shingen’s reaction, another lumberjack explained in turn.

[Somehow, it seems that the new lord wants to build a house. Well, we have lots of timber around here. That’s why we got this sudden job.]

[At a time like this….?]

With the Aldesir army closing in, one should’ve been doing something more beneficial than building a house. There will be nothing left on York but cinder and rubble if one lost this battle after all. As an aristocrat, one should’ve known that.

The lumberjacks continued to talk about dubious things as they walked.

[I don’t quite understand why she wanted us to do this, but damn the wage is good! Right?!]

[Yeah. It’s a good benefit for us anyways. Unlike other aristocrats, that female lord paid us good money for our hard works. It benefits us nicely, so who cares!]

(―――――――female lord….?)

Shingen didn’t know anything about the aristocrats in the town of York but he’s quite sure there was nothing left of them. After Shingen and co. took over the House of Lords back then, all the remaining aristocrats who opposed them were quickly annihilated.

[We’re not up against barbarians this time. We won’t be killed since we are from the same country. I don’t want to get implicated with the new lord so let’s finish the work quickly. There will be no problem if we get caught long after the work has been done.]

As expected from a lumberjack. Their way of thinking is different from normal citizens. Their work is their lifeblood. This is craftsmanship.

[… the way, that female lord, how does she looks like?]

Shingen asked since he’s curious about this unusual female aristocrat. The bearded man tilted his head and frowned as he tried to remember.

[I don’t know how to say it but she had this luxurious feeling around her. But whatever, it felt like we are nothing but dust in front of her.]

Shingen already felt terrified since he could already tell who that was. It’s as clear as the blue sky to him. He’s been around her for quite a while after all…. Shingen pointed his finger at his right eye for further confirmation―――――――and the lumberjack immediately remember.

[Oh yeah! She wore an eyepatch on her right eye! A white eyepatch!]

[I thought so….]

[Do you know her?]


The lumberjack took that answer as an affirmative. Since they are in a good mood, they resumed talking about their work.

As Shingen looked down, a middle aged lumberjack is unexpectedly looking at him. In surprise, he jerked his body back.

[O! Young man, you also work in the same business?]

[Eh, can you tell?]

[Of course I can! I already know when I first saw your face! Right?]

He asked for opinion of the companions next to him, which replied with a hearty laugh.

[Yeah. Cause you have the face of a poor guy! Ahahahaha―――――――!!

Damn you, Shingen thought in his heart while remaining silent. Also, what the hell was that with having the face of a poor guy?! Shingen wanted to defend himself, but never got the chance. The lumberjacks already went away, saying that they want to finish the job before sunset.

Apparently, they were here to have a lunch break.

[Lumberjack is it….?]

Shingen mumbled to himself. An image of those lumberjacks cutting woods floated in his mind. And at that moment, he felt the urge to help. Or should he call it vocational pattern? He’d been wanting to be useful for everyone. But everyone around him are self-sufficient enough not to need his help.

And so Shingen, who felt useless by himself, became a little lonely. It’s as if he’s just a mannequin. No, more like a favorite pet. It felt like he was onboard just because he resembles Maruto.

That’s why he’d been wandering around the town in search of something. Feeling that he could be of help, a smile appeared on his face. When he realized it, Shingen is already chasing after the lumberjacks.

He passed the wooden gate between the stone wall surrounding the town, he sent his sight to the mountain nearby. A lot of people are visible in the forest; a staggering view.

Dry chopping sounds could be heard every time their axes cut into a tall tree growing in that forest. The lumberjack raised their voice.

[It’s falling――――――!]

They spread out with those words. After a moment of waiting, the thick tree gradually tilted toward the now empty space while making a squeaking sound before it finally fell down on the ground. After the loud noise, the lumberjacks reunited to lower the logs down the mountain. That same sight is happening all over the place.

In the rural village where Shingen used to live, you can count the amount of lumberjacks with two hands. Here it’s different. The young men cheered with their voices. Sometimes in a rhythmic fashion. Unlike Shingen who had to chop the tree alone. It looked fun.

[Amazing….I’ll go too!]

Shingen rushed to the mountain with glowing eyes.

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