One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.58

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 58.

The two corps of the Ardesil Army marched five kilometres away from the town of York. Sounds of rock and metal clashing reverberated with each of their steps. Twenty thousand soldiers making columns of clanging iron.

It was a scene not unlike something told on story books.

The golden-colored armor and equipment shone glaringly under the sun. Isn’t that the method to win the war by making their enemy feel overwhelmed from seeing their appearance? By planting fear on the enemy soldiers’ heart in advance.

While proceeding with the march, the scouts had returned from their duty. Going to the front, the first corps commander Octanus shouted while raising his right hand.


The soldiers followed the command coming from that loud voice immediately after the command was shouted. They’re well trained soldiers. Standing still for the next command without complaints. Their sharp, strong eyes screamed: give us your next command!

The second corps commander Herkutes crossed the soldiers on a war horse accompanied by two aides. They arranged themselves next to Octanus’ war chariot, waiting for the scouts to arrive.

After arriving, the scouts immediately reported what about they’ve seen.

[Excuse me for staying on the horse! Reporting! The enemy has made preparations in the town of York!]

The two generals who heard this looked at each other with eyebrows raised. The soldier then heard a rough voice.

[What kind of preparation?……please explain in detail.]

[Sir! They’ve built a “fort” in the town of York!]


Octanus frowned while Herkutes rode forward, doubting their own ears.

[A fort is it? Impossible.]

[That town is only a medium-sized one. No, less than that. There is no fort around that place as far as I remember.]

[No, it was something that was built recently!]

[Only built recently?! Are you trying to fool this me?! Speak the truth!]

[P, please pardon me!]

Anxiety started to hit the scout’s heart. Unlike the raging Octanus, Hercutes had remained calm.


He called in the name of one of his aide.


A long, brown-haired young man brought his horse closer. His long hair extended over his shoulder. He was still young, seemingly undependable but calm. Herkutes planned on teaching him to become a good general after winning this war. He brought the young man along so that he can accumulate some experience by participating directly.

According to Herkutes, “You’ll learn nothing by staying behind the desk. You’ll learn a lot in actual battle.”

[Well then, what do you think?]

His eyes were full of expectations.

[….ha. Since the enemy is already at bay, it’s quite normal for them to have some preparation.]

The rebel Randall, who was stationed at Ban Rondo had possibly fielded his troops. However, due to civil war, it’s nearly impossible for him to leave the border.

By staying here, the enemy can’t retreat to Ban Rondo easily. So Randall is probably planning to have a siege. Looking from that perspective, it’s normal for them to have such preparations. Although it may be a reasonably good strategy, it isn’t the case with the other party.

Under normal circumstances, they would’ve dug a moat around the defensive position, built up clay walls and laid fences across the perimeter. But they had built a fort instead. Building a fort in a mere few days isn’t an easy thing to do. It’ll take a month at least.

[….but them having build a fort is….a bit hard to believe.]

(―――――I know right)

Hercutes, who was thinking the same way as Ragnov, pointed out his suspicion of the scout not telling the truth because they’ve made a wrong observation.The scout vehemently argued.

[I-it’s the truth! We would even dare to bet our life on it!]

[That’s right, Your Highness! Please believe in us! !]

If they dared to go this far, then only a fool will not believe them.

Hercutes sent a glance at Ragnov. He, in turn, suggested that the scouts’ report are to be believed.

[Herkutes-sama. What should we do? Should we send another scouting party?]

They needed to confirm the situation. Usually, it’s not necessary to go out seeking information more than once. Especially if it’s on a place whose topography and demography they’ve already known about. Having to do this is actually surprising.

However, Herkutes seemed to be taking Ragnov’s point into consideration.


To tell the truth, he thought that there is no need to send another scouting party. They overwhelmingly outnumbered the enemy. What can the enemy do with just a few troops? Nothing.

[The cavalry will go on the offensive! Annihilate the enemies immediately! We’ll breakthrough such a fortress easily!]

However, Octanus still had some reservations. If they were to do even the slightest of mistakes here, the Ardesil army will become the laughingstock of the other countries. He wanted to win with overwhelming strength without taking major casualties. It’s because the rumour of rebellion will make the other countries think that this is the best opportunity to attack their country. The most important thing for him is to prevent that from happening.

When Hercutes put together the idea, he gave Octanus a glance.

[….just in case, I will send another scout.] (Octanus)

[Hah. Do as you like! Just don’t take it from my corps.]

[Chih. Fine. Yosh, the scout will be picked from our corps. Please choose someone reliable. Understood?]


Five were chosen as the scouts. They’ll have to be fast so as not to impede the army’s advance. Since the size of the army was so huge, there will be no secrecy in their movement. There will be no problem even if the scouts got noticed because there is nothing else the enemy could do at this point.

There are strategies and tactics but troop number is the ultimate decisive factor. The two corps were consisted of the elites of Ardesil. They couldn’t lose. Even if the missing princess Ortashia helped the rebellion, the overwhelming advantage won’t change. They believed in their own power.

As victory had been decided, it became somewhat dull.

While Herkutes was preparing, one of the aides said with an uneasy face.

[About that….If princess Ortashia is siding with them, what will we do?]

[….according to rumors, she has lost her powers. So I have nothing to fear from her.]


After making sure that none of the soldier who were marching neatly ahead of them could hear them, the aide whispered to Herkutes’ ear.

[There is someone in our army who supports Her Highness Ortashia.]

[Which human would willingly side with the loser at the moment?]

[Eh, well, I guess so. Anyways, it’ll be better if you keep that in mind.]

Herkutes pondered over the aide’s words a little. In the end, he could only think that such a thing is impossible.

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