One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.59

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Include the war situation illustration from the Author.


Chapter 59

A few minutes later, the five-man scouting team returned with the following information: there is indeed a fort over there. Even so, it’s still something unbelievable that the Ardesil generals decided to hold a military council while letting the soldiers rest. The order was issued to build a small base five kilometres away from the town of York, raise fences around the surrounding area and consolidate their defense. Patrols were to be maintained to keep them vigilant.

All of that was in preparation for ambushes from forests and hills dotting the Terraheim plains. Since their opponent’s number is small, night raids are to be expected.

However, they shouldn’t be foolish enough to leave their headquarters open and vulnerable.

There was a larger tent set in the middle of the encampment. Several guards are keeping watch near the entrance of the tent and it sported the insignia of the Ardesil army. That was the tent dedicated for the generals of the army.

Inside was a large table standing on the center of the tent. Hand drawn maps of the town of York and the Terraheim plains were spread on it. Herkutes was on the right side of the table, Octanus on the left side with each of them having their aides and captains standing around the table.

Each of the captains had seen battles for many years, they are all a collection of Ardesil’s finest who’de been fighting for the kingdom and there is no special preference to their appearance. In this very room, it’s even visible on the female captains about their battle-readiness. And with that, the military council has began.

[――――――I guess that’s all of us. So let’s begin the military council.]

The council officially started after Herkutes’ words. First of all, they needed to check their own situation. Herkutes’ aide Ragnov began talking while alternating between documents and maps.

[Eーfirst of all, the situation of our army. Firstly, great general Octanus is in charge of the first corps. Next, great general Herkutes is in charge of the second corps which will be supported by the other corps. Are there any objections?]


Herkutes replied briefly but Octanus complained with an unpleasant face while folding his arms.

[Why don’t I become the overall commander and take command of both corps instead? Don’t be a fool. If you leave this to me, the fight will end sooner. Or are you a coward who likes to hide behind their shield?]

[Ha. There is nothing scarier than trusting an army that only knows how to attack.]

[What did you say?!]

Octanus raised his voice. The captains had to hurriedly hold him down in order to calm him down. Octanus then swept off the arms of the captains who held him and return to his seat.

Seeing the timing, Ragnov reported the new information.

[Previously, we received reports that there will be reinforcements coming from Camor region.]

The others voiced their interest. The generals seemed pleased.

Camor Region is one kilometres away from Terraheim plains. There is a town named Adre Rasun in the center of the region, which is governed by a female lord called Lucis. Her title was baroness. She’s still in her mid twenties. Her father, the previous lord, died of illness so she had to consolidate herself after suddenly becoming the new lord. She had replied that she’s unable to participate in the suppression forces because of that.

Did she change her mind….?

She had to show her face after all. This battle will be near her territory. If she didn’t show up, she’ll only receive hatred and punishment from prime minister Runatitas.

[How many?]


He checked again to confirm it.

[It seems about 500.]


Sounds of laughter filled the tent. It was a laughably small number of reinforcements.

[It’s embarrassing as a noble to only be able to serve to that degree. There will be no difference even if she doesn’t show up. Gahahaha.]

Whilst listening to the gloomy laughter, Herkutes asked.

[How about other units?]

[Sir. Nafaiel mercenary brigade of Eilam is also approaching as we speak.]

Nafaiel mercenary brigade was a mercenary unit led by the lord of Eilam which mainly operated around Camor region. Usually, they hunted down demon beasts and devils, acted as security service etc. Hearing the name of that mercenary unit, Herkutes felt strange.

They hadn’t requested for reinforcements from the mercenaries. So it wasn’t necessary for them to come in a rush. Why such timing? Such a question floated in his mind.

[…..Nafaiel mercenary group you said?]

[At most, they’re trying to seek fame by hitching on our exploits. They’re just a local mercenary unit. If it’s spread that they partook in the rebel subjugation, requests will come to them from all over, not just limited to the rural areas. I guess that’s why. Good grief. Mercenaries are always all about obtaining more gold.]

[Through bounties?]

[Most likely.]

Octanus reclined back on the chair, arms spread open.

[That’s how mercenaries are. It won’t be the first time. Having said that, we only need to prevent them from getting any military contribution.]

He sent a glance to Ragnov.

[Apparently it’s like that. Eilam is offering us an aid for a fee.]

[……in that case, let’s just wait and see what they can offer.]

[Then what about the enemy forces?]

[According to report, including soldiers from Banrondo their number is approximately 1000 ~ 1500 men.]

[So only about a brigade? This battle will definitely go smoothly.]

The captains also nodded in agreement.

After a while Herkutes gave Ragnov a sign to continue.

[Then I will explain our current strategy.]

The strategy had the ‘as usual’ feeling on it.


Since Banrondo army led by Randall had the options of either holing up on the fort or striking out, Octanus will lead the first corps cavalry to attack the enemy’s front.

After a few charges, aiming when the defense of the enemy is collapsing, Herkutes’ second corps infantry will move forward while maintaining formation. Take control of the enemy base. Once the town is under control by the infantry, use the cavalry to pursue the retreating enemy and annihilate them.

The backline will be guarded by the Camor forces and Eilam’s mercenaries. Although their numbers are small, it’s enough as a rear guard. It’s impossible to break to the rear with fewer soldiers. As most will have to focus on the frontline, doing so will only hasten their demise. If the enemy wants to hold out even for a second, they’ll have to concentrate their forces.

[――――――as what I have explained, we will once again use the strategy of using the first corps as the vanguard and the second corps as the second line of offense!」

There was no objection. The captains assigned to each general also nodded in consent. Considering the reinforcements, Herkutes decided to commence the attack tomorrow.

[Yosh. Understood. Now, as we wait for the reinforcements to arrive, we’ll start the attack tomorrow. Everyone must be prepared come tomorrow. That’s it. Dismissed.]


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