Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… ch.209

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

The Final Battle: Evil God

Back at the cave.
From earlier, I wondered why my heart beat like crazy. I sensed something bad, but I supposed it was a sign that the Evil God emitted.
Deep in my heart, I knew that I’m a poor match with that fellow.
Moreover, the longer I let it progress, the stronger it’ll become.

There was an open space at the end ot the tunnel. There was a person with long black hair standing in the middle, arms crossed. Turning her black eyes that seemed to swallow everything to me, she smiled a fearless smile. She’s definitely a Goddess, I could sense something bad coming from her even from a while ago.
Around her with their hands open, were the Goddesses whose duty was to suppress the Evil God. Well I guess it’s true.
The little Goddess who was previously sleeping, woke up and joined the other Goddesses
All of the Goddesses focused all their mind to the Evil God, but were they supposed to sweat profusely like that….? I guess they tried so hard to suppress the Evil God to the point that they didn’t even notice my arrival. However, even as she’s about to be sealed, the evil god could actually still afford to smile obstinately.
As I couldn’t recognize anyone there, I turned my eyes elsewhere. There was the Dark Goddess lying on the ground with her eyes closed, and Floyd stuck on the wall.
When Floyd noticed me, he smiled at me as usual.

[Wazu-sama, it seems like you have managed to completely become a deity, I should first say a congratulation. I, as your servant sincerely congratulate you.]

[……what’s with your way of speech? Your new play or something? Or perhaps, you have that kind of hobby?]

[No, I was trying to interrupt Evil God’s resurrection, but got smacked into the wall instead. The Goddesses managed to bind her in time, but it’s only to this extent…. I’m running out of power already, so it’s unlikely for me to be able to free myself……..and, I don’t have that kind of hobby.]

Then what now?
Even if Floyd confessed that it was his hobby, I feel like I won’t be surprised. Well, as I thought, there would be no end to it.
I understood the situation in general now. I then looked toward the Dark Goddess who was still lying prone over there.

[…, what happened to the Dark Goddess here?]

[As soon as I arrived here, I had a scuffle with Dark Goddess. Meanwhile the evil god resurrected and deprived the Dark Goddess of her power. No, I should’ve said reclaimed instead. The dark goddess was originally born from parts of Evil God’s power after all.]

[… other words, she’s already dead?]

[I guess you could say it that way….she won’t be waking up as long as her power does not return….]

What’s with the lack of worry….. Is it because it’s something he did on purpose?
That’s what I hated about him. Perhaps, he had used his power to replenish mine…….his are incompatible with the Evil God anyways.
I should just confirm it…..

『……your conversation seems to have come to and end』

I turned toward the Evil God with a smile on my face.

[So you are the Evil God….]

『That is correct, and you are the new God』

[I didn’t mean to become one, okay?]

『Fu……however, since you are deity created from god of creation power, you being my enemy does not change』

[Yeah, I guess so. We are still enemies. That said, why do you want to destroy the world anyways?]

『Fumu……why, you ask……to be honest I never give it any thought. But, if I must answer you, there is light and dark, as such if there is a God who created the world, then there must be a God who would destroy the world. That’s it. My existence came from that impulse for destruction itself. It is useless to ask the God for a reason. That is all there is to it.』

[….well, you’re right. I can understand that since I’m a God as well now. That’s how Gods are. Questioning ourselves for our own action is wrong anyways. The answer is simple……you and I are enemy that will never reconcile to each other…….That is all there is to it.]

The Evil God’s power manifested as a black aura that enveloped her.
The Goddesses’ face distorted in agony in response to that act.

The Goddesses tried to suppress the Evil God’s overflowing dark energy.
But their efforts quickly fell apart.

『……stop trying to suppress me, know the difference in our power.』

At the same time as she said that, the Evil God unleashed her built up power, knocking back the Goddesses.
They had their back knocked against the surrounding walls, before falling to the floor.
All of them were still conscious, but unable to stand up since they had already used up all of their power to suppress the Evil God.
At that point, the Goddess of Light turned her eyes to me.

[…..forgive me, Wazu-san….the power of the Evil God is stronger than I imagined….I tried to seal her back even if it’ll break this body of mine, but……]

[….well, it can’t be helped…..this is a little bit more than I expected….]

I broke a sweat feeling the pressure coming from the Evil God.
My whole body, my instincts, my heart, all were screaming for me to run.
I calmed myself down, and approached the Evil God.

[Well……I’ve got to do what I have to do….after all, I promised to survive and return….]

I instantaneously put strength into my legs, running through the ground, to the back of the Evil God in just a moment, and released my fist at her.

But the Evil God was no longer there.

『If, your strength is only that much, then this will be grossly one-sided』

Before I could look back to the origin of that voice, I felt my stomach pierced by something.



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