Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… ch.210

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Translator: Raizu
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Final Battle – Skill

I looked at my belly.
A bloody hand had popped out from there.
By the time I noticed it, my mouth was covered by the taste of iron, then I puked out large amount of blood.
The hand that had pierced my belly was slowly pulled out.


An anguished voice escaped my mouth as pain started to attack my senses.
With my body losing strength and bereft of the support of that piercing hand on my stomach, I fell on my knees, glaring at the owner of that hand.

『It’s painful, isn’t it? Even if you have a divine body, you’ll still feel the pain.』

My belly quickly healed due to the godly power, but the pain still lingered.
Meanwhile, I coughed out the blood overflowing my mouth.

[… actually bothered to tell me that, thanks.]

『Kukuku……it seems that your vile mouth is still working well.』

The Evil God smiled pleasantly.

『I am finally free after being sealed for so long. I think I can get use to this feeling.』

[I’ll finish this before that happen!!]

I immediately moved once I had recovered enough, punching toward the Evil God.
The Evil God dodged my attack as if it’s nothing, but I didn’t relent on attacking.
I punched and kicked repeatedly, however, none of them connected.
But this is probably my only chance. I’m no match against a complete Evil God, but I should still be able to defeat her while she’s still incomplete. That’s why I have no other choice but to keep trying.

Unwilling to give up yet, I scooped a handful of dirt and hid it in my hand as I turned my back for a brief period so that my action couldn’t be seen by the Evil God.
The Evil God who saw through my movement smiled pleasantly.
Those eyes of hers bothers me….
As I approach her once more, I threw the dirt I’ve been holding on to her face, and attacked while her vision is still obstructed.

『……Fuu, you still fight like how a human would. I guess it cannot be helped since you only awakened to this power recently……too bad. I suppose that’s it for the preparation.』

Although she had seen through my movement, the Evil God still received my fist in her cheek..
But she didn’t even flinch, with no scratches, and not even a punch mark.

『Well, it seems that I am still too strong for you. However, do not be discouraged, new God. From your combat power alone, you are actually stronger than the God of Creation. But against me who has usurped the power of the God of Creation……it’s not enough……』

The evil god then opened her arms wide, looking as if she was mourning, but her lips formed a smile. She was sad, but happy at the same time.

『Ah!! Today will be the day when the God of Creation will finally cease to exist, and the world will destroyed by me, the evil god!! Too bad for you, Goddesses who follow His will!! Now that this will be the last time I see your face, I wonder if I’ll feel sad after I take your life~』

The evil god talked as she looked away from me, losing her interest, and turned toward Floyd.

[… that I think about it, how were you able to shrug off the seal so easily?]

『It’s impossible to do in the first place. I have the God of Creation’s power within me, so the seal will never work. There is no other way to stop me other than to take this life……but that’s also impossible. There is no existence in this realm that can threaten me anymore.』

[… this what you really want to do…….is there any point in destroying this world? Beyond that there will be only ‘nothingness’. You won’t have anything else left.]

『Who cares!! I have your power. The power of ‘creation’!! Yes, ‘creation’!!』

[I see, so you want to destroy this world, then become the God of Creation yourself?]

『Not at all, I do not want something like that. What I will ‘create’ is, the door to another world.』

[…….I see……so you want to destroy all and every worlds to satisfy that impulse within your body…..]

『Isn’t that a commonly heard story? God of another world wants to destroy the world? However, I want to add a twist where the God is actually an Evil God. No one has ever done that before.』

Floyd became saddened at what the Evil God had said.
His expression was both of ‘sorrow’ and ‘despair’.
I felt my blood rising to my head looking at Floyd. Instantaneously, I stood myself in between Floyd and the Evil God.
While staring strongly at the evil spirit, I shouted to Floyd.

[Don’t you dare giving up!! Floyd!! Such thing doesn’t suit you at all!! Where is the usual you? The you who will always smile no matter what you do!!]

[Don’t worry……I’ll do something about this fellow!!]

I challenged the Evil God once more with that.

『There is nothing you can do, new God』

Before I could attack, the Evil God already launched hers.
I couldn’t see her attack, not to mention blocking it. I simply kept eating the Evil God’s attacks……

My body was pierced through several times, both of my arms lay broken. I kept standing there in front of the evil god without being able move, hanging on my willpower alone.

[Gu, gupu…..]

I knew that blood was dripping from my mouth….
The Evil God smiled as usual, watching the scene……
It seemed that Floyd and the Evil God had a short conversation, but honestly, I couldn’t hear anything anymore…I didn’t even feel anything anymore….I only know that I was just standing there …….







Hao Sui….



I wonder if I can return to them even just for a moment….
Aah…….dammit….I don’t wanna….
I already planned to be more intimate with all of them from now on….
Is this the end…..

The image of everyone running around me surfaced on my mind…
Running towards the light……dammit…

While remembering about everyone, I also remember that there was also one last thing that I hadn’t tried up until now.
I thought I should try it out anyways….

The Evil God approached me to strike the finishing blow.
Whilst I fell down like a puppet which thread was cut, the 「True・Ultimate Devourer」skill was activated, and started eating at the Evil God’s black aura.

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