One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.63

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Chapter 63

[….it’s your turn after a long while so please help me out. I’ll do it properly next time.]

The sword dully shone once more. Shingen looked at the enemy forces at the distance, and galloped down the hill with his horse.

Two of the enemy soldiers saw Shingen and changed direction, charging forward with spear brandished.

[Trying to intercept us? Interesting! It’s a duel then! Duel!]

[The merit shall be mine!]

Disregarding the fact that their opponent is just a young boy, they went straight without hesitation while shouting vigorously. Shingen entered the confrontation, still being silent.

As soon as they entered combat range, one of the soldier immediately thrust his spear at Shingen’s face. Shingen avoided it by tilting his head. Sounds of whistling air entered his ear. After evading that attack, he nonchalantly slashed at the enemy’s neck. The blade cut through meat like a hot knife through butter. Fresh blood splashed on Shingen’s cheek.

The other soldier became frightened and slowed his movement down upon witnessing his friend’s demise right in front of him. Shingen didn’t miss this. He slashed at the soldier’s flank as they passed through each other. The lightning katana cut through the thick plate mail just as easily.


The soldier who was late to react vomited blood and limped forward before falling off his horse as he watched Shingen passing by. Yet another soldier witnessed the spectacle. He reined the horse down as he felt an impending crisis.

[Na, he took down Arden in a single blow?!]

So the soldier he just killed was called Arden, but it means nothing for Shingen. He was too weak but that’s not something that needs to be kept in memory. While Shingen relied on the katana’s power a little, he did so with his own free will.

Previously, and even now, the thunder sword’s will is conveyed through the hand and to the body of its wielder. If the sword says right, then the body will slash to the right, move to the left when it say to the left. All he needs to do is to keep holding the katana tight. He survived this far thanks to this katana.

Ortashia was quick to notice about this, in a sense, cheating method. She’ll get mad if he uses this method again. You should be the one who wields the sword, not the opposite! Well, not that I have any other choice at the moment…..he thought to himself.

He then decided to follow her words. It’s not like he is hopeless, but he won’t grow if he keeps relying on such a thing. And he would never become a knight that way.

Don’t listen to all the lightning sword told you to do. Fight with your own will. Shingen gripped the sword handle tightly.


HIs opponent this time is a long sword-wielding soldier. Shingen didn’t move right away, waiting for his opponent to act first. The soldier swung the long sword high. In that case it’s easy――――――Just slash to prevent the enemy movement and follow through from there.

Shingen delivered a striking slash at this opponent. The soldier could only see a flash of light. He didn’t even know what has happened.


The soldier sensed something had gone wrong. His chest gradually became hot and soon the feeling changed into pain. He looked at his own chest with a distorted face. After seeing the red blood, he turned towards Shingen.

[Who….on earth…..are you――――]

He rolled down while still grasping the reins. The dull sound of armor hitting the ground could be heard afterward. The following soldiers became dismayed seeing how three of them had been taken down fairly easily.

However, unlike novice soldiers, it wasn’t enough to scare the elite soldiers. They simply attack in rage.

Shingen, amazed at the sight, stroke the blade and talked to it.

「―――――――show them your power, hear my request, O thunder sword――――――」

And respond it did. The thunder sword began to emit a dazzling light then electricity.

[Wha-what?! Is that?! A magic sword?!]

A magic sword was a type of weapon used by witches. By adding an elemental power to a weapon, it becomes a powerful weapon. Shingen’s sword is not a magic sword, but no one will be able to tell the difference.

[Don’t be afraid, he’s just alone! He can’t possibly handle all of the elite soldiers!]

[I’ll split his stomach!]


The soldier could only believe their major and formed a line, charging straight ahead.

[My bad. I always feel uncomfortable with those who follow order without question.]

Shingen brandished the lightning sword, hopping down from his horse.

『―――――run through the ground, rout the enemies, denko sakuretsu Lightning Blast――――――』

The electricity that had been lingering on the sword was promptly released and ran wildly through ground.

A huge explosion occurred as the electricity approached the advancing cavalries. It shook the ground and deafened the surrounding soldier temporarily. Losing vision due to the rising dust and smoke, they stopped their charge. Some soldiers got shaken off of their steed in the excitement.

They weren’t even given a chance to scream, their body wrapped in a dazzling flash and instantly turned charred black like a tree hit by lightning. Their corpses emitted white smoke and the burnt smell wafted through the air before disintegrating into pile of ashes by the breeze.

The remaining soldiers looked down at the pile of ashes that were their companions then toward the black-haired boy.

[…..gra, grand magic……is it?]

[The power level is different….]

It was in comparison to Ortashia’s power.

Each of the soldier with the red feather headpiece looked at Shingen then the surroundings. The corps’ charge was disturbed by that single black haired boy. Behind the boy was a maze-like forest. The cavalry will go there after defeating the boy. They needed to bypass it.

Each captains deemed that it’s impossible to continue the pursuit as it is. They raised their sword and issued a command.

[Kuh, retreat at once! Regroup with the corps! Move!]

The soldiers obliged to the order. They turned tail and retreated to the main force. Shingen waited until he couldn’t see the enemy’s back anymore before taking a breather.

[Ah….I guess I overdid it a little? Sister….did told me not to use it too much….]

Shingen, who regretted it a little, shook off the blood on the sword. The blood scattered on the ground and undergrowth, dyeing them red.

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