One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.64

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Chapter 64

Shingen returned back to the town of York alone, still bloodied. The advance force of the Ardesil army was temporarily delayed thanks to his effort.

Ortashia who had irresponsibly left that task to him smiled in satisfaction.

Thanks to her, the strategy almost got botched, making the Banrondo army executives, Riru, and Mina to almost lose patience. Ortashia was the one who caused the incident. Riru, Mina and Elize waited near the town of York’s gate for Shingen’s return. Was she testing Shingen out or was it just something she did to kill some time, nobody knows. But seeing the lack of worry on her part, it’s most likely the latter. Or so they thought. Everyone was disgusted but afraid of angering the second princess, thus could only smile bitterly.

Mina, who was the most worried for Shingen, quickly ran to him when he became visible to them. She looked up at Shingen who was still on horseback.

[Are you alright? Did you get injured anywhere?]

Mina asked with a gentle, motherly tone of speech.

[I’m alright….]

Shingen got down from his horse, but Mina still egged him.

[Really? But that’s blood, isn’t it?]

He couldn’t really get used to his body getting touched by other like that after all. Embarrassed, Shingen’s face flushed red.

[No, this isn’t my blood. I’m okay.]

Mina, who finally accepted that Shingen is alright, stroked her chest.

[Thank goodness…]

Ortashia who was watching the scene unfolding from the distance, laughed.

[There is no need to worry that much.]

[……says the one who caused this.]

Shrugging his shoulders, he muttered quietly and sighed. Ortashia ignored that, raising her eyebrows as she looked at the surroundings. The atmosphere immediately changed.

[―――――Now then, it’s about time for the enemy to arrive. Everyone, are you ready?]

Everyone who was there replied with voices full of tension. Ortashia nodded.

[Yosh, then first, there is no change to the schedule we’ve decided beforehand. I will reconfirm the deployment just to be sure. Julienne will take command of the archer team.]

[Umu. I don’t usually do this kind of work, but I’ll do it!]

[Elize, you’ll be escorting Julienne.]

[Nn, got it.]

[Riru, Mina, you two will lead the ambush. Attack from the left and right side when the time comes.]

[Yes!] [Roger that!]

[Shingen, you’ll be my escort.]

[Yeah, leave it to me.]

After confirming everything, Ortashia added more things while giving each of them a look.

[To be really honest, this will be a difficult battle. Someone will likely to die. However, this Ortashia will not back down even if any of you people die. Until the battle is over, please take care of yourself. We’ll mourn for the dead after the battle ended.]

It was harsh. But nobody showed no disgust in their face. Everyone is prepared, they looked back at Ortashia with such faces. Acknowledging it, Ortashia turned around toward the Terraheim plains and walked forward while snorting a laugh, showing her back to everyone’s eyes. She then gestured with her right hand.

[Everyone, spread out!]

[ [ [ [ Yes!!] ] ] ]

Julienne and Elize, as well as the officers of the Banrondo army headed out to each of their designed areas of operation. Among the noises of footsteps, Riru and Mina hit their chest with their fist, speaking simultaneously.

[ [ We are the faithful servants of the Great White Wolf God. We will bring victory to the White Wolf Knight order―――――Fight bravely, bring no shame. Should the time come to die, please guide the fallen to the paradise they belong ――――――may the blessings of the White Wolf God be with you―――――― ] ]

Shingen asked Mina and Riru after they finished their chant.

[Will it be fine if I also chant it…..?]

Shingen had read a book about knights to a certain extent and knew that how they behave as knight differs based on which god they believe in to. But he’s not even an apprentice knight. He knew that already. Riru and Mina looked at each other. Riru spread her arms and shook her head.

[Well, I guess it’s fine. Not like it’s something that absolutely has to be done, right?]

Riru replied with a smile.

[Uhuh. It’s just our habit to do just that. So it’s fine.]

[If you say so, but…..]

[You guys still remember about it, right?]

It felt painful somewhere. He wondered why. However, he felt stupid to actually think like that.

[Well, you couldn’t immediately be an official knight. First of all, you have to be an apprentice knight. We can teach you how to become a knight, but there is no need to rush now. I’m afraid you won’t be able to memorize everything though. Do your best, junior]

She said that while giving him a thumbs- up.

(ーーーーーThey already looked down on me……)

Meanwhile, he noticed Ortashia was talking to several White Wolf knights. She seemed to be giving detailed instructions as she pointed at various locations of Terraheim plains, which the knights replied with a nod.

From the little parts he listened to, he picked up something like oil being mentioned. It’s probably related to the strategy.

She’s aiming to win. But the knights were in an emergency state. Some were dripping cold sweat. Their morale worsened since they’re about to fight a force with much greater number than they are. Shingen ignored her for now and focused back to Riru and Mina while consulting the issue he felt just now.

[Will they be alright? I’ve never participated in a war before so I wonder if the strategy will actually work?]

It’s a strategy that Ortashia had decided to use.

[No idea, I was in doubt myself at first. But this strategy feels like something Maru-sama will come up with, so it’ll surely work.]

Really? Shingen looked at Mina incredulously.

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