One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.66

An additional bonus chapter if I got a SSR in FGO~

When I was trying to get MHXX on Summer 2018 gacha.


Chapter 66

The first corps had begun their charge and yet Ortashia still hadn’t made any movement. Is this really a trap after all? When that thought crossed their mind, the sound of the hooves had already changed. From dried but weedy to something oily and damp.


[Captain Cassius! Something is strange!]

[The enemy hasn’t advanced!]

(―――――What is their intention……?)

The soldiers wanted to rein the horses to slow down and judge the situation but it was too late to do that. A galloping horse can’t suddenly stop. Moreover, there are also people behind them that pushed them forward so collision between allies will happen if the those at the front suddenly stopped. They may still be able to change direction, but doing so will expose their unprotected sides to the enemy.

Ortashia put pressure on them and after forcing them to charge the fastest as they could, she might’ve been waiting for the moment when they change direction. She’s playing a game of patience.

But Cassius had no thought to change direction. That cocky general Octanus wouldn’t allow him to do so. He didn’t have any other choice but to break through. He wanted to capture Ortashia as soon as possible.

But the shadows behind the wooden fence did not escape Cassius’ sight. Torch bearing soldiers with archers around him.


Because Ortashia attracted too much attention to herself, they only managed to detect the unit hiding behind her a bit too late. While they’re thinking about it, countless fire arrows had already been released to the sky. That flock of flames which created a beautiful arch were surely targeted at them. The soldiers quickly looked up and put their shields up, keeping themselves covered. That level of attack was easily predicted. Nothing to be afraid of.

The fire arrows landed on the ground one after another. They charged on whilst crushing the scrambling soldiers who fell off from their horse. They thought that it was just a fire arrow attack, but before they knew it, fire pillar rose up before them.


The horses were surprised by it and that’s really bad for them. The soldiers who lost control of their horses started appearing here and there. With the sudden stop, the one from behind collided with those at the front. Cassius was also taken aback by this and fell off of his horse. He fell face first to the ground, but fortunately didn’t end up dead because he’s staying prone. However, he felt something sticky in his face. The strange, unpleasant odor came from all around him.

[…..what….is this?]

He scooped the sticky thing on his face with his finger and inspected it. It was oil. And the surroundings are all covered by it. When he looked up, fire had already spread everywhere. The area was wrapped in flame.

[……are you kidding me…..?]

Surrounded by fire, with blood profusely flowing down his cheek, Cassius was dumbstruck and his line of sight swayed. A firewall struck him from the front as he fell on his knees.

[Ah……dammit……I told my daughter that I’ll return back alive―――――]

Quickly losing power, Cassius mumbled in a weak voice as the fire engulfed him. Screams resounded all over the battlefield, with echoes of female laughing mixed in.

The first unit who went in the center and the second unit was caught in the fire. They fell into complete confusion. The third, fourth and fifth unit managed to evade it but couldn’t prevent the panic that spread in their ranks. The messenger had transmitted such situation.

[Commander! Captain Cassius has fallen in battle!]


Yoshua and Cassius had gone to the official school at the same time and studied together for quite a long time. The news struck him with grief.

[Ho-how did he die?!]

Soldiers were shouting, requesting for orders.

[Curses. Regroup! In this case, we’ll take a detour and attack from the farms on the south! All units, follow me!]

The command had been transferred to the captain of third unit. The third unit captain Yoshua predicted that the defense on the southern part will be weak and commanded the troops to go there, giving up on capturing Ortashia and moving to the south. The southern part of the town of York consisted of farmland. There is no wooden fence to protect it. So he planned to aim at that weakness.

The third unit led by Yoshua went for it.

But a startling situation occurred. Something flashy could be seen at the end of his sight. Yoshua pulled the reins. He breathed in and narrowed his eyes. There was a man wearing shining silver armor atop a warhorse there. Behind that man were a group of silver armored people bearing the banner depicting a White Wolf.

Yoshua immediately knew of that man’s name and that white wolf banner.

[Randall…..the white bearded wolf and his white wolves…….]

His voice trembled in fear. Everyone stopped moving forward and started retreating. The body wanted to get out from here. The bravery in their eyes faded. Meanwhile the other side had their eyes filled with anger. The wolves who had been waiting to take revenge, raised their voices, waiting for the command to sink their fangs to their prey.


[He’s here! Lord Randall is here!]

Looking back at the frightened soldiers, Yoshua raised his sword.

[Do, don’t be afraid! There is only a hundred of them!! We are 500 strong! More than double their amount! Take this chance to earn achievements and make a name for ourselves!]

Yoshua motioned the sword forward. He kicked the horse’s belly and marched onward. He thought that the captain has to be an example. The soldiers began to follow him while forcibly raising their voice as if to encourage themselves.

Randall looked at the charging Ardesil army then towards the white wolf knights and the others behind him before saying in a loud voice.

[At last, the time has come for us the White Wolf Knights! They are the enemy; those who had betrayed us! The enemy of our master! Now I ask you! What shall you do?]

The White Wolf Knights moved their right foot forward in unison.

[ [ [ Death to them! ] ] ]

[For whom?!]

They beat their chest in unison, hitting their chestplate.

[ [ [ For our leader! ! ! ] ] ]

Randall laughed merrily at that answer then turned back forward, large spear in hand. He shouted in an even louder voice at the white wolf knights behind him.

[Well said! Then! White Wolf Knights! Let’s deliver the sentence! For the revenge for our leader has only just begun! Men, follow meeeeeeee―――――――――! ]

Randall kicked the flank of his horse as he let forth a roar that seemingly could rip the earth below. Behind him, the White Wolf Knights roared as they marched toward their enemy.

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