One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.67

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I feels bad to end this series during the climax of war. If I have time, I’ll try to conclude the Arc 3 – Civil War (IIRC the last of Arc 3 is on chapter 72).


Chapter 67

Randall and the White Wolf Knights’ appearance was something unexpected for the Aldesir soldiers. That’s the evidence that the enemy had the strategic skill to back them up.

[Don’t be scared! ! ! Don’t run! We are the queen’s soldiers!]

The officers of the Ardesil army shouted to inspire the troops. Meanwhile, the archer corps led by Julienne which was stationed at the fort outside near the town of York fired a volley of arrows at them.


They were tricked into approaching the fort without them noticing.

The soldiers who were concentrating on Randall easily fell into the trap. Their unshielded right flank fell prey to the archers, dying one after another.

The second volley is fired. Yoshua then ordered.

[Ignore it! Charge on ahead!]

Randall signaled Julienne. The enemy has bared their weak flank to them. It’s like the enemy has hammered the nail of their coffin on their own.

[Orryyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa――――――――! ! ! !]

Randall’s roar resounded through the battlefield. He pierced the soldier in front of him with his spear. That soldier was taken off of his horse. He was still struggling from being stuck on Randall’s spear but Randall quickly ditched him away and looked for another target.


He snorted then shouted in a frightening voice. The enemy soldiers around him unconsciously backed off.

[Damn, what power……]

[There is no opening.]

If one were to look at the battlefield now, he’ll notice that the allies and the enemy forces had mixed together in a huge melee. Randall had no one accompanying him he and noticed that he was surrounded.
It seemed hopeless from one side, but Randall the White Bearded Wolf of the battlefield didn’t feel fear. Rather, he felt excited at the prospect of killing lots of enemies at once without being hindered.

Carrying a smile on his face, Randall wielded his spear like a hurricane. It’s as if he’s screaming, come at me from every angle!

A soldier who wandered too close to the large spear swung by Randall instantly broke his neck with the bones of his torso crushed. Next, Randall glanced back at the soldiers who tried to attack him covertly and changed the spear’s trajectory. The next instance, three Ardesil soldiers got their head separated from their body. Their head rolled on the ground while the severed neck sprayed fresh blood like a fountain.

Frightened voices resounded. They’re too scared to approach, thus retreating back to make a distance.

Randall looked over the retreating soldiers. He wanted to find the captain among the encirclement made by the enemy soldiers. However, he couldn’t seem to find him. None of them are true soldiers, thought Randall

(―――――strange……they didn’t retreat, which means they are trying to tire me?)

While sending his line of sight to his surroundings, a soldier swung up a sword from Randall’s back.

[Diiieeeeeee! !]


Metallic clashing sounds could be heard. Randall had blocked the swinging sword with the spear handle and pushed the adversary back. Immediately afterward, he stabbed his spear at the opening in the opponent’s armor. Randall could feel that special feeling on his hand. He then grinned.



The man vomited blood and fell over.

The next attack came from both sides. Normally, this kind of attack will slow down the target’s judgment and response time. But Randall didn’t hesitate. He turned to the right and thrust his spear. The right side was attacking with a spear with similar reach as Randall’s. The left side attacked with a sword which is shorter than a spear. It’s easy to tell which one will reach him first.

Avoid the spear coming from the left, grasp the enemy’s spear handle to seal his movement, take the spear, turn around then throw the spear at the enemy coming from the right. After the sound of air being cut, the spear tip found its way to the sword soldier’s face, which caused him to make a dance-like movement for a short while due to the spear’s momentum.

Randall glanced at the fallen enemy on his left then shouted at the surrounding enemies with unhappy face.

[Weak, weak, weak, pathetic! Are you really elites?! Are you really the strongest of Ardesil army?! Show me the evidence!]

The soldiers trembled and it showed through their armor. Randall was amazed at the non-existent ambition. So is this how they really are, he mourned.

Soldiers of Banrondo region are responsible for guarding the border. It was a battlefield full of death as they have to fight the barbarians nearly everyday. Sometimes, they also have skirmishes with the Rozen army forces. Therefore, Banrondo soldiers don’t fear death.

Because they already knew that they have to fight for or die. They never once thought that living that way was bleak. The White Wolf Knights were the same. They don’t worry too much about their life while in battle. It’s either you fight and die or you fight and survive. That’s all.

In comparison, there was too much obsession with life in the eyes of the first corps’ cavalry.

They fear death.

(――――――let’s try talk to them out.)

[Where is the captain? Come out!]

However, no one respond to Randall’s call.

[I’m alone! Come at me from anywhere you want! This me won’t run away!]

He pointed his spear at the soldiers and looked around. The captain is bound to be hidden somewhere behind those soldiers.

Suddenly, Randall heard a swishing sound from his side. He quickly responded to it by swinging his spear. An iron-like stick fell to the ground. He narrowed his eyes and noticed that it was a crossbow bolt.

[Chi! In that case! !]

A voice could be heard coming from among the soldiers. To cowardly hide while shooting a crossbow bolt like that, Randall could only feel amazed.

Since it takes time to reload another bolt once fired, it’s rather useless in a heated battle. One of the soldiers threw the crossbow that has become useless away and pulled out his sword, facing Randall.

It was the captain of the third unit Yoshua. Since the long-range surprise attack didn’t work, he decided to try close combat.

Yoshua knew. It’s impossible to win against this monster in front of him. And so he gave up the thought of winning and decided to at least stab Randall once. He raised his voice.

[Uoooooooooooooooo――――――――――! ! ! Let’s duuuueeeeeeeeeell―――――――! ! !]

[So you are the captain of this unit. Very well, I’ll receive your life!]

Randall silently thrust his spear toward Yoshua. Yoshua evaded the spear tip and slashed twice. But none of the slashes reached the target. There is a difference in reach after all. For once, he looked down bitterly, then focused back at his opponent.

Randall said with a bored face.

[….fumu. Well well that’s quite a skill. But it won’t bring victory against this me though.]

[Shut up, you crazy old man!]

[At least, you can still curse well.]

Clashing with Randall’s spear, he managed to push it away with his sword. He could breakthrough. Yoshua eyes quickly found his target.

[This is it!]

[How naive!]

As the sword was raised high, Randall quickly targeted at the defenseless throat then made a very quick stab. All it took was a moment. Yoshua held his neck with both hands. Blood overflowed from his mouth. It was painful. He couldn’t breath. He struggled in suffering as he fell off from his horse.

With the captain Yoshua dying in battle, the third unit was effectively routed as they lost their will to fight. The soldiers started to scatter about. Randall didn’t pursue them and devoted his mind to fight the remaining stragglers who decided to continue fighting.

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