Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… Epilogue

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp


About half year had passed since the defeat of the Evil God…

After that event, the residents of Port town Motanpe forced us to participate in the victory banquet, where we enjoyed being together.
Apart from Sarona, nobody else knew about the revival of the Evil God.
That’s fine I suppose.
Nobody would’ve believed if told that the world was almost destroyed anyways, and once anyone else started to believe it, it was already over. There was no need to add an unnecessary thing to worry about.
I never told it to anyone else, and neither did Sarona since she also understood the case.
And I only found out after the victory banquet, but Naviro who had stayed in Iscoa kingdom also heard about the massive monster attack on port town Motanpe. He led troops to aid us and fought the monsters appearing near the royal capital.
He seemed to have helped us indirectly, so I must thank him properly later.
I crafted a piece of equipment specifically made for brother-in-law, and sent it to him as a gift.
…..holy sword? No, it’s something beyond that…..fufufu…..

About a month after sending the gear to Naviro, I married Sarona and the others.
At first I thought I’d invite Naviro and Grave-san, since it’s an important event, but since I don’t want to stand out too much, it was done quietly with the few of us present.
I made a ring each for everyone, and exchanged vow.
I specifically adjusted the ring size to fit each one of them. And it’s not a weapon of course.
The following night was fierce…but it was mainly me.
After my race changed into this current strange combo I barely feel tired at all.

We also had a honeymoon after the marriage, a trip around the continent once again.

First we headed out to the elven village, I thought about greeting Sarona’s parents, but unfortunately they already passed away.
As the for the village guardians preceding Sarona, they had died defending the village.
We offered our prayers in front of their graves, and I swore to myself that [I will make Sarona happy]

Next, we visited Tata’s hometown fortress city Linique.
Like the first time I visited here, I got into trouble with the 「Emperor of Wind」, and got to meet the signboard girl Rura at the inn once more…..the inn hadn’t changed that much… no no no, it’s not like that…..please get a hold of yourself for real.
Then, we went to the adventurer guild… and saw the now bald Regan.
The guild master was busy as usual, but was happy to us there, and Tata’s benefactor Garret was also happy to see Tata again after a fairly long time.
Regan and Garret were glad to hear about our marriage, and while we were talking, I found out that the city would soon become independent.
It seemed that Garret-san helped to achieve this.
I barely knew him, but Tata was indebted to him, so I told him that I’ll lend him a hand if he ever needs any help.

Bidding goodbye to Regan, Garret and the others, we headed out to our next destination
Next was Naminissa’s former Maunbond Kingdom. I think it’s now known as Flebond Kingdom.
If it’s still an evil place, I planned to destroy it, but from what we heard from the village we visited along the way, it’s now ruled by a hero.
The original hero’s harem members had a lot of descendants who of whom later become aristocrats. I’m already aware of that. Aria was holding the reins, and with the other hero’s party members helping, slowly lead the kingdom into the better path.
That’s what I heard from the village.
I guess that’s it? I wonder what Iscoa Kingdom would think about this?
Well of course I could be careless about that, and would just watch how brilliant this country will turn into.

In the spa town I relaxedly soaked in the hot spring.
I was just lazily relaxing in the bath, when Sarona suddenly entered the bath, surprising me.
We are married already, so it’s okay to bathe together in the hot springs…..but please be a little more subtle…..are you trying my reasoning? What if I go on a rampage?
…..sure enough, my reasoning collapsed, and I went on a rampage.
It’s because the temptation was too much…..

We received a warm welcome in the beastmen country.
They treated me as if I was a saviour or something. Did they mistake me for someone else?
……well I did stopped the rebellion, and put an end to the kidnappers….un, but that’s all I did for them.
Then we met the beast kingdom King Gio and his daughter Marao, also Deis-san who lived there. When told him about our marriage, Deis-san in turn asked me [When will I see my grandchildren?].
Mao responded to those questions…then those two started to talk animatedly, I wonder what they’re talking about…..

I went south afterward, to Grave-san’s territory.
The former Maunbond knight was working hard assisting to the village reconstruction.
Looking at that figures, when we talked to him, he expressed his gratitude for directing him to this place.
Grave-san’s wife was also staying in this village, and from what Grave-san had told us, people had started to gather in this country to help with the reconstruction.
While we were still talking with both Grave-san and his wife, he received order to return to the capital. We’ll meet again sometime later, Grave-san.
Grave-san was glad to hear hear about the marriage from the bottom of his heart, and planned to hold a grand banquet to celebrate it, but I declined.
Grave-san had now become a busy person that kept a country together, so after we had a light discussion about each other, we promised that we’d meet again before resuming our trip.

In the Iscoa Kingdom, the preparation to enthrone brother-in-law Naviro as the new king commenced.
The relationship between father in law Gifurio and his majesty Lusona was still as bad as always, but the two were more like fighting buddies instead of real enemies, so I didn’t put too much thought on it.
Well, brother in law Navirio was an excellent man, so this country was bound to be on a stable rule.
I’ll also lend my power from the shadow.
My parents had also become close friend with father in law Gifurio and Millerina while staying at the port town Motanpe.
My father was greatly engrossed with father in law Gifurio, I guess it’s good since it seemed that he’s enjoying himself.

Oh right, I also got involved with a strange thief during the trip.
Most of them were newbies, and somehow familiar? I wonder if I can still call them thieves…..

That blue haired girl was still supporting her family, up until now.
I guess she can’t escape……
However, when I met her again by chance at the town, she’s a merchant this time.
Anyways, her father seemed to be the biggest trader of the year, so she’s learning to be able to succeed him. Apparently there are a lot of benefits from being a merchant….then when I thought that it’s about time to hit the road again, we got involved with those thieves. After we managed to subdue them, they actually vowed to challenge us again in the future.
You guys will never be able to do it, so give up already please…..

Also, I saw that purple haired thief….
I just saw her from the distance, but she was singing in the center of Iscoa royal capital….and dancing…. In front of more than ten thousand onlookers…..
While wondering what she’s doing, Kagane then told me that 「……I smell the fragrance of what appears to be a money tree」, so I simply steered away.
I couldn’t afford to see her face. Cause it’s too cute.

And now, we were at Ragnir’s castle.
It’s the most convenient place if we wanted to go around the continent.
Ragnir had stepped down from his throne in retirement, and was replaced by the blue dragon.
But he now lamented that he had nothing to do, on which Kagane commented as [A father during Sunday]. I actually wanted to know what that’s supposed to mean, but in the end I decided that I’d be better off not knowing…..I wonder if it will also happen to me in the future….

[What are you thinking?]

The Goddess of Light unexpectedly appeared before me and asked me who was looking at the sky on the castle balcony.
The Goddesses could borrow my power, so they can manifest anytime now. It’s been like that for a while.

[No, nothing special…I just been looking back at my journey]

[I see….but that’s also an important thing. Wazu-san helped winning these peaceful days.]

[Is it such a big thing….?]

I didn’t really feel anything though……
As I groaned, everyone gathered on the balcony.

[Goddesses of Light!! I told you people already that you are prohibited from appearing!!]

[That’s right!! Wazu-san is our husband now, so being alone with only the two of you is a no go!!]

[Didn’t we already agree upon it? It’s also thanks to the goddesses of light’s hard work that we get to enjoy this days.]

[That’s another matter!! In any case, we are family, but the Goddesses of Light are outsiders!!]

[…… husband, is our husband.]

[That’s right!! That’s right!! This is, my brother’s wives’ love nest~!!]
[Umu, if it’s the case, then forget about using my power.]

[Now now, don’t be so sour. Our feeling is the same. Why can’t we join hand together?]

[That’s right!! Let’s all be lovey dovey to Wazu-san!!]

[Sorry……but I cannot lie about my feelings anymore, I want to be honest.]

[Be broad minded like me!! Admit your feelings with broad mind!!]

[……..Z z z…….nothing’s wrong……]

Floyd looked at the scene with a smile on his face.
I thought that it’ll likely lead to a quarrell, so I walked in to stop it, but then Meru flew down from the sky and landed on top of my head.

[Wazu, love you]

……my brain momentarily stopped.
No, I did hear that Meru was learning to speak human language from her mother Meraru, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. But to think that was the first sentence I heard from her….
I reached up and took her from my head, and proceeded to hug her.

[I also love you, Meru~!!]


After that, everyone came up on me and became hard to manage the situation.
However, this bustling day will continue from now on.
Because I will live together with Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narellina, Hasui, Kagane, Mao, Meru ……

[Ah, Floyd and the Goddesses can freely leave, can’t you?]

『Nope, we’ll live together forever!!』

[Then, for now, please try to get along with everyone else.]




Author’s note:

First of all, thank you for reading so far.

It took about half a year from the time of the first chapter was posted until the completion, the way of writing changed along the way, and there are also a lot of immature parts on the way, I feel that I still need to learn more, but I want to rejoice that I was able to complete this novel
For everyone that read this far is truly a hero… wait that title is not a good title in this series. You guys are a god… wait the only one that show up in this series is only weird god. Somehow it make me hard to properly said it. but i’m full of thanks to you guys

My opinion when I try to re-read it again, the first time which choice did I choose, this ending feels like a novel game. I feel like there’s many more thing I should write. what I think is that a more detail part of the story is needed

Now I am thinking about to set up the next work, but recently I am busy with work ….
Probably, I think that it will be in one to two months before I’m able to contribute to some extent in form. However, since I’d like to contribute as soon as possible, I will take a day off so I can concentrate on it.

I hope you can read my new works in the future.

Well, thank you very much for reading this far.
I hope to see you again.
See you soon~! !


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