Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… Extra – 2

Bonus Chapter
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And also, the good example of situation when a normal man got blessed with harem life.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

After Story 2 – Today I found that DIY is also something amazing
(Raw: DIYって楽しいと思う今日この頃)

With the addition of Siros-san, we wandered through the forest according to the map.
We are currently marching in a place called “the Forest of Hesitation”. It was said that there is a barrier in this place the disorient people who stepped into the forest.
It’s just a rumour since I had no way to know about it.
Apparently, even after I’ve become a “Chaotic God”, it seemed that my abilities didn’t change that much. I can only see the magic power flowing inside a person, but unable to see the magic power that flows around them.
Well, that’s not something I should worry about since I have my encouraging wives with me.
And regarding the barrier, my resistance is simply too strong that it didn’t affect me to the point that I didn’t even feel it at all. At least that’s what Kagane, who is more familiar with magic, said. Well, I guess that’s exactly what happened here.
Besides, even if my power is lacking in this field, there is Floyd who is the Creator God and the five pillar goddesses hiding inside my guild card. You can say that this ensemble is too excessive.

…..Ah, by the way, I completely forgot about the goddesses.
I wonder what they are doing now?
To check or not to check, it’ll be a problem regardless so how about a quick peek.

I took out my guild card and checked.
On the column where the skill is supposed to be written, an ordinary looking text appeared.

[The Goddess of Light is mumbling to herself]
May I talk to myself for a bit?
Always answering regardless of what being asked….
Like my three sizes……beauty spots that I didn’t even know exist before……
….ah, but, I have yet to check for erogenous zones.

[Earth Goddess is preparing something.]
Err……I wonder if this is all that are necessary?
The candle, the whip, the mouth gag, the triangle horse……
Ah, right! I should also prepares a mask since Wazu-sama might be too embarrassed to do this….

[The Goddess of War is self-disciplining]
Very good! The accumulated lactic acid will improve my beauty!
This is it! Today’s effort will lead to muscles of tomorrow!
Fufufu, and I’ll crawl over to Wazu-sama at night…..

[The Goddess of the Sea is concerned about her skin]
This seaweed pack is nice. It matches my skin tone.
Next time, I’ll make a full body pack from this seaweed.
Fufufu…. And then have you stroke my smooth skin…..
This is now the time for the adult lady!

[The Sky Goddess is sleeping comfortably]
Munya…… Ku~…..
………is it okay if I eat a lot……?
…….U? You want to eat me? ……..Wazu is pervy…..
…..taste me as much as you want…..ku~…..

…….yosh. I didn’t see anything.
Ha~, the sky is blue……. Well, it’s blocked by the trees.

I judged that there are no problems with the girls inside so after deleting those sentences that earlier appeared on the card from my head, I replaced the crowded guild card back into my pocket.
If only those gods――including Floyd――can act more normally……


In the meantime, we reached our destination on the next day.
I thought that it’ll take more time but we surprisingly arrived earlier than I expected. Although monsters and magic beast were attacking us from time to time, it’s only on the level of small annoyance to our current standard, so we could still proceed without any problem as a result.
We ate the deliciously cooked meat of the monsters and magic beast during break time. I decided that I’ll keep some to be sold at the next town we visited.
Siros-san was surprised at our power. We don’t really look the part as the strongest in this world after all so it’s a bit misleading.
Well, it might seem like bragging, but I don’t think there is anyone stronger than me at the moment…..
In any case, Siros-san was a former B-rank adventurer himself so he has sufficient fighting prowess to be counted on.
However, I was quite surprised upon seeing that what Siros uses as a weapon is [paper],

[Paper actually has an excellent sharpness.]

And then he proceed to follow his own words by impossibly cutting down both monster and beast alike with paper. I can only smile bitterly since he reminds me of a certain person.
As I thought, there is something wrong with this guy…
In his huge backpack, other than general travelling supplies like clothes, rations, recovery potions and antidotes, Siros-san also stores a lot of books, which he usually read sduring break times. Since he seems to enjoy it, I didn’t say anything and proceed to process the monsters and beasts we’ve defeated for material.
We didn’t lack materials nor gold so there is really no problem with sharing the loot.
I gave out the materials in exchange for the fun time so my wives also acknowledged it.

And then we arrived in front of the mansion where the wiseman supposedly lives in.
The mansion stood on the open space in the middle of forest with what seemed like a handmade fence covering the are.
The mansion doesn’t have anything to speak of for its appearance, just a two-storey building.
However, I had no idea how old the building was as the outer wall seemed to have decayed.
Considering that it’s in the middle of the forest, it invoked a sense of incompatibility with its surroundings.

…….it’s as if something like a skeleton or a ghost might come out of that place.
In any case, it’s good since the day is still bright.

[Is it okay only up to here?]

I asked Siros-san for confirmation.
Siros-san nodded silently. Apparently, he couldn’t suppress the feeling of finally arriving at his destination and proceeded to enter the mansion.
I also tried to follow but suddenly, I felt that my clothes is being tugged. When I looked back, turned out it was Haosui.


Is there something wrong?
I crouched down to be on the same eye level as her and asked while gently stroking her head.

[Nn? What’s wrong?]

[…..ghosts are scary.]

Oo! It couldn’t be that she’s scared of ghosts, right?
I never expected that I’ll hear such words from Haosui of all people.
I felt a little happy.

[I see, I see. It’s alright. I’ll be here by your side.]

I once again stroked her head gently to reassure her.

[…..then always stay by my side from now on.]


Haosui clung to me.
Her expression showed a sense of security. However, although I don’t really mind myself, the world just won’t let her go as she wish.

『Wait a moment!』

The other wives approached at once.
What is it? What is it?

[This is the first time you ever said that you’re scared of ghosts, Haosui.]

[That’s right. Your real intention is crystal clear.]

[We won’t allow you to do that]

[That’s cheating! Haosui!]

[Shoot! I missed the timing!]

[That looks nice……. Can I also cling to you like that?]

[……I’m the first. I won’t yield.]

…..apparently she was lying about her being scared of ghosts.
Well, since it’s a cute lie, I can’t get myself to be angry at her. Haosui-san, do you really look up to me?
You can’t escape it even you gently deflect it.
Because, even if you look away, your body is still sticking to me.
However, this situation is no good.
I have to solve this as soon as possible.

[First of allー]

I raised my voice to attract the attention of my wives.
In response to that voice, my wives immediately rushed to position.
Haosui is still in the spirit of first-come-first-serve and kept clinging to me.
Should I be angry?




As a result, there was Meru on top of my head as always, Salona on my left this time and Mao has taken the right side.
Haosui piggybacked on my back.
It’s the result of everyone scolding her for not participating in the janken.
However, Haosui had a happy look on her face regardless as she entrusted her whole body weight to me.
Well, I don’t mind if this is what she wanted.
Besides, I’m quite satisfied with the result this time.
I also think that something might come out the mansion.
In any case, I can’t move instantly under my current circumstances, but Tata and Naminissa can erect a barrier at will and I can trust Narellina to guard the front while Kagane can be entrusted to guard the rear.
… the first place, I don’t think that I’ll even need to personally raise my hand, although if I hear a complaint from any of my wives, there is nothing in this world that I can’t beat.
Well, since it’s easy for me to finish things as long as I have an opening to use, there is no need for me to take most things seriously.
If anything else, Floyd should be able to temporarily handle things in my place.

Now that the preparation is in place, let’s rush in.
I felt bad for Siros-san to make him waiting, but his smile showed that he didn’t really mind about that.
He’s really a decent person.
If he changed job to become a butler, I suspected that there will be no change since Siros-san himself essentially acts like a butler already.

[Well then, shall we go? To the sage’s mansion]

[Right. Let’s go]

The butler and the bookstore clerk were lining up to enter the mansion.
Why is it that when I see the back of those two I sensed nothing but trouble……
After I let out a sigh, I followed the two and entered the mansion.


However, contrary to my expectations, nothing happened inside the mansion.
No, in fact, the interior is just as decayed as the exterior with holes riddling the place. It’s hard to walk in the mansion, as if everything would collapse when touched.
I guess because nobody had lived in this house for a long time, it deteriorated so far that it became too fragile.
Since it has come to this, it’ll be no wonder if the mansion would collapse at any time so Tata and Naminissa erected a barrier around us just in case.

We didn’t know where the spellbook is but since it’s not that large of a place, checking each room randomly one by one should do the trick.
Other than the living room and cafeteria, there were other rooms like offices. I found out after taking some glances at the rooms.
After I looked closer, I realized that nearly everything in this mansion, be it furnitures, dishes, and tools were all handmade.
Though I don’t really understand art, I can tell that it requires fine craftsmanship to make all of these items.
I was quite amazed by this great sage’s mastery.
No, it’s as expected from a true wiseman.
Perhaps, everything may have been created by the great sage through magic..
Even the mansion itself was created from magic…
Now that I think about it, it only makes me admire him more.

However, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t find any trace of the spellbook.
There were books scattered around the mansion, but they’re mostly story books, probably penned by the great sage himself, which is quite valuable by itself.
Siros-san thought so too so he collected all those books.
There were also recipe books among them that use the wild plants and nuts growing around this area and also the specific method to cook the meat of monsters and beast that live around here. Failures and successes, all have an autograph.
If one read all of this, one would start to wonder why the great sage even bothered to write all these books. I’m probably not the only one thinking like this.
But of course, I picked up the recipe book.

In the end, only one room was left to be inspected.
We found no spellbook in all other rooms so far. So could it be in this final room?
There is no other possibility when you think about it.
I don’t really care if we ended up not obtaining it, but it’ll be a problem for Siros-san.
With the hope that we’ll find it this time, we entered the room.
This last room is apparently a study.
A writing desk of amazing craftsmanship complete with a lamp was laid under the window, and many books are stashed at the bookshelf that was set on the wall.
We picked the book randomly and checked the contents, but we still didn’t find the spellbook.
Again, it’s mostly storybooks written by the great sage.
There were books on magic, such as [magic theory of the great sage] and [great wiseman on fundamentals of magic], but as the title suggested, it’s all about theory and fundamentals of magic. Nothing sort of a spell that can conjure up the ultimate magic.
No matter how hard we searched, we couldn’t find that spellbook anywhere in the mansion.
Well, now what?

This is troubling.
To think, we still couldn’t find it…..
While I was still trying to figure things out, Floyd spoke something.

[Wazu-sama, may I speak for a bit?]

Floyd was at the front of the writing desk when I turned my head towards him.
When I walked to him, he handed to me a book.

[This is?]

[I found this in the desk drawer. Apparently, it’s the great sage’s journal.]


I accepted the book from Floyd.
Everyone’s interest was piqued and they gathered around me.
Perhaps, there may be some clues left written here.
Keeping my hopes up, I began reading the journal.



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