Announcement + News – Patreon chapters

First of all, the cover for Glutton Berserker vol.4 is out.
The release date for vol.4 is April 27th, 2019.


Damn, it’s sooo cool!
I’m looking forward for the complete illustrations on this volume.

We are only 25 chapters left to catch-up with the RAWS. I’ll do my best to release a chapter of Glutton Berserker every week, though it depends on the slot available.

Second news. I have updated the ToC for my projects. While on it, I also updated the progress update post. Please consider to donate/support so I can release more the chapters every week.

Last news. I have posted it on Nega Translation Patreon last week. Starting on this month, I have been thinking to add an additional bonus King of Heroes chapter for every sponsored chapter. So to put it simple, for every $20 will give you 2 new chapters (One fully edited chapter among our projects + one King of Heroes chapter).

One of the reason is because sometimes the King of Heroes chapter is too short, if you compare with the other regular novel. And the other reason, we will took years before catch-up with the RAW at this rate. Personally, I want to hurry-up to reach the war scenes.

Well, that’s all.
have a nice weekend, everyone!

P.S: New chapters will be posted within 12 hours. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Announcement + News – Patreon chapters

  1. Honestly King of Heroes is my least favoured series here. Too much plot describing chapters that could be written as normal arcs. Too OP MC at the start.


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