Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch. 3

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 3.

Side Story – Dragon King-sama, coming for a visit


My name is [Ragnir].
The Dragon King.
…..THE Dragon King!
Right, I am the Dragon King!
The one who rules over all dragons!
Speaking of dragons, they are unmistakably the symbols of overwhelming power, am I correct?
And I, as the ruler of all dragons, naturally also rule the entire world.


I have not lost. I have never lost.
This is something I should be able to overcome easily.
No problem.
Right! No problem at all!

[……..I don’t know what you are thinking now, but I guess you’re at your limit already.]

I could hear my mother-in-law’s voice from above me.
My mother-in-law is also a white dragon――just like my wife, Mel. Her name was Megiru.
Along with her voice was the sound of book closing.
Apparently, mother-in-law was reading a book earlier.
…..good grief, again with that bad habit of hers.

[Are you thinking about something rude?]

Just now, that was such a sharp intuition.

[…..well, doesn’t matter. I’m in a good mood today.]

[Thank you very much.]

By the way, we are at the center of my castle.
Mother-in-law was sitting at the throne, looking at me prostrating in front of her.
The reason why I’m in such a position, was because in the midst of my trying to show off my good side, I accidentally broke my mother-in-law’s favorite teacup.
Yes, it was an accident.
But still, it’s something important.
However, before my mother-in-law willing to accept my apology, I was obliged to stay in the prostrating position for a set amount of time.
And today marked the end of that time so I stood back up. At that moment, numbness spread from my legs to my whole body, causing me to fall off on my butt.
……….I stayed in that position for a while until the numbness disappeared.


Once I got rid of the numbness in my legs, I headed outside to see Wazu.
Of course, to play around with my best friend Wazu.
But then, at that moment, I witnessed it.
Just now, right in front of my castle, Wazu, Floyd-sama, Shiro, and Dark Goddess were engulfed in a bright light and disappeared.
What is this all about?
Since this is something unusual, I headed back into the castle to report this matter to Wazu’s wives, who were currently making bridal gowns.
One of Wazu’s wives, Mear, is my daughter. But it’s not just me making excuses to see her.
So, I opened the door that leads to where Wazu’s wives are loudly.
Of course, it’s not to let them know my arrival.
I just thought that loud noises like that will be easier to be associated with something urgent.

[Emergency! Wazu-san and the others disappeared in a bright light right in front of my eyes.]

[We are in the middle of contacting them right now, so would you please be quiet?]

My wife snarled at me.
As I looked around the room more thoroughly, there were my wife Mel, Wazu’s wives, and the Goddesses of Light.
They were supposedly in the middle of making bridal gowns for the wedding seven days later, but now, they’re gathering around the Goddess of Light.
The Goddess of Light seemed to be concentrating hard, with her face looking up towards the sky.

[…..what is the situation? No, more importantly, Wazu and the others are…..]

[I told you to be quiet, didn’t I? We’ve already know that Wazu and the others were sent to another world.]

I tried to explain things more thoroughly to my wife, but the response was as such.
In any case, she wanted me to wait.
Nn? Sent to another world?
Ehh? How come they have more information than I who were present on the site directly did? What is going on here?
Then why am I standing here in the first place?


Recently, I always felt that my presence has been really small.
Even though I’m THE dragon king! THE Dragon King~!
Feeling a little saddened, I sighed.
Taking a closer look, I noticed that Wazu’s wives were tense.
Of course, that included my daughter Mear.
Making Mear show that kind of face… When Wazu returns, I need to have a talk with him as his father-in-law.
As I was thinking about that, Goddess of Light, having faced forward as normal once again, let out a sigh, then began informing others regarding Wazu’s situation.
And then, she lastly added.

[Looks like everything is okay for the moment. However, now that the world beyond has been closed off, I can’t contact the God of Creation. But they should be moving already to make communication become possible again. When they do, they’ll surely contact us right away.]

[……ermm, does that mean Wazu-sama is safe right now?]

[There seems to be no problem… Although I wish the Dark Goddess was destroyed on their way there.]

Among Wazu’s wives, Naminissa took the initiative to ask, which the Goddess of Light replied with a smile.
Hearing that, Wazu’s wives seemed to be relieved.
However, why did I sense a dreadful feeling from that smile the Goddess of Light had in her face?
I guess she didn’t think that anyone would hear that whispering at the end.

[Then… What should we do? What can we do? Should we just continue to prepare for the wedding as is?]

One of Wazu’s wives, Salona, asked anxiously.
Probably she felt that she couldn’t just stay still while her husband is out there, away from their reach.
However, the Goddess of Light gave a reassuring smile.

[At the moment, there is certainly nothing we can do about it. However, if it’s Wazu-san, don’t you think he could surely save that world within 7 days? What would happen if he returned in time but there is no wedding?]

In response to that, Wazu’s wives nodded.
I too, am in favor for that as well.
After all, I’ve watched myself how hard Wazu was working around the clock to prepare for this wedding.
I also had this feeling that, since it’s Wazu, he’ll definitely return just in time for the wedding.
Now that the atmosphere in the room had become bright once more, the Goddess of Light clapped her hands to catch everyone’s attention.

[Well then, we can’t afford to laze around. Even if Wazu-san returned, there is no point if there is no wedding to hold. Now that we only have 7 days left to prepare, let’s do our best!]

Oooー! And everyone became motivated just like that.
Seeing this, I could only nod.
Right then, I heard one of Wazu’s wives, Kagane muttered.

[…… that means, at worst, we will only get to meet with onii-san again after 7 days, right~]

Suddenly the air in the room got heavier.


Can’t afford to dawdle here, I got a wedding to prepare.

[Un! Right! Anyways, let’s also prepare a surprise for when onii-chan returns! Must be something that will please him!]

It’s as if everybody had received a EUREKA! moment. Everyone had different ideas so it’s a bit hard to decide.
The biggest reason for the lack of decisiveness was the lack of time.
Wazu’s wives and the Goddesses were already fully occupied as it is with the bridal gowns.
Still, the idea to please Wazu remained strong. And while various proposals kept coming in, one that Aria suggested really hit it.

[Speaking of wedding, I recall just how I was fascinated by it when I was younger. Why was that? It’s because a wedding party should be decorated with many colorful variety of flowers.]

[Colorful variety of flowers?]

[Right. There should be at least seven colors of flowers, like red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple.]

Imagining Aria’s description in their minds, the other wives showed their fascination at the idea.

[…..although we have no time to collect some flowers as we are now, it’s certainly the time for flowers beginning to bloom.]

The Goddess of Earth said after giving it some thoughts.
This brought some apprehension to the wives.
But then, Kathy asked.

[Can you do something with your power as the Goddess of Earth?]

[U~n. …….If there are seeds, I can help make them sprout and grow, but I have none at the moment.]

In other words, they’re still in a stump.
As I thought, there is only one way――

[It’s alright. Just let my husband collect those 7 types of flowers or seeds if it’s impossible.]

My wife beat me to it.

…………eh? My wife? To have her husband collect the flowers?
Doesn’t that mean, I will be the one having to collect them all?
Ehh? As for me, since Wazu is not around, I actually want to spend more time with my daughter Mear.
However, everyone’s eyes were already focused on me.
………….that was some pressure.
My wife then smiled at me.

[……it is also for Mear’s sake, so of course you will go, right・my・de・ar?]

[…………………………………U-umu. Leave it to me]

『Thank you, Dragon King-sama!』「…..Thank you.」「Kyuuu!」

Being an understanding husband and parent, I raised my trembling thumb up, then profusely jumped out of the castle while crying my eyes out.

To go collect seven types of flowers…


[Honestly, it sounds good, but will it be fine?]

[It’ll be fine, Naminissa. I feel sorry for him after he had to stay in prostration like that. Well, my mother told me that I won’t need to worry about him screwing up after all that.]

[That’s not the real reason, is it?]

[Moreover, without Wazu here, isn’t it lonely for him to be the only male in this place? That’s why I sent him out on this errand, so that he could take a breather outside.]

[Is that really all?]

[Fufufu, of course it’s not only that.]

[That is to say?]

[With my husband gone, there are only women in this castle. We can have some women-only time and have fun now.]

[You’re right. I’m with you on this.]

[Yes. While waiting for Wazu and my husband to return, let’s have some fun while we are at it.]

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