Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch. 4

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Chapter 4.

Explaining it makes me sleepy. But I’ll do my best


White robe-san finally came to pick us up,then she brought us to what seems like a hall for having an audience with the king.
A long luxurious red carpet laid on the floor, with soldiers in full armor standing solidly on each side.
And here we are, standing on the red carpet.
At the back of the room, there was a part of the room that was elevated up by one step. A man with a crown on his head and sitting on the throne and a well dressed woman standing next to him.
This is really an audience room, isn’t it?

Unexpectedly, White robe-san who brought us here went missing.
In exchange, we were together with these men and women dressed in armor and fancy clothing.
But when I think about it again, they’re most likely also summoned here just like us.
There were more than a dozen of them and all of them are staring at us.
However, I didn’t feel uncomfortable from being stared at by them. It’s like the gaze from a friend if I had to make comparison.
Then, is it okay for us to talk from here?

When I thought to step forward, someone else already beat me to it.
A brown haired young man with a well chiseled face.
He was wearing a suit of knight armor with a sword hanging on his belt.
Perhaps he had the same thought as me.
When our eyes crossed each other, both of us smiled wryly.
This felt awkward.
Then the man sitting on the throne stood up.

[First of all, allow me to apologize for the sudden summoning….. I’m very sorry.]

He bowed his head as he said so.
Eh? Is this alright?
You’re probably the one with the greatest authority here, right?
Shouldn’t there be people complaining about this…? Now that I think about it, nobody complained about this person who was standing next to me while smiling sloppily.
So, instead of you, I should be the one who apologize.
Really, Floyd is just that bad.
The brown-haired young man said please don’t mind us.
In response to that, the man raised his head.

[…..truly sorry. Before I explain why we summoned you all here, let us get acquaintanced with each other first. My name is [Omurorel]. The king of this country――Garish.]

Then should I call you――Omurorel-san…sama? …san? …san should be alright, right?
Omurorel-san, like a king should be, wore a finely sewn clothes.
He has green hair and a fearless face, but there were traces of exhaustion in it.
Then the woman standing next to Omurorel stepped forward.

[Honored to meet you all here, heroes. My name is [Aurelia]. His Majesty King of Garish Omurorel’s daughter.]

Having said that, the woman――Aurelia, bowed to us. Her green hair, probably inherited from her father, cascaded down as she did.
She was certainly a beautiful woman, everyone would think so.
But since I already have my wives, I personally didn’t consider her as very beautiful. Moreover, I noticed that the brown haired young man was staring at her with longing eyes.
Why of course, she’s a Princess of a country.
Aurelia bowed to us once more, before continuing.

[Originally, my father would explain the situation to the Heroes, but since he is currently feeling unwell, I will explain in his stead.]

Here is the gist of what Aurelia explained to us.

This world is called [Ilmstad].
In this world, there were 4 crystals, gifts from the gods, that each holds the power of [Fire], [Water], [Wind]. And [Earth] respectively.
It is said that the balance and order of this world were maintained thanks to the power of these crystals.
But having such great power, someone would eventually seek to exploit it.
Preventing that from happening, countries called the guardian states were established to protect the crystal.
And this country is one of those guardian states.

Since the four great countries worked closely with each other to protect the crystals, any average person would just give up before trying as they would not be left alive after trying to go against the four great countries.
Each of the four guardian states also understood well, that if one tries to betray the others, all three remaining states will gang up upon the traitor.
Well, the crystals themselves were kept in difficult to reach places and guarded very strictly. Even the Kings of the four states would still have some difficulties to reach one.
However, those who could do so had appeared.
Four powerful Demon Kings.
Leading the overwhelming forces of demon army, the crystals were swiftly stolen.

So far, [Fire], [Water], and [Earth] crystals had been stolen.
Three out four Demon Kings held 1 crystal each, and they’ve been converting the crystals into darkness with their immense power.
Once a crystal becomes darkness, their power would turn into force of destruction. And once all four crystal have been converted, the world itself would collapse, and the fate of the entire living being on it will be on the Demon Kings’ palm to decide.
And the four Demon Kings were not the only threat!

In short, these 4 demon kings were under the control of a greater Demon King or something like that, and they’ve been trying to make this world into a place where they could live comfortably… Is it okay to assume so?
The final crystal, the [Wind] crystal, is naturally kept in this country. Apparently one of the Demon Kings may appear at any given time to attack.
Therefore, the situation is very dire.
As it was, the [Wind] crystal would’ve surely been taken easily.
The four guardian states had similar level of power in comparison to each other. And yet none of the three managed to win against the attacking Demon Kings. This country will undoubtedly meet the same fate as the other three if nothing is changed.

So in order to protect the crystal, using its power combined with the magic power of dozens of people, they held a ceremony of [Hero Summoning] to find someone from another world who could defeat the Demon King.
As a result, here we are with these dozens of men and women.
Well, we are a bit different though.
They can return us to our original world, but it’s impossible right now as the crystal power has been temporarily depleted. And now that they couldn’t do anymore summoning, we are practically their only hope.

According to princess Aurelia, returning to our own world will be possible once the crystal regains its power back, so she requested us to help out in the meantime. But we actually knew that it’s impossible.
Floyd said that in order for us to return, we must first reclaim the 3 other crystals and return them back to their original state.
In short, I have to take down all the Demon Kings, and recover the crystals.
My wedding is in 7 days.
I have to do something before then.

But when I was secretly eager to end the meeting right there, suddenly someone from among the dozens shouted.

[Leave it to us, princess Aurelia! This Dysor had defeated a dragon in the past. And behind me, are the powerful friends who aided me in that battle. Even if the enemy is a being called Demon King, we will definitely defeat it!]

It was that brown haired young man.



While surprised at the sudden exclamation, hope seemed to have bloomed within Omurorel and Aurelia.
The brown haired youth――Dysor, began to introduce his compatriots one by one.
They actually consisted of about half of the dozens.

…….that many?

Well, including me, our crew only consisted of 4 people.
Following Dysor’s example, the remaining dozens also began to announce themselves. Some claimed to have defeated powerful magician or a powerful magician themselves, yada yada.
Do you have to boast that much?
In any case, when I look at all of them, they don’t look that strong to be honest.
Well, I guess my standard is a bit too high in the first place.
After all, each one of us four here are Gods.
When I turned my head to glance at Dysor while thinking so, I noticed that all dozens of them were staring at us.
Omurorel and Aurelia were also looking at us expectantly.

……………….ah, so it’s our turn.

[I’m Wazu.]

Let’s keep it simple.
How about the people around you then? Their eyes were telling me that, but it’s not like that will achieve anything.
Well, should I say that I’ve defeated an Evil God?
No, of course not.
They wouldn’t believe me anyways. Rather than bragging, and ending up involved in weird things, I’d rather if our team can move on our own freely.
The problem now is where those Demon Kings are… but I have a feeling that Floyd can track them all out.

For that reason, I only gave out my name. Floyd, Shiro, and Dark Goddess also did simple introductions of themselves.
I’m sure they realized my intention already.
It’s just that, for Dark Goddess, since she couldn’t introduce herself as such, she referred to herself as [Miya] instead.
That’s pretty much just a reversed ‘yami’ (dark) though.
Realizing that we aren’t going to divulge anything more, Aurelia coughed to attract everyone’s attention.

[Then everyone, are you willing to help us save this world?]

[Leave it to us, Princess Aurelia.]

Dysor bowed as he replied.
The rest of the dozen also did a similar thing.
Guess Dysor had taken the mantle as their leader now. Fine, I guess?
…..or rather, we’re not even part of his team in the first place?

[Thank you very much.]

Aurelia in turn also bowed deeply.
And so did the king, Omurorel.
After raising her head back, Aurelia spoke.

[And there is one last thing I need to tell you, Heroes. Having summoned here, not only all of you retained your original powers, some new powers have been granted by this world’s God as a benefit. Surely it will prove to be useful for everyone. In this world, you can check and confirm this by thinking 『Check Status』.]

….eh? Is it really possible? I only need to think Status Check?

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