Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch.8

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 8 – The Demon King is here. Can you give me 5 more minutes?

After having a light conversation with Serias-san, we took turns washing ourselves in the bathroom and then went to bed.
By the way, our room arrangement was decided by gender, with me, Floyd, and Shiro in one room, while Dark Goddess and Serias in the other room.
Hopefully, the Dark Goddess wouldn’t do anything weird.
Well, she’s different that a certain butler here, so I guess I won’t have to worry.

[Pardon me, Wazu-sama.]

[Nn? What? What’s the matter?]

[That can wait! I want to get some sleep now!]

Sinking onto the bed, Floyd’s voice awoke me when I was inches away from closing my eyes.

[I can’t sleep because I’m too excited.]

[Not my fault, Shiro.]

Shiro seemed to be too excited to get any sleep at the moment.

[So do I, Shiro-sama.]

[Ah, I know right!]

You too, Floyd?
… peaceful daily life. Please come back~

[…..four demon kings huh? I wonder how strong they are?]

[I agree. Judging from how strong the knights in this kingdom, it’s no exaggeration to say that they indeed belong to a strong kingdom. Is the demon king really that strong?]

[Do you think they are stronger than us?]

[No, we should be fine. Once Wazu-sama takes to the field, he’ll probably finish them off in a single punch?]

[Ahaha. Nothing less from Wazu. But, I’m curious about how the demon kings of another world looks like. I want to see one soon~]

He sounded more like a tourist just now.
But that’s not important right now.

[Get to sleep already. Minus today, there’s only six days left. If we don’t end this fast, we won’t make it to the wedding. Especially you, Floyd. This entire situation is caused by you so should at least do some work.]

[I shall take those words to heart, Wazu-sama.]

[Okay ok~ay, got it~]

With this I can finally sleep.
Rolling around on the bed, I tried to make my mind rest…


[…..that Dysor guy, I think he has fallen in love with that princess Aurelia.]

[I wonder if it’s love at first sight.]

[I think that’s the case too.]

Cut it out already, will you?
If he loves her then so be it.
Fine. Let’s talk until we got too sleepy to continue.
And so we ended up talking about random things until all of us fell asleep.
….Haa~. I want to meet my wives soon.


I felt something rocking my body.
Or was it just my imagination?

[Wazu-sama, please wake up. It is an emergency.]

I could hear Floyd’s voice.
However, my eyelids were still too heavy to open properly.
Due to staying awake until late at night, my body complained about the lack of sleep.
However, I could hear a loud noise coming from afar.

[……Uu~n. What in the world is going on?]

I raised my upper body while rubbing my eyes.

[Good morning,Wazu-sama.]


That fellow is awfully chipper this morning, isn’t he?
I mean, he went to sleep around the same time as I did, but how come he seemed more energetic than me?
Floyd had that sloppy smile on his face just as usual.
…..seeing him smiling like this, I smell something bad brewing.

[So, what’s going on?]

As I said so, I looked around the room.
Nothing had changed since I went to sleep.
Shiro also still sleeping soundly.

……Ee? Then why the hell did Floyd wake me up for?
I turned back to Floyd with a grumpy expression.

[The Demon King has come.]


Ehh? Isn’t that strange?
Did I misheard or my ears had gone crazy?
So I asked once more to confirm.

[………………..can you say that once more?]

[Yes. The Demon King has come.]


Why is it happening already after only one day!
No, in the first place, why would you want to wait for the other side to attack if you can attack anytime you want?
But must it be so early?
And why was it have to be on early morning?
Think about the situation a bit!
At least, come at noon or after!
I’m still sleepy! Damn you!
Because my consciousness is fully awake now, I asked.

[….then? How is the current situation?]

[What I have found out so far, the kingdom has dispatched their army to intercept the invading monsters as far away as possible from the city wall. For now, the demon king maybe is just toying with them, because only small fries have been appearing so far. Of course, Dysor-sama’s party are also there, including King Omurorel and Princess Aurelia.]

I understand if it’s Dysor, but even the king and princess also participated?
Well, I guess it’s a huge matter.

[Fu~hn… ehh? Then what about Serias-san?]

[Serias-san too also participated, carrying a greatsword single handedly.]

[I see…..then, if Dysor and the others already headed out, then why we haven’t received any instructions? They should’ve woken us up right away, right?]

[According to Serias-sama, this isn’t something we can handle, so she ordered us to stay hidden on this hut.]

Ah, of course.
Our true statuses were disguised.
Anyways, the demon king had actually come here to attack.
Apparently, this one was the demon king that still hadn’t obtained the crystal because the other demon kings most likely won’t leave the crystal unguarded.

[……understood. Then, shall we go?]

[As you wish.]

[……wake Shiro up. I don’t want to hear him complaining about messing things up because he overslept.]

[As you wish.]

Changing my clothes while Floyd woke Shiro up, I walked out of the room, and saw Dark Goddess already sitting relaxed in the living room, sipping a cup of tea.


[………ah, you have already woken up. Good morning. Have you heard the news?]

[I only heard it from Floyd earlier. We are going to crush the Demon King now.]

[I don’t mind, but did you get enough sleep?]

[…..well, various things happened.]

I felt famished, so after the short chitchat, I promptly started eating the food that had been prepared for us in advance.
With Shiro and Floyd already emerging from the bedroom, I decided to eat my breakfast on the fly. Watching Dark Goddess treating Shiro with such care, I felt slightly envious. I wanted to be reunited with my wives already.
While seeing that kind of lovey dovey scene on the side, we went to the battlefield with Floyd’s guidance. Then I realized that there is one more thing to worry about.

[……why there is nobody around to stop us? Normally, if anyone moved on their own, shouldn’t they prepare something to stop it?]

Right. There were still some people left in the castle, but none of them even attempted to stop us.
As if we were invisible.

[I cannot afford to let them hinder us.]

[…..did you do something?]

[Using the little power I have left as the God of Creation, I made a barrier around us. Anyone outside the barrier won’t be able to see us. If they saw us, they would’ve stopped us already.]

[…..what is going on? Getting so worked up all of a sudden like this]

[Because as a butler, I have to support milord.]

[…you are the one who got us dragged into this though.]

[Dragged? What does milord mean?]

Floyd tilted his head as if he really had no idea.
I was perplexed.

[No no, obviously, you are the one who dragged me into this!]

[Saying that I have dragged milord in this is strange. In the first place, I simply arranged so that I as the butler can always be on milord’s side.]

[I’ve never agreed to such things!]

Ah, enough!
Dealing with Floyd is probably more tiring than dealing with the Demon King!

[Moreover, if by chance, it was only me who disappeared back then, wouldn’t Wazu-sama go to find me all the same?]

[Don’t make such a one-sided assumption!]

Well, if you are the only one who went missing, although I might get anxious over what kind of hijinks you’d do, I don’t even want to find out.
I wish someone else can take my place as his lord… ahh…

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