Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch.9

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Ch.9 – Please report properly. But nobody will believe it.

We left the castle on Floyd’s guidance. Deeming that nobody will stop us now, Floyd dispelled his barrier as we ran through the main street.
As it turned out, this city was so big the gate wasn’t even visible from where we are.
Is as big as the capital Iscore?
As we ran, I looked at the surrounding cityscape, and realized that it didn’t look so different from our world.
However, along the way, I saw stalls selling food that I’ve never seen before. If I managed to return in time for my wedding, perhaps I could take my wives to stroll around this world. Might be nice to sightsee.
But I guess I’m being unscrupulous right now as the residents were probably too scared to do business.
Well, considering that one of the four demon kings is coming with hordes of demons just outside the city wall, it’s pretty much a given.

Even so…..even so,
They were probably still doing their daily stuff normally up until the news of the demon king’s arrival spread.
There were unattended stalls all around the venue that we passed by.
Perhaps, it’s originally meant to celebrate the summoning of Dysor and his companions.
We are not welcomed here.
Also, from one of those stalls, I could sniff a mellow yet rich fragrant… gulp.
I know. I know
It’s not the time to even put that into consideration.
Dysor and the others are fighting outside the gate.
It’s just that the prepared breakfast was a bit lacking…. Now that I might fight for real, I may not be able to exhibit my full power with only a partially filled tank…

[…….Ha. Flo.]


Floyd――even before I finished calling his name, let alone telling him what I want, he already took action.
He went to a nearby stall that sells meat skewers, took three sticks swith particularly thick meat and handed them over to me, Shiro, and Dark Goddess.


[Ha~a! Thanks!]

[….although I didn’t ask. ….I mean, I can’t eat something so heavy early in the morning so here you go, Shiro.]

Dark Goddess handed over her part to Shiro.
Apparently, I didn’t even need to order Flo… wait a minute.

[No no no, did you buy this? Where did the money come from?]

Did he just use his godly power for something shady again?

[Rest assured. Serias-sama had given us some money just in case something goes wrong.]

If that’s so, I’m assured then.
Thank goodness. He didn’t use his power for something weird.

………no no no, still no good.
Isn’t that a problem in itself?
Eh? Errr? Am I not considered the leader of the bunch?
Then why didn’t you tell me anything about that?
Normally, when you, as my team member, received money, shouldn’t you report it to me as the team leader?
More than that, you are a butler who calls me your lord, right?
You received money and yet you didn’t tell your lord?
No, I will not acknowledge this.

[……why haven’t I heard anything about that?]

[It is but a trivial matter. Wazu-sama should stay calm instead of being bothered with such. Leave all the miscellaneous matters to me.]

[No, that’s where the problem lies. If I leave anything to you, I will only get anxious]

[I understand. It is a test. Do not be worried. I will certainly assert my position as a butler whose duty is to support Wazu-sama.]

From Floyd’s voice, I could sense some kind of determination.
I actually want to tell him to not abandon that resolve.
Why should I even test him? After all, the situation we are in right now… wasn’t all that because of Floyd?
Wasn’t it him who involved me in all this?
What about that? A certain someone who said that he’ll support me, don’t you have some explaining to do?
……..although, I guess he’s just trying to do what I want even if it’s in his own weird way.
Anyways, he’s that kind of guy.
Then again, he’s the Creator God of our world. And I can say that he did well in creating our world.

In the meantime, we arrived at the gate.
And the skewers in my and Shiro’s hands had already been deprived of their meat.

[…..this, what do we do now?]

Me and Shiro looked at each other, then smiled wryly…
Both Shiro and I don’t usually use weapons. Should we resort to using the skewers as our weapons?
Well not that I care. Even if we have to fight with skewer sticks, even one or two demon kings shouldn’t still be a match for the two of us.


If only Mear was here, I could just stash these skewers with Time Space magic and throw them away later.
I don’t want to litter.
While Shiro and I were mulling over what to do, Floyd spoke up.

[It seems like that troubles you two. Here, stash those in here.]

While saying so, Floyd casted [Time Space Magic] and stashed away the skewer sticks.
…….so he could use that too?
Well, now that the final problem has been solved, it’s time to head out.

[……okay, shall we?]

With that, we finally went out through the gate.


The first thing that entered our sight were the backs of the many knights and soldiers. And beyond that wall of men were the hordes of demons.
The horde was trying to cage them in; apparently to prevent the human forces from escaping.
However, the battle still hadn’t devolved into a full scale battle yet.
We pushed our way through the ranks of knights and soldiers, knowing that the battle is still ongoing on the very front.
It was Dysor and co.
He and his team were fighting desperately against a giant green dragon.
Some distance away, there were the fully armed princess Aurelia and King Omurorel, watching the fight anxiously.

[Dysor and his team have already gone fighting.]

[Looks like it.]

[Is that green dragon the so called Demon King?]

[Whether it is or not, it’s fine either way. Although it seems to me that they’re outmatched.]

Right. As Dark Goddess said, Dysor’s team was struggling.
Dysor’s armor had been broken in many places and he seemed to be hurt.
On the other hand, the green dragon was mostly unharmed.

[Kuh! As a summoned hero, I can’t afford to fall here! 『Holy Light Sword』 .]

Dysor shouted as he swung his sword, a bright light was emitted from the blade.
That’s probably his special move.
…..maybe kinda like my [God Kick].
The light grew brighter and larger, up to twice the length of the actual sword itself.

[How about this!]

Dysor charged forward with that.
In concert to his charge, his companions, as well as the other summoned rained down their attack on the green dragons to make an opening for Dysor.
Making use of that opening, the sword of light found its way unto the green dragon.
Probably sensing that his attack hit, Dysor grinned. But his grin turned into astonishment once he realized that the green dragon was still unscathed.
Apparently annoyed by that attack just now, the green dragon swung its tail and knocked Dysor away.


As he screamed in disbelief, Dysor was knocked away and landed right in front of Aurelia.
But well, of course he refused to give up just yet. He propped himself up with his sword.
His companions gathered around him.

[Fuhahahaha! What’s wrong! Is one of the four great countries only amounted to this much? Can’t even win against my dragon? Nn?]

Watching Dysor fail, someone could be heard laughing.
From among the horde of demons, a certain demon walked forward.
Spreading his arms while standing was a green long haired demon in luxurious clothing.
A pair of horns was visible on his head, and his eyes sharp. His lips curled in an amused smile.
Is that the Demon King?

[Isn’t the difference in our power already obvious? Well then, I’ll just say the usual line then! If you want to stay alive, surrender the Wind Crystal to this Demon King Rumalf! Ah or maybe, do you people prefer to be trampled to death while I rob the crystal?]

Hoo, this Demon King is pretty good.
For now we were just watching how it goes, but I noticed that Princess Aurelia’s and King Omurorel’s expressions were grim.
So I spoke to Floyd.

[Well, shall we go now?]


[Yo~sh! Play time~!]

[Good grief. This is troublesome, so let’s make it quick.]

As we started walking forward, for some reason the Demon King’s eyes immediately darted towards us.

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  1. The people who summoned Wazu and the others must be watching this in utter horror think about how their fall back heroes are about to die.
    Oh how they are so wrong


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