Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch.10

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Ch.10 – Let’s Defeat the Demon Ki…eeeh?

The Demon King was looking at us.
Moreover, his gaze was transfixed upon us.
Given that much attention, I felt like we are something valuable or something.
It creeped me out… d-don’t tell me, is he? No, hopefully not.
He certainly had the power and presence befitting of a Demon King.
Maybe he could sense our true power.

Well, in any case, regardless of our vigilance, we still don’t know much about these Demon Kings of another world after all.
…but I can’t help but feel anxious.
Having the Demon King himself focusing on you as if you’re something precious didn’t feel good.
Especially when he’s only focusing on the men of our party; Shiro, Floyd and I.
He treated Dark Goddess as if she was invisible.

…what do I do?
My instincts told me that I’d rather not know the meaning behind that gaze.
….dang it! I felt a chill running down my spine!

[Yosh! I’ve decided!]

The demon king suddenly said with a smile, seemingly unaware of the fact that he’s drooling.

I felt as if my heart had skipped a beat! Actually all three male of our team had the same reaction.

[I’ve chosen you for tonight! I’ll spare you, and after I destroyed this kingdom and claim the wind crystal, we’ll have some cute moments together.]

So, apparently this demon king leans that way.
And the one he’s pointing at…..was me…not, but Shiro who was standing right next to me.

Whew, a sense of relief washed over my heart.

Shiro-san, nice knowing you. Good luck.
Both Floyd and I instantly moved away from Shiro, letting him have the honor.

[Thank you, Shiro. Your sacrifice will be remembered…]

[Our friendship with Shiro-sama, fleeting as it may, was truly a precious moment. This lowly servant… will not forget it.]

[No no no no no no! There will be no sacrifice! Wait, why am I the sacrifice here? Forget it, I don’t want to know why! And why are you moving away from me! Don’t run away! Aren’t we friends?]

Shiro tried to chase after Floyd and I.
However, we kept our distance still.

[…ah, that’s right. We’ll still be friends. No matter what…. Un, no matter what….. kuh.]

[Shiro-sama… Good luck.]

[No, I don’t need that! I don’t need to do anything in the first place anyway!]

[Ee? You don’t? …in other words…]

[Shiro-sama, are you implying that this is not your first experience?]

[ [ Ahh~…] ]

[Don’t make false assumptions! That’s not true! Ah, geez! It always messed up when Wazu and Floyd join hands! I simply can’t win!]

Hold it right there! Did you just say that Floyd and I are messed up?
In any case, don’t lump me together with the likes of Floyd.
Well, we are in the same team right now, but this doesn’t count.

[…I guess praising him wouldn’t work now, would it?]

[Wazu-sama. I have this unknown flower contained in my space magic. How do you think Shiro-sama would react if I gave it to him? Would he probably swoon over?]

[Good idea!]

[There is no such thing!]

Shiro hurriedly corrected us.

Well then, let’s stop playing around, shall we?
It’ll be rude to make the other party wait for too long.
Although, I still feel that we went a bit too far so we promptly apologized to Shiro.

[…was that really a joke?]

Don’t give me that! You’re just being awfully suspicious!
I’ll buy you some sweets after this.
For now, I just nod vigorously.
There is no way I would sell off my friend. And in the first place, it’s just a bunch of demons and monsters. Shiro alone should be able to handle them.
Shiro had been [deified] just like me before, one foot into the realm of true gods.
Even though his battle power is lower than mine, he could still afford to defeat this demon king and the small fries on his own.
Well, Shiro does have this trump card of merging with Dark Goddess to become a [Hybrid God] after all.
In that state, his battle power could rival even me under [Complete God] state.
That’s why I have all the confidence that he’ll make it.
Shiro was back in a good mood after we apologized one more time so we finally faced the demon king.

[Well then, shall we wrap it up here……ehh?]

I rubbed my eyes to make sure that my eyes didn’t deceive me, then looked again.

…..the Demon King had already been defeated.
By Dark Goddess-san.
Unable to accept what had happened, me, Floyd, and Shiro could only go pokan at the sight.
……..what’s the meaning of this?

[Shithead! Who told you that you can extend your mangy hands on MY Shiro! …..come on now! Are you listening?]


The demon king was already on death’s door.
It’s crazy seeing that he’s already in that condition after only that short banter we had.
But I think I can understand the situation now.
Apparently Dark Goddess snapped upon hearing the Demon King’s intention to ‘rob’ Shiro.
Then, while me, Floyd, and Shiro were still busy with our comedic antics, she went ahead and beat up the Demon King.
…….Un. Dark Goddess really loves you, Shiro.
That’s the only impression I could catch.

Apparently Shiro noticed this too as the happiness in his face was too apparent.
As for Floyd, he’s still in his usual smiling face.
While the Dark Goddess was still busy kicking the comatose Demon King’s body while shouting [Do you hear me? Wake up!] like a true villain.
Moreover, the fact that she’s being careful not to kill the Demon King right away, it scares me a bit.

This calls for some teasing for Shiro later.
Me, Floyd, and Shiro knew exactly what Dark Goddess was capable of so the sight was natural for us. But the same couldn’t be said for the other people around us. All of them were frozen solid in disbelief.

The first thing I noticed was the green dragon.
Oh! Before anyone could react, it already rushed toward Dark Goddess, intending to attack her.

[Ha? Do you want to be crushed as well?]

But it chickened out right away when Dark Goddess glared at it.
It stopped, and raised a white flag after a short hesitation.
…..un. That’s scary alright.
Making the dragon submit by mere glance. That sight only served to further shock Dysor and everyone else but us.
The demons on the other hand, were trembling, not knowing what to do.
Well, if they show any sign of movement, Dark Goddess will surely notice it and that’s as good as death for them.
Though… I can’t say that I understand their feelings.
Even so, we can’t just stay on the sideline so we rushed in to join Dark Goddess.

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  1. Can someone explain to me how Wazu met cathy and make Aria his bride? I am really curious about that. I cant find it online


    1. in the LN she was added to wazu group since things were changed from the wn. i belive in vol 4 of the LN it all happened.


      1. here you would know informs me where I find the LNnovel that you are talking about I already looked for more I could not find it, it can be in any language, if you can send the link I thank you even more ..


    2. Cathy:
      She is one of Naminissa’s aids, you can read the manga version, the only difference between her LN/WN2 version and her Manga version is that on the Novels she is a half-dwarf, so she is a Loli type wife, while on the Manga, for whatever reason, she is the chubby type, this aside, I believe her personality stayed the same on the manga, she is a kind of laid back character.

      As for Aria:
      This story is a tad bit longer, but follow me.
      Wazu being NTR’ed made the original work’s readers really mad, so author-san by his own volation, and definitly not due to the readers and editor’s pressure, changed her story.
      On the LN and WN2, which follows the LN time line, Wazu does not find Aria making out with the Hero on a backstreet, things happen the same as the 2 manga adaptations, after comming back from defeating the “demon lord”, the hero says he wants Aria as his wife and tries to kiss her, and Wazu runs away with a broke heart. The key word is TRIES, had Wazu waited 2 more seconds he would have seen Aria punching the Hero before he was able to kiss her.
      Aria spend those years travelling with the Hero and she quickly realised the Hero was a philanderer, she spent all those years training herself to become really strong and defeat the “Demon Lord” as fast as possible, she also prepered herself for worst case scenario. She knew the Hero was trying to have his way with her, and knew after the quest was over he would try to marrie her, and to achieve this he would do anything he could, which included pressuring the kingdom to recognise her as his wife, he is also the church’s pope son, so he had the church on his side, so Aria readied herself to run away with Wazu so they could stay together.
      After punching the Hero she went to Wazu’s house as fast as she could, only to find Wazu’s letter wishing her and the Hero the best, she spent the next 2 years trying to find Wazu to resolve the misunderstanding, just so that when she finally finds Wazu, he is together with 9 other women with whom he promissed to marry, she gets angry since she wanted Wazu all to herself, but decides that it’s better to have some of him then none.


    1. The raw was deleted, unless someone has the raws saved somewhere, or author-san decides to repost the work, though i believe this goes agains Syosetsu’s pollicy, so he would need to post it somewhere else, like pixiv, we will not have any translations.


  2. To anyone wondering how would things go on, I will try my best to recall how the history would go on.
    It is of utmost importance to stress that It’s been over 2 years since I’ve read the novel, and I’ve read it using Google Translate, so, not the best translation in the world. My focus will be on sharing with you the most important things, so, how the story would develop and new waifus.
    The WN2 is twice the size of the original work, it has 2 main arcs and 2 side arcs, those side arcs happen simultaneously to the main arcs.
    It’s also important the remember that WN2 happens on the LN’s time line not the original WN’s time line, there are many small changes between these 2 time lines but the major ones are the 3 author-san mentions on his note at the start of the prologue:
    1 – New heroine, Kathy: She is a half-dwarf knight from the Kingdom of Mabondo and Naminissa’s aid, read the Manga if you want to know more about her, the only difference I spotted so far between Manga and Novel is that she was originally a Loli character, don’t know why they changed her to a chubby character.
    2 – Shiro and Darkness Goddess becom allys: Wazu used the Naruto move and befriended Shiro on the final battle, since Darkness Goddess loves Shiro she changes side together with Shiro at the final battle against the Evil God.
    3 – Aria becomes a heroine: Due to the life threa… I mean, a change of heart, author-san made Aria become a heroine, she never cheated on Wazu, it was a missunderstanding all along, why? Long story short, f*ck NTR, that’s why, again, read the manga, considering how things have gone so far, and how bad was the readers reaction to Aria’s situation on the original WN, I believe her story will follow the LN, not the original WN.
    With all that said let’s start recounting what would happen.

    Side Arc 1 – Ragnir’s Adventure: The firs side Arc follows Ragnir running all over the world trying to buy the flowers to Wazu’s wedding, he goes through all the places Wazu visitted and meet with Wazu’s acquaintances in the flowers quest, places like the Mabondo Kingdom and Grave’s Kingdom. He tries going everywhere and fails miserably, just so, when he gets home, his wife says it’s ok, she only gave him this mission so he would have something to do while his best friend (Wazu) was away, they ended up getting a many flowers, cause everyone that Ragnir asked for help, like Navirio and Regan, ended up finding someone that sold flower after Ragnir was gone.

    Arc 1 – Lets get back home:

    + First City:
    Yada, Yada, Yada, Wazu is transported to the another world, has one week to come back to his world.
    The kingdom he is transported to is attacked by the Demon King, that has his ass kicked by Darkness Goddess for trying to touch Shiro. They get the green dragon as a mean to fly to the next city.
    Before this, Wazu makes a colar to seal Demon King Rumalf’s power, the green hair guy that tried to f*ck Shiro, puts a barrier over Garish so that they won’t have any problem with monster invasions and heals Serias-san, bringing back her arm, which makes her fall for him, naturally.

    + Second City:
    After this they travel to the Water City (don’t remember it’s name) and are confronted by the Blue Dragon on the outskirts of the city, which gets it’s ass kick by Darkness Goddess, she stays behind to take care of the 2 dragons, the green which is their transport and the blue that is fainted.
    When Wazu, Shiro and Floyd enter the city, they realise that its citizens are alive, but hidden on their homes, and monsters roam free through the city, they decide that Shiro and Floyd will go around the city beating up the monsters and Wazu will go to the place that has a bunch of evil magic power at the center of the city.
    When Wazu gets there it’s a temple(?), he enters it and deep on the temple is the second Demon King, Tiana,he asks her why she didn’t completely tainted the Water Crystal with evil power, and she says that if she did that, all the humans in the city would die, she only accepted the Great Demon King’s order, so that she could go to a human city and search for her ideal man, even after being alive for thousands of years she still didn’t find her ideal man and her hope was that she would be able to find such a man on a human city.
    When Wazu asks what kind of man is her ideal she answers that the man must be lean, high, with a smile always plastered on his face, and wear buttler clothes… yeah, her ideal man is Floyd, while Wazu is wondering if he should introduce her to Floyd, both Shiro and Floyd reach the temple(?), Tiana immediately falls in love with Floyd and Wazu explain the situation to Shiro and Floyd, while Tiana and Floyd talk to see what they will do Wazu clears the evil power from the Water Crystal and puts a barrier over it.
    After the conversation Tiana and Floyd decide that she will become Wazu’s maid, this way she will travel with them and Floyd and Tiana will be able to know each other better. Whey they go back to Dark Goddess she completely submitted the Blue Dragon, they explain her the situation and the party goes to the next city with 2 new companions the Blue Dragon and Tiana.

    + Third City:
    The next city is the Fighting City, where the Fire Crystal is located, and things are… normal.
    Yep, the third Demon King, Fafar, it’s just a muscle head that really likes to fight, so life goes by just as usual, she accepts challenges of strong people and offers the Fire Crystal to anyone that defeats her, naturally the one that fights her is Wazu. She puts up a great fight, even when Wazu goes on God Mode, but it’s instantly defeated by Wazu Evil God Mode, before fainting she says one word to Wazu “Amore” if you’re from a latin-speaking country, you already guessed it.
    After Fafar faint they take her to her “home”, the house of the only S-Rank fighter on the city, she stayed with him and his wife, she wanted to fight him, but she refused, he was afraid of dying before being able to see his child’s face, his wife is pregnant. After Fafar wakes up she explain what amore means, it means loved one, she fell in love with him due to his strength, so she decides to travel together with Wazu. Wazu clears the Fire Crystal, puts a barrier on it, Shiro fights with the S-rank and loses.
    When they are ready to travel to the next city they realise that both dragons, green and blue, are sleeping, what happens is that dragons don’t sleep much, they just sleep about once a month, but when they do they sleep for one or two days no stop. If Wazu waited for the dragons to wake up he would be behind schedule and wouldn’t get home on time for his weeding, the solution was to use Fafar’s dragon, the red dragon, as mean of transport.

    + Fourth City:
    The next city is the Labyrinth City, when they go to the Adventurers Guild they get entangled with some ruffians, you know the old gag “Hey girls, leave these guys behind and come with us”, they end up discovering the guys they got entangled with are actually the younger brother of the Mafia Boss that rules the Labyrinth City and his henchmen. They also discover that this Mafia Boss has taken control over the labyrinth and that the only people able to enter it are those that he allows, the labyrinth is where the Earth Crystal is located.
    There is no problem since Wazu party is a bunch of walking cheats, as soon as they get out of the guild, though, they are surrounded by the Mafia Boss minions with a message that their leader wants to talk with Wazu’s party. When they get to the Leader’s mansion, he says that he knows Fafar and Tiana are demon lords, and uses a machine to make them vulnerable, hurting Fafar. He wanted to use this machine to defeat the 4 demon lords and conquer the crystals, becoming, thus, the ruler of the world.
    When he hurts Fafar, though, Wazu gets furious, enters Evil God Mode, loses his mind and tries to kill the Mafia Boss. Shiro and Floyd stop him, not to save the Mafia Boss, but to avoid the city being destroyed as a side effect. Fafar wakes up and says she is happy that he got angry because someone hurt her, but she loves the kind Wazu, not this mindless monster and kisses him, which startles Wazu, this gives Floyd an opening to use his divine power to bring Wazu back to sanity.
    As punishment, the Mafia Boss was locked inside a barrier together with Fafar, and every time he gets on verge of death he is healed back to normal. Wazu realises that he cares more about Fafar than he previously thought.
    After this, they go to the labyrinth, which is really complex and would take too much time to conquer it the normal way, so Wazu just destroyed all the labyrinth walls on his way and got to the deepest part where the last Demon King was, Demon King Zud. He and his dragon, the yellow dragon, are a pair of brawny macho demon and brawny macho dragon.
    Zud fights Fafar and Wazu fights the yellow dragon. Zud and Fafar fight was a close one, Zud got on the verge of winning but gave up at the last moment, the reason, Wazu had already defeated the yellow dragon and was sending a really murderous aura, if Zud dared to try hurting Fafar, Wazu would definitely kill Zud and the yellow dragon.
    After winning against Zud and the yellow dragon, Wazu cleans the Earth Crystal, and puts a barrier on it, Wazu, then, travels back to home after saving the world of Irmstard, at least this is what Wazu would want, but this is not what happens.

    + Back on the First City:
    When Wazu tries to go back home he discovers that Garish (First City) is being attacked again, so he and his party teleport back to Garish. When he teleports, he finds Rumalf (First Demon King), that now is on Garish side, Wazu then releases Rumalf’s colar, unsealing his power. The one attacking Garish this time is the Great Demon King Idol or Yildol, maybe Idur? However you read this [イㅡドゥル]. He is invencible, why? Cause he has 2 abilities that make magic and physical damage being reduced by 99,99%. Does this make any difference to Wazu? No, why? Cause 0,01% of infinite is still infinite. So he easily dispose of the Great Demon King and goes back home, promising to come back when he has time. The ones coming back with Wazu are Shiro and Darkness Goddess, Floyd and Tiana, Fafar and the Red Dragon (she wants to know how the skies in another world are), Zud and the Yellow Dragon (they want to know how the muscles in another world are). The Green Dragon goes back to his family, I don’t remember if the Blue Dragon goes or stays. Well Wazu goes back home in time for his marriage.
    This is Wazu’s first marriage, with his partner being, Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narelina, Cathy, Haosui, Kagane, Mao, Aria and Mear, you might have seen the illustration, with thouse 10 in their wedding dresses. This ends the first arc of Sono Mono 2.

    Side Arc 2 – Floyd’s Adventure: This arc sees Floyd and Tiana travelling around the world together so they can know each other better, and Tiana can become a better maid, since Floyd explains Wazu’s greatness by explaining his deeds on each city.
    Just like on Ragnir’s arc, we meet Wazu’s acquaintances throughout this arc. Generally, every city they visit, they face some remnants of the Evil God cultists. The only exception I remember is on Regal’s city. There, they follow Regal as he stalks Lula, cause he thinks she started dating the blacksmith’s pupil. They discover, though, that Lula was not seeing the boy, she was getting a knife done as Regan’s birthday gift. According to Lula, she wants her partner to be gentle, strong, and dependable, like Wazu… yeah… maybe Lula will become a waifu in the future.

    Arc 2 – Honeymoon:

    The second arc starts around a year after the marriage. During this year Wazu and his companions (his 10 wives, Fafar who was also accepted on the harem, Floyd and Tiana, Shiro and the Darkness Goddess) traveled around the world helping their friends and dealing with the consequences of the Evil God’s attack. Another thing that changed on this year is that Ragnir got another wife, his new wife is Fafar’s Red Dragon, she fell for Ragnir, why did Mel agree? She is pregnant and the Red Dragon is a good girl, so Mel agreed with the Red Dragon becoming Ragnir’s second wife, is important to say that to the Red Dragon the most important people are as follow, Megil > Mel > > > > > > Ragnir.
    Since things are pretty much settled after a year, Wazu and his wives decided to go on a honeymoon on the world of Irmstard (This is the other world name, as well as the other world goddess name, did I also say that she is Floyd’s sister? Don’t remember if this detail was mentioned on the first few chapters of the WN2). Shiro decided that he still had to redeem himself, so he decided to stay. Wazu convinced Floyd to stay, so he could deepen his bond with Tiana. So, the only ones that go to Irmustad are Wazu and his harem.

    +In another world, again:
    When Wazu gets back on the other world, he finds a beautiful woman in maid clothes doing a dogeza, who is this woman, and why is she doing this? This is goddess Irmustard, Irm to the friends, and she decided to become Wazu’s maid as an apology for the troubles she caused to Wazu, she is also a huge M, and constantly suggests that Wazu should whip her.
    Wazu meets with the king, the princess, Dysor, who is now in a relationship with the princess, and with Rumalf, that now works for the king. Days go by normally as Wazu and his harem explore the city, until a problem arises.
    A strange dark cloud suddenly appears outside of the city, Wazu destroys(?) the cloud, and what he finds at the center of the cloud is a pretty woman and a big sword.
    While Wazu waits for the woman to wake up another problem arises, the elves and dark elves start fighting. Apparently, both tribes, woman only, lived in peace until the only male elf, that ruled over the two tribes, died at the Great Demon King attack. To solve this problem, Wazu brings Lut (the Erofu) from his world, and Lut becomes the ruler/husband of the elves and dark elves.
    The woman wakes up, she doesn’t remember anything before she woke up, the only thing she remembers is her name, Jatofa.
    According to Irm she is under a curse, and the only way to remove it is by Jatofa bringing the sword to the 4 crystals. The king, then, asks Wazu to bring Jatofa to the other 3 crystals, as payment Wazu will get all his travel expenses covered by the king, and he would have the royal family flying boat lent to him. Serias goes together as a guide.
    So, Wazu, his harem, Serieas, Irm and Jatofa, go to the next city, the Water City.

    +Back on the Water City:
    On the Water City, Wazu finds a bunch of people dressed as butlers, the reason? Apparently, as Floyd defeated the monsters, he would scream that he was doing this on the orders of the “great one”, and praise the “great one”. So, on the Water City a cult of the “great one” and his apostle in butler clothes was born.
    As everyone split to explore the city Wazu finds 2 woman being attacked by 3 knights. When Wazu question why they are attacking the women the knights say they were ordered to do so, when Wazu further questions why they complied without asking their leader for more details as to why they were doing this, the men have an epiphany and decide to question their leader why they were attacking the women.
    When Wazu went to the girls to question why were they being attacked, he discovered that the girls were Ravi, the only remaining member of Water City’s Royal Family, and Luciel, her maid/bodyguard.
    Ravi was attacked by her cousin, who wants to inherit the throne. During the attack her royal seal, the proof she is a member of the royal family, broke and her cousin took half of the broken seal.
    Since both people have halves of the seal both can claim the throne. Ravi, though, lost all her knights during the Demon King (Tiana) attack, his cousin, who lived in another city, didn’t lose his knights, and used them to caught Ravi, so that he could get the other half of the seal.
    When Wazu comes back to the flying boat, he is made to seiza and explain why he came back with two woman. After explaining Ravi’s story, Wazu teleports to Garish with Ravi to verify if she really is a member o the Water City’s Royal Family. After verifying with the King of Garish that Ravi is indeed a royal, Wazu and Irm devise a plan to have Ravi recognised as Queen of Water City.
    Goddess Irmustad (NOT in maid clothes) appeared before the Water Crystal and summoned both Ravi and her cousin. The barrier that Wazu had put on the Water Crystal was still in place, and Wazu made it so that only him, Irm and Ravi would be able to pass through it. Irm, then, declared that only the real heir to the throne would be able to pass through the barrier, and when Ravi passed through the barrier everyone recognises her as the new Queen of Water City.
    After this Wazu took Jatofa to the Water Crystal, and they decide to depart to the next city.
    Before they left, Ravi asked to be taken too. According to her, she was still too young and unprepared to be a queen, she needed to see the world and gain experience to become a good ruler. So, she decided leave someone capable ruling in her place while she traveled with Wazu to broaden her horizons.
    Real reason: she fell for Wazu and wanted to try to become a harem member.
    With Ravi and Luciel now on board they departed to the next city.

    +We meet again:
    On his way to the next city Wazu ended up finding a beaten up Green Dragon.
    When Wazu stopped and asked him why he was on such a state, the Green Dragon explained to Wazu that after he went back to his world the Green Dragon went back to his family.
    The other dragons that lived on the dragon mountain heard that the Green Dragon was subdued by a human and started to mess up with him. The Green Dragon didn’t know what to do so he ran away with his family. While they were running away the other dragons gave chase. He tried to get the attention of the other dragons, while his wife ran away with their son. Wazu, then, decided to go together with Mear to help the Green Dragon, while everyone else stayed at the flying boat.
    They found the Green Dragon’s wife being attacked by the other dragons while protecting her son. Wazu saved the Green Dragon’s wife and son, and, as he was thinking how to solve this problem, the leader of the dragons said that he would eat Wazu and get Mear as his woman(?) and get her pregnant.
    This made Wazu furious, he created a barrier over the dragons and thought what was the best way to punish them.
    He decided the best way was to ask Ragnir to deal with them. When Megil heard what happened she asked Wazu to allow her to “educate” these rude dragons.
    When he came back to Irmustad he left the tortur… I mean, “education” of the dragons to Megil and Ragnil.
    After solving the problem he went back to the flying boat, only to find a bunch of beaten up thugs and his Harem+Serias, Jatofa, Irm, Ravi and Luciel, calmly drinking tea.
    They were attacked by bandits, but, naturally, Wazu’s OP harem, beat up the bandits.
    If I’m not mistaken it’s about this time Serias says she loves Wazu and becomes officially a harem member.
    After this, they departed for the next city.

    +How things had changed:
    On the Fighting City things changed, radically. Why? Cause it was taken over by the New Demon Lords on the Block. The new Demon Lords arrived at Fighting City and decided to take it over with the great power… of their dance and singing abilities. Yep, they are basically a Demon Lord Boy Band. They were also bad mouthing the former Demon Lords, saying that they were weak and that was the reason they had lost to humans.
    The S-Rank fighter, now officially the city ruler, asked Wazu to deal with the new Demon Lords, and, to deal with them, Wazu decided to bring the old Demon Lords to face the new Demon Lords on a battle.
    The old Demon Lords won, overwhelmingly. The New Demon Lords were, actually, big fans of the former Demon Lords, as the last were seen as the Golden Generation. To solve, once and for all, the New Demon Lords “problem”, Wazu suggested them to travel around the world showing their amazing skills(?).
    While Tiana and Floyd where teleporting back to Wazu’s world, Floyd informed Wazu that Regan wanted to kill Wazu (remember, Lula).
    Problem solved, Wazu took Jatofa to the Fire Crystal, after this Wazu’s party depparted to the last city.

    +New Problems Arise:
    As they were travelling to the last city, Wazu’s party found an strange situation. Apparently, some kind of event was taking place, so they decided to stop and see what was happening.
    They discovered that two Beast Kingdoms were fighting over their kings marriage.
    You might think. Oh! Two kings were fighting to marry one woman. You’re wrong, the fight was so that the two kings could marry each other.
    Both kings had wives, had children, and, after their wives died, they realised that they were in love with each other. So, after passing their thrones to their respective heirs, they decided to marry, but, apparently, all men of both kingdoms were against this (apparently, if you’re a man, you’re against BL), while all women were in favor of the marriage (cause, again, apparently, if you’re a woman, you love BL).
    Wazu’s harem members decided to enter the competition on the “yes marriage” side. Since Wazu was a hero known all over the world, he was invited to serve as a witness to the competition.
    BTW, this was the 4th edition of the competition, it was being held annually at this point.
    Though it was a hard battle, since they had Wazu’s OP wives on their side, the “yes marriage” finally won, and the kings were able to marry.
    After this they went back to traveling, but a new problem arose. They faced a storm, and the flying ship was struck by a lighting. So, they had to take a detour to the flying city.
    The flying city was a giant flying ship that kept flying all over the world, were the world’s best flying ship builders gather.
    While they waited for their flying ship to be fix, Wazu was faced with a new dispute.
    The new defence ships for the flying city were being built, and, there were two factions. One defended that the ships should be bulk to take many hits, and the other defended that that ships should be light and fast, so they wouldn’t take any hit.
    Wazu’s wives were split over what was the right awnser. The offensive type wives, like Haousui, Narelina and Mao, defended the fast ship. While the more defensive type, like Naminissa, Aria and Tata, defended a bulky ship.
    They, then, decided that both factions would make prototype ships, with Wazu’s wives help, and the prototypes would face each other to see what ship would come on top.
    On the day of the fight, though, the flying city was attacked by dragons. And, after they fought off the dragons, the conclusion they reached was that both types of ships were necessary, they could both work together to cover their weaknesses.
    After this Wazu’s party finally departed to the last city.
    Aparently on this part of the LN a new heroine is added, her name is Shifany, yes SHIfany, not Tiffany, since her name is written with シ (Shi), not チ (Chi) or ティ (Ti).

    +The end is nigh:
    They finally reach the Adventurers City, and not much happens.
    They go to the labyrinth, and travel through it as intended (not breaking all the walls).
    Since Kagane is a genius, they go relatively fast through the dungeon and reach its deepest part.
    Wazu takes Jatofa to the Earth Crystal and that’s when a change happens.

    +The plot thickens:
    Jatofa takes her real form. Jatofa is actually the human form of this world’s other goddess.
    While Irm is the Goddess of Creation, Jatofa is the Goddess of Destruction.
    She is actually a pretty good person(?), destruction is a natural part of life, and being the Goddess of Destruction is just her job, she doesn’t intend to destroy the whole world of Irmustad or anything of sorts.
    The thing is, while she was minding her own business, she got possessed by the spirit of the Evil God, yeah, that one that Wazu fought.
    Seeing that she would lose her mind, she decided to seal her own powers, sealing, this way, the Evil God too.
    When she got the powers of the 4 crystals her power was unsealed, and now the Evil God possesses his former power, plus Jatofa and Irm’s power, the crystals are a part of Irm’s power.
    Then, the epic battle of Wazu versus the Evil God started.
    The Evil God thought this time he would have the upper hand, since his power together with Irm and Jatofa’s powers were stronger than Wazu’s Chaotic God Mode.
    The thing is, Wazu learned with Shiro how to Fuse with a goddess. So, at the final battle, Wazu entered Chaotic God Mode and fuse with Light, Earth, Fighting, Sea, and Sky Goddesses and defeated the Evil God once and for all,freeing Jatofa from the Evil God’s possession.

    +The End:
    We end after Mel and Ragnir’s second child was born. It was a boy, the next Dragon King.
    And now we are at Wazu’s second marriage. The brides are Light, Earth, Fighting, Sea, and Sky goddess, Serias, Javi, Luciel, Irm, and Jatofa. Yeah, sometime between the final fight and now Javi, Luciel, Irm and Jatofa became harem members.
    Wazu is talking to Irm and Floyd’s parents when they say that their world is having a problem and ask if Wazu can help. So, we can still wait that Wazu’s harem would grow in the future.
    This ends Sono Mono, Nochi Ni 2, but, naturally, we have some after story, and this is my favourite part.

    +After Story:
    Wazu is always together with his harem, but they all realise that spending some alone time with just Wazu and one of his wives is also important. So, the after story narrates one of Wazu’s date with each of his wives.

    – Sarona: Sarona’s date is a normal one, the only difference is that she changes her clothes from the easy to move clothes she usually wears, to some more stylish, its all in all a normal date.

    – Tata: Her date with Wazu is at the Hot Spring City. They wear kimonos, she cooks him some food, gives him a massage, and prepares him a bath.
    As Wazu is cleaning himself Tata enters the bathroom only wrapped on a towel, she, then, starts washing his back using her body. Wwhile washing him, she gets near his ear and whispers that, though, she was a prostitute, she has never done such a thing for any client, and that she would only do such a thing for Wazu. This makes Wazu immediately “attack” her.

    – Naminissa: Their date is at the Royal Library of Garish. While Naminissa was having fun reading other world’s books, Wazu just stares at her and thinks how pretty she looks reading. Realising that Wazu was looking at her, Naminissa uses the book she was reading to cover Wazu’s face, and kiss him, saying that, since they were on a library, that was all she could do at the moment, but, after they leave there, they would go to a place where they could keep things going on.

    – Narelina: During their date, Narelina asked for Wazu to fight her with all he had. She, then, woke up on Wazu’s back, as he was caring her home. She had lost and fainted. Wazu said she was already strong enough, she said that she wanted to be even stronger, so that she would be able to save him if he ever found some troublesome opponent. While Wazu was carrying her, she used her weight to make Wazu fall and mounted him, saying that she had to give the fight’s winner his “prize”.

    – Cathy: Cathy’s date was a slow paced one. She wanted him to sleep as much as he wanted. They woke up late and she made him a late lunch. After this, they spent their day slowly, he would read a book and she would knit. Some times they would have a small conversation, then they would go back to their own activities. As they were spent this peaceful time together, Wazu ended up falling asleep. When he woke up in the middle of the night, Cathy asked if he wanted to eat something, to which he responded “eating” her up.

    – Haosui: Their date was spent at the orphanage at Grave’s Country. While Haosui played with the kids, Wazu helped at the orphanage, fixing something that was broken or installing outdoor playsets built by Kagane. At the end of the day, as they were walking back home, Wazu asked if she had fun and if she didn’t want to sleep at the orphanage, to which Haosui answered that she had fun, but she didn’t want to sleep at the orphanage, cause day was kids play time, and night was “adults play time”.It was said that she had a beaming face the following day.

    – Kagane: As Kagane was late for their date, Wazu decided to go to her room to see what she was doing. What he found was an unconscious Kagane. He worriedly went to check her up, only to realise that she had bags under her eyes. She had spent the whole night creating the blue print for a new invention. He, then, put her on her bed, and decided to clean her room, which was in a messy state. As Wazu finished tidying up her room, Kagane woke up. Seeing her room all tidy, she gave a kiss on Wazu’s cheek, then threw him on the bed, saying that the kiss was her thank you gift as his little sister, now she would give him the thank you gift as his wife.

    – Mao: At their date, Mao just wanted Wazu to hold her really tight. The Beast People of Mao’s country heard of the competition on the other world’s Beast Nations and got interested. It was then decided that a Multi World Beast Nation Competition was to be held. As the bridge between worlds, Mao was really busy and stressed. All that she wanted was for Wazu to hold her as she inhaled his scent, since, to her, it was a good, calming, and gentle scent, that soothed her heart.
    She ended up sniffing him to much, though, which sent her on a estrus. She “attacked” Wazu. It was said that she had a beaming face the next day.

    – Mear: Mear’s date was a pretty normal one on Reagan’s city. They had some food, walked around hand in hand, and near the end of their date they stopped by a park, and laid down on the grass to relax. As they were lying down Wazu heard a couple passing by discussing what they would do “at night”. Wazu quickly cover Mear’s ears so she wouldn’t hear the couple. After they were gone, he let go of her ears and laid down again. While he was down, Mear came close to his ear and said she was already a grown up, and she would be happy to be “held” by Wazu, anytime, anywhere.

    – Aria: Aria’s date with Wazu was at the deepest part of the labyrinth. By now the deepest part of the labyrinth had become a place for people of both world to cultivate their muscles. Aria believed she had put some weight and decided to go there to try losing some weigh. Wazu spent the day looking at Aria on her gym clothes, with many parts of her well endowed body shaking. As she took a small break, Wazu was no longer able to hold his desire, and took Aria to a “more private” place.

    – Fafar: Since Fafar had a tomboyish personality, trying to appeal more to Wazu, she decided to have a “more feminine” behavior on their date, wearing cutesy clothes and so. As they were having their date some, guys tried to hit on Fafar. Wazu could see that she was holding herself not to beat up the guys, so, he said that he loved her the way she was, and that there was no reason for her to change.
    After hearing this, Fafar beat up the guys, while screaming that no one would stain the body that one day would bear her beloved’s child, and that the only one that could touch her was Wazu.

    – Serias: Their date was on a boat, where Serias made a monologue about how happy she was, and how she was afraid that it was all a dream, and that she would wake up missing her arm. Wazu held her tightly, as to affirm that it was all real. After some time she said that she was a little cold, and asked Wazu if he could “warm her up”. He then took Serias to a cabin on the boat.

    – Ravi: Their date was spent with Wazu taking care of Ravi. Since she is the weakest member of Wazu’s harem, she is traning really hard to get stronger, she ended up overdoing it and got sick. While Wazu was taking care of her, he said that she should not exaggerate, and that it was ok to go slower. The next day she was, again, trying her best to get stronger, she might have overdone again, though.

    – Luciel: To start their date Luciel would come wake up Wazu. So, even though he had woke up, he didn’t got out of bed, and waited for Luciel to come wake him. While he was waiting, he heard the door open, and slightly opened his eyes to check if it was Luciel. What he saw was a completely naked Luciel coming to wake him. She came near his ear and told him to wake up, or else, she would “eat him”. Wazu then woke up, alone in his room, thinking he had dreamed this all. When Luciel opened the door to wake him, though, she had a deeply red face.

    – Irm: During their date, Wazu had to take a how to whipping your partner the correct way community course. He would take it alone, since, according to Irm, she, as a maid, could not be together with her master at such a moment. While they were going to the class a guy hitted on Irm and kissed her hand. Wazu got mad, got Irm’s hand, brought her close to him, gave her a hickey on her neck, and said that Irm was his, and he would never give her to anyone. After this, Irm said to the guy that the only man for her was Wazu. She then decided to take the course together with Wazu. When he asks her why the change of mind, she said that, though she is his maid, at such moments she should act as his lover.

    – Jatofa: Their date was an all out combat. With Jatofa on her Goddess mode and Wazu on his Chaotic God Mode. After they were done, she said that she was happy to be able to have an all out fight. While they where going back Jatofa said that they where close to a really secluded place, and that they should “spend some time alone”.

    – Fighting Goddess (forgot her name): Their date started with them holding hands, which is a big step forward, since on previous dates every time Wazu tried to hold her hand she would faint. She then says that she is really grateful for Wazu not giving up on her, and that she would try her best so that they could have normal dates, and do “everything couples do”. Seeing such a cute action, Wazu kissed her forehead, which made her faint.

    – Earth Goddess (Tera): Before Wazu and Tera go out for their community course on how to correctly tie your partner up, she asks him to wait for a bit while she watered the flowers. The whole chapter is Wazu’s internal monologue, on how such a delicate and beautiful woman can be such a deviant.

    – Sea Goddess (Umi): Wazu wakes up and finds that his mattress is on a beach. He then finds Umi, that says she kidnapped him, just to then say it was a joke, that she wanted to have a date at the beach, and she couldn’t wait for it to happen, so she teleported him, mattress and all, to the beach.
    He then says that he really appreciates her and really loves her, which makes her go full yandere mode. He was then “devoured” by the sea.

    – Sky Goddess (Sora): Their date is spent, mostly, sleeping. When Wazu wakes up he sees her sleeping, which soothes his heart, he, then, decided to sleep again while hugging her. When Wazu wakes up again, he sees a pissed Sora. She then asks why his hand was on her head. He explains that she was sleeping so peacefully that he felt the urge to pat her. She says that she is the elder, then “shows him that she is the elder”.

    – Light Goddess (Hikari): On their date Hikari tries to have with Wazu a experience that he never had with any of the other wives. She fails on every attempt, though, since everything she tries is something that already happened with the other wives on their dates. While Wazu and Hikari where racking their brains trying to find something, they looked at each other and started to laugh. Wazu, then, says it was ok for them to slowly search for something that is just theirs since they will spend the rest of time together. The chapter ends with Wazu kissing Hikari.

    And this is how Sono Mono, Nochi Ni 2 ends, with Wazu and Hikari’s kiss. I hope that I could at least have satisfy your curiosity on how would this WN ends.
    As I said, its been some time since I’ve read the WN, and I’ve read it using Google Translate. I forgot some details, I might have got some things wrong due to translation mistakes, and I also kept many details out, after all this “resume” is already big enough without me pointing all the details I remember. This is the gist of how the story would go.
    If you want to check some illustrations of the LN, as well as read some of its pages, or at least try to, you can go to the novel’s site.

    Here is the link:

    To check the novel, just click on that yellow box with a small book beneath each volume.
    Volumes 1-5 are what we see on WN1.
    Volumes 6-7 are the first arc of WN2.
    Volumes 8-12 are the second arc of WN2.
    Extra Edition is a special story, not contained on WN2.


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