I Was Called Incompetent ch.14

Weekly chapters (1/2)

This world is really cruel toward “incompetent” person.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 14 : Divine Punishment

Crowds of people and curious passersby had immediately gathered in front of the adventurer guild office after hearing about the mishap. Obviously, all of them were rooting for Gagan.
In response to their cheerings, Gagan-san swung his greatsword around, eliciting even louder cheers from the crowds.
Everyone seemed to be eager to see the incompetent’s “public execution”.

Gagan-san placed his free hand on his chest, which caused his body to emit faint glow.
Looks like he’s applying magic to strengthen his body.
I didn’t know what the magic improved, whether it’s his strength, speed, or defense. But either way I need to be careful.

[Gahaha! Let’s gooo!]

After applying strengthening magic on himself, Gagan-san hefted his greatsword to his shoulder, then rushed at me with a shout.


It was a downward overhead swing.
Parrying it lightly with Balmung, I redirected the swing to the side so I could slip through to the other side.


Not expecting such an outcome, Gagan-san ended up rolling on the ground, unable to halt the great momentum of his own attack.
At that moment, the cheering ceased.
They also stopped moving, and their hands that were previously raised up slowly went down.
Nobody moved even an inch, as though time had stood still.
As for me, I didn’t really understand what just happened.

[Guh… what the…!?]

Only Gagan-san who moved in this kind of situation. He immediately turned around, his eyes wide open due to the unexpected development.
He was perturbed, but still tried to keep calm regardless.

[No, not bad, aren’t you…! Th-then how about this!]

Gagan-san got back up and hefted his greatsword once more.
This time it was a horizontal side swing so that I won’t be able to block it the same way.


Sound of screeching metal filled the air.
With Balmung on my right hand, I was able to block the swing rather easily.
Gagan-san’s greatsword was trembling, his face turned bright red like an octopus.

The cheerings had ceased completely a while ago. The spectators just watched on in silence now.
Impatience and confusion were obvious from Gagan-san’s flushed face and the numerous rivulets of sweat on his forehead.
Probably because I just blocked his full power attack with only one hand.

[U, Uoooo!]

Afterward, Gagan-san’s attacks became more desperate with each swing, as I blocked each of his attacks without moving an inch from my spot.
Certainly, I was quite confident with my physical strength. But there is no way I could block Gagan-san’s sword by only one hand without sufficient skill.
Up, down, left, right, Gagan-san’s attacks became more desperate and the confusion and frustration in his face gradually turned more obvious.

Eventually Gagan-san stopped attacking altogether. He was completely out of breath as he fell to his knee.

[Impossible…I’ve even applied muscle strengthening magic…no, I should continue fighting…the bread….I ate this morning…]

He had become delirious from exhaustion.
Well, he’s been swinging that huge sword for a while now after all… nn?

A silhouette emerged behind Gagan-san.
It was moving in stealthily, but it was obvious to me that it’s targeting Gagan-san.

[Ah…watch out…!]


The iron sword I materialized earlier kicked Gagan-san from behind, unwittingly also stabbing his sorry ass with its bladed foot.



[A-are you okay, Gagan-san…]

[I-I’m okay…]

We’re currently in the medical bay of the adventurers guild office.
Gagan-san was lying prone on the bed, in the middle of treatment.
Whether it’s fortunate or not, the iron sword’s bladed leg was stuck on his right butt cheek.
A little bit to the left, Gagan-san would probably be in for a world of pain.

[Nah… I had it coming for me… Apparently my eyes were blinded, causing me to make the mistake. The pain kinda woke me up. I’m truly sorry.]

Gagan-san didn’t seem to be too hung up over it.
He actually straightforwardly admitted his fault.

[It’s fine. As long as you understand.]

And I guess I need to apologize… to your butt.

[Since you bested me, I’ll let you register as promised. Ah, and is there anything else you want…? Money or something else? I’ll do anything…make up for everything.]

[Ah, then… how about we start by calling me by my name?]

[By name? I-is that really alright?]

I was really happy when Boss and the old aunty finally called me by my name.
And when Crown-san and Levi called me by name during our first meeting…for someone who had been treated as an incompetent up to that day, it was such a joy to be called by my own name again.

[Yes, please do]

[Sorry for doing this while lying down…but forgive me, Rhode.]

[I forgive you. And that is enough for me.]

[Ahh, I feel like I’ve lost to you even as a human! Ahahahahaha!]


I filled the necessary documents back at the reception desk.
Once registered, I would be able to work as an adventurer even in another town.

[T-the companions should fill the document as well.]

[Ah, me too? Very well]

[Umm… R-Rhode-san… so it will be a 2-person party?]

[Yes, please register us both.]

The female receptionist looked the worse for wear since we started.
Not that I cared, since it’s probably already clear for her.
Just as I thought so, she suddenly bowed and apologized.

[Ah, umm… I’ve said something rude earlier, so I’m sorry! I didn’t know that…]

[I don’t really mind it though.]

Just like with Gagan-san, this should be the first time we met.
Gagan-san was the adventurer guild master, so he might’ve only heard about me. Today was actually the first time we talked to each other.
Even if the other side knew me, doesn’t mean that I would also know them.

[Pardon me…! N-no need to use honorifics when referring to me! Just Ellie will do it! I’m looking forward to working with you!]

She bowed once again after saying so.

[Then I won’t… Thanks, Ellie. Looking forward to it too. Alright, is this all?]

Her face instantly brightened up.
Un, glad if we could understand each other.

[Yes! Let’s see… ah, the class column is still empty. Why is it, Rhode-san?]

[Oh, a class, huh…]

Every new adventurer is required to record their job class when registering.
One can consider it as a title.
Generally, it’ll be based on what their magic is capable of and what they’re good at.

Once someone becomes famous as an adventurer, people will start to specifically seek them for a special request.
On such occasions, the client usually only hires certain job classes.
For example, if the client wants precious ore, they’ll usually look for adventurers with “Miner” job class.
Alright then, what should I be?

[Here it is. Is this alright?]

Levi seemed to have written hers almost instantly.
My job class… I couldn’t really come up with anything.

[Yes! My job class is Maid…]

I knew she’d write that.

[Is it a no go?]

[No, no! Registrants are free to name their job class as anything. As long as it’s not a vulgar name…]

Apparently there were idiots who did that kind of thing in the past.
They wanted to tease the receptionist like Ellie by making her read such a vulgar name.
I just don’t get why they do that.

[Are you done yet, Rhode-sama?]

[Uーn…not really, still thinking…]

[Fumu… most people do not even know one bit about Materialization magic. Yet we are required to give out a name that represents our power still?]

[Indeed. Some clients tend to make decisions based on available job classes. But if you don’t want to be particular, then writing it off as “Knight” or anything else should still do.]

[I see… let’s do it like this then.]

I showed what I’ve written on the form to Ellie.
She tilted her head after reading it.

[This is… “Invoker Knight”?]

[Un. Materialization may look so much like summoning to regular folks, and I can fight with any weapon just like a knight. So I decided to go with this.]

[That is a wonderful name. Truly fitting for Rhode-sama]

[Understood. The registration has been completed! Looking forward to working with you!]

Yosh, the first step is completed.
Let’s get some requests to clear immediately.
Ah, right. Let’s also materialize Balmung.
Wonder what kind of person will appear this time?
I… I’m somewhat looking forward to it.


[You’re in the way, you incompetent! Don’t frolic in front of my store!]

[Ah…sorry, sorry! I’ll leave! I’ll leave so don’t kick me…]

[Tch…then scram! Who knows if your incompetence might’ve rubbed on me!]

[I’m really sorry, I really really am sorry…!]

You still kicked me anyway, you bastard…
I wish I could just die…!

I left the place in a hurry.
But I had nowhere else to go.
I’m too far away from my hometown.
Not having any money, losing my magic, I really can’t do anything.
Thinking so, sadness surged up in my heart.

Tears kept flowing on.
But no matter how much tears overflowed from time to time,
I knew that shedding tears alone won’t kill me.

[Why….why did this happen… (sniffle)….. I don’t understand… uuuu…]

It made me wonder how Rhode even coped with all this…
He endured all these for 3 years… yet I’m already desperate after only 3 weeks.

[UuuUUuu… Somebody… Help me…]

I realized that this must be a divine punishment for me.
That day, I deliberately told Rhode with a huge smile on my face.
That I would join the Hero’s party.
That the Hero had personally picked me.
While knowing full well that it’ll hurt Rhode.
Moreover, I also noticed that his window was kept open that night.

I knew that window led directly to his bedroom.
The same window my mom usually throws trash in.
I think he could hear me.
That everyone in my hometown always wished Rhode to just go and die.
And when I said it out loud that I agreed with them.

The next day I came knocking on Rhode’s door, but there was no answer.
I thought he finally gave up and chose to die.
I thought that was for the best.
It’s a good thing that he chose to die actually…

Eh? A divine punishment for me…?
Why do I have to be the only one being punished?
And I’m not an incompetent… I simply lost my magic!

Why me…
WhywhyIhatethiswhywhyIhatethiswhywhywhywhyIhatethiswhyIhatethiswhywhywhywhyIhatethiswhyIhatethiswhywhywhyIhatethiswhywhywhyIhatethiswhyIhatethisIhatethisIhatethiswhyIhatethiswhyIhatethisIhatethiswhyIhatethisIhatethisIhatethisI HATE THIS!

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    1. Looks like Asna is now suffering as being an incompetent lol.

      The hero party had stolen her ability and that turned her into an incompetent. And this is the just desserts I was talking about at ch.1

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      1. Yeah, still a long way after Rhode and Asna reunited. I think it was on the 40-ish and above? It’s been 2yrs since I last read the raws so I’m just guessing with the hazy memory of mine.


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