The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.135

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Chapter 135 – Conquering the North part 6 ~Counterattack~

[The Fire tribe has defected to the enemy camp!]

[Reporting! The Sand tribe has also defected to the enemy!]

News of defection continued to arrive in the Barbaric King Amqa’s lap one after another. Naturally, Amqa was irritated by this.

[Reporting! The Hill tribe has surrendered!]


Amqa finally couldn’t hold it anymore, throwing the cup on his hand at the messenger.


The messenger was caught off guard and could only react with a scream.

[Fuck it all! What is actually going on?! Haaa!?]

Amqa turned to the black-cladded man standing next to him angrily. But the man in question didn’t want any of it.

[What do you mean by that… Obviously, isn’t it because you didn’t get rid of the Wind tribe on your first chance?]

[What did you say!?]

[Because you only listen to your dumb head and your dick. Can’t you tell that all this happened because you didn’t listen to me?]

The man in black let out a huge sight afterward.

[…..kuh! That’s!]

The man in black did indeed tell Amqa to immediately kill this man named Batu.

[That man’s eyes… People with that kind of eyes tend to always get in our way. And look, it’s just as I thought.]


There were two reasons why Amqa chose to not execute Batu immediately.

The first being that if he killed Batu, then he won’t be able to legitimately claim the 『Ran』title. Secondly, he wanted to make Batu’s wife, Klan, known for being one of the most beautiful women in the northern grassland, to submit to him.

Amqa thought that he could get rid of Batu anytime he wanted as long as there was a hostage. However…the inlanders’ surprise attack took away this bargaining chip from him.
He originally used Batu’s forces as an advance party to significantly reduce the Wind tribe’s power. But the result was otherwise.

[You must’ve told me to kill him so that we would end up destroying each other apart, haven’t you, Bogdan!?]

Amqa said as he glared at the man in black… Bogdan.

Bogdan suddenly appeared before Amqa one day. It was thanks to Bogdan’s counsel…that a savage like Amqa was able to come a step closer to claiming the title of Ran. But everything he had worked on so far was crumbling to the ground as they speak.

Amqa and Bogdan glared at each other, until the latter finally relented first.

[Whatever. Anyhow…I need to make do.]

His finger pointed to a certain spot on the map.

[Judging from our position, the decisive battle can only be held on this hill. We need to take action at once.]

Bogdan then took out a small box from his pocket.

[That is?]

[I didn’t want to use it in this kind of timing… But, no matter what happens, the 『War God』must be eliminated…]


Bogdan ominously laughed. Meanwhile Amqa was left oblivious to what just happened.


Ares and Batu began the operation to defeat Amqa.

The plan that the military staff member Shion had concocted was as follows.

[Let’s try to sway as many tribes as possible to defect from the Iron tribe. There should be many which unwillingly submitted just like the Wind tribe.]

The first army led by Ares, the second army led by Sigurd, the third army under Roland’s command, and lastly Batu with the Wind tribe riders took to the field. Shu also participated as a lieutenant. Batoru and Mukasa naturally were there as well.

The four armies marched through the grassland.

Ares chose to strike the area where the Fire tribe was taken hostage first.
They swooped in to attack the guards in the darkness of night. They couldn’t afford to allow the hostages to be hurt, therefore they had to rely on stealth and get rid of the guards one by one in their confusion.

[They are men who had committed violence against the hostage. Kill them all without mercy. But… if there is any hostage who is willing to vouch for any of them, then we’ll spare this person….although I doubt the possibility.]

And thus Ares’ forces freed the hostages, while at the same time conveying the news to the related tribes, convincing them to defect.

And slowly but surely, more tribes started to switch sides. A few weeks later, Ares’ forces were reinforced by a large number of northern riders of various different tribes.

[Amqa’s forces, along with the rest of the hostages, have converged at the Gayag Hill. The number, approximately tens of thousand.]

Zekka came forth with the intel when Ares was discussing the battle strategy with the leaders of the allied army.

[My my, so they finally realized the stupidity in dispersing the hostages…]

Dispersing the hostages actually gives little benefit, as this means your forces would be spread out and the enemy would be able to free them one by one. Apparently Amqa finally realized this.

Shion nodded in agreement.

[Apparently they’re planning to challenge us into a decisive battle. We have to be careful of when to strike.]

[This is how I like it. If we rout them here, the grassland will shift to us all at once!]

Mukasa, who was standing beside Batu, responded to the discussion in a loud voice. But Batu himself was calmer.

[However…they have the remaining hostages with them this time. Most likely they’ll use the hostages as meat shields. If we aren’t careful…we’ll end up hurting the hostages, and the tribes related to these hostages will bear a lasting grudge to us.]

[Not to mention that the trust from the other defecting tribe would be affected as well, which will lead to a further delay to Batu-sama’s inauguration as a Ran…]

Batoru also added.

[Big bro….. Do you have any idea?]

In response to Batu’s question, Ares turned to Shion.

And Shion smiled in return

[Good grief… Milord should think this through yourself next time…]

He complained.

[Well, what’s the point of having a vassal who could think faster than me then?]

Unable to refute, Shion could only sigh before finally starting to relay his strategy.


[Bogdan! We should be alright this time, shouldn’t we!?]

Amqa barked at Bogdan.

The guy didn’t even bother to use his own brain. Truly an incompetent ruler.

Bogdan inwardly thought. Amqa stupidity gave him difficulties to operate properly after all.

The first time Bogdan met Amqa was when the latter was in the middle of his savagery.

The ambition, strength, and ferocity in Amqa was what Bogdan needed.

[With my wisdom, you can even become the king of the steppes. Do you want to join me?]

Fascinated by the mention of 『King of the Steppes』, Amqa instantly agreed.
Afterward, Amqa would move according to the direction that Bogdan gave, and he soon rose to become the ruler of the majority of the grassland.
He even earned the nickname 『Barbaric King』. Personally Bogdan felt that it really fit Amqa.

For Bogdan, Amqa was the key to obtaining his wish.

Which is also the wish of the 『Snake of Darkness』.


Once Amqa fully conquered the grassland, Bogdan planned to urge him to turn towards Grants, and many other places. Raiding, plundering, and slaughtering. He would instill the northern riders with fear, massacring any who dare to oppose him.

Amqa did exactly as Bogdan wanted.

[Don’t worry. With the hostages on the frontline, they won’t dare to attack head on. And then… once they attack from behind, that’s when our victory is set in stone.]

[And that guy?]

[They’ll help us.]

After that short remark, Amqa finally understood what Bogdan was planning. He let out a ferocious smile.

[So that guy has decided to move this time, huh!?]

[It’s supposed to be that way.]

[Great! Well done, Bogdan.]

Amqa stood up and laughed.

[Yosh! Then let’s inform the army. Put the hostages at the front to become a 『meat shield』for us. Station those who are most likely to defect, like the Spear tribe, on the second row. Our Iron tribe will wait at the very back!]

In a good mood, he also added.

[I don’t give a damn about those inlanders…but Batu and the Wind tribe, also those defecting tribes, they must be annihilated. I’ll make sure they’ll suffer before killing them.]

Amqa left the tent with a laugh. Meanwhile, Bogdan murmured quietly.

[By any chance, if this measure didn’t work…I’ll at least let you satisfy your savagery. To the very, very end…]

An eerie smile crept up on Bogdan’s face as he said so.


The 『Spear tribe』was led by a man named Bort. He was also an old friend of Batu, having the commonality of becoming a tribe leader at a young age.

The Spear tribe was said to have the greatest offensive power amongst the northern riders. Their equestrian skill allows them to be more mobile than other tribes.

When Amqa attacked them, they were quick to recover and fought back calmly. Until…

That guy showed up.

Bort, atop his horse, went around on his own.
His eyes caught the sight of several iron tribe soldiers enjoying themselves with booze and snacks. Bort bit his lip and turned away.

[If it weren’t for that strange looking guy back then, I won’t be here amongst this wretched…]

When Bort’s Spear tribe cavalry engaged Amqa’s forces, they were attacked by other forces from the flank.
Bort still remembered the face of the attackers clearly.

A bull headed warrior leading a squad of magic beasts.

His troop collapsed after being attacked from the flank. His father, the tribe patriarch, along with many of the tribe cavalry died, swallowed the stampede of the magic beasts.
As a result, the entire tribe was captured and turned to slaves. Bort and what remained of his troops became Amqa vanguard, running around the eastern grassland at Amqa’s behest.

[That Batu, is he okay…??]

According to the rumour he heard, Amqa also managed to defeat the Wind tribe and made Batu his henchman.

While Bord was wondering about the fate of his old friend, something hit him in the head.

[Who’s that!?]

He should be alone right now. When he looked around, he only saw a crumpled paper on the ground. This must be what hit him in the head earlier.

With suspicion, Bord picked up the crumpled paper and carefully unfurled it. As it turned out, it was a letter.

Batu and Bord could actually read and write, which was a rarity among the northern riders. Bord casually started reading the letter, then his eyes stopped on a sentence.

[『To my old friend, Bord』…..isn’t this Batu’s handwritings?!]

He looked around, then carefully read the letter silently this time. A mysterious glint appeared in his eyes.

Both sides had finally come face to face in Gayag hill. Unaware of each other’s strategy, the battle between the two was about to begin.

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