The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.138

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Conquering the North part 7 ~Battle of Gayag Hill~

The battle erupted at midnight when there was no moonlight.

[E-enemy attack!]

[No way! Did they decide to ignore the hostages!?]

[Rather, how did they get behind us! There should be a river behind us…!]

[Shit! I don’t know from where they’re coming!]

Amqa’s formation placed the hostages at the very front, treating them as a meat shield. Right behind them were a few Iron tribe guards and several other tribes, including the Spear tribe. At the very back were the rest of the Iron tribe forces, along with the most cooperating tribes.

There was a river behind the formation, so it shouldn’t be possible to be attacked from behind…

[What’s going on! How come they’re attacking from behind us?]

At that moment, Amqa recalled Bogdan’s words.


[As long as we have the hostages, they won’t dare to attack head on. Our army should proceed. When the time comes, we’ll strike their forces from the sides.]

That was Bogdan’s original plan.

[Those people don’t like unnecessary killing.]

Few days ago, Bogdan was giving advice to Amqa.

[Hou, so they’re that kind of men. To me, nothing more fun than killing people in battle.]

Ignoring Amqa’s laughter, Bogdan continued on.

[That’s why we collected all of our hostages together and put them at the front.]

Bogdan’s plan was to use the hostages to prevent the enemies from marching towards them aggressively. They only need to buy time until the magic beast squad attacks the enemy from behind. Afterward, their cavalry will march to finally break the opposition…. All of that certainly sounded like a perfectly laid plan.

Of course, the other leaders inquired about the possibility of getting attacked from the rear.

[No need to be worried. There is a river behind us. The rivers in this area are too deep for cavalry to cross. Rest assured.]

Convinced by Bogdan, Amqa happily adopted the plan and set up his camp atop Gayag hill.


However, thanks to the information Zekka brought, Ares and the others became aware of this plan.
Bringing the most elite of his first army, along with the elites of Batu’s army, sneaked around to the back of Amqa’s forces and set up a surprise attack.

[There are a lot of trees along this river.]

Shion explained.

[We can make a simple raft using these trees.]

[But…won’t we just get swept downstream…?]

[Yes, the enemy would also think so. That’s why they left the back facing the river. But that’s also why we’ll use that opening.]

Shion grinned.

[We’ll make use of the dragon knights. Let the dragons tow the raft across the stream. Fortunately, it’s the season when the stream isn’t that harsh. Our dragons should be able to force their way against the flow. Ah, and one more thing…]

Shion added.

[After crossing the river, Sigurd should lead the dragon knights back. We’ll need him and the rest of our troops to deal with the monsters attacking from behind us.]

[That’s a lot to ask…]

Shion replied lightly to Sigurd’s complaint.

[There is no other way. It’s important to decide the outcome of this battle. We must win, no matter what hand we must use.]

And thus, after a few days of building rafts, Ares finally put the operation to play.


[Bastards! Those cowards!]

The surprise attack tore down the Iron tribe’s encampment. Amqa was busy barking out orders to the vassals around him.

[Oi!! Hurry up and get the guys at the front here! Kill all the hostages!]

But nobody responded to his order. All of them were too busy dealing with the surprise attack.

[Fuck! Where is everyone!?]

Responding to that was a vassal who was supposedly standing by at the frontline instead.


[What now!?]

[Hostages are escaping to the enemy camp. Our guards were attacked from behind by the Spear tribe!]

[What did you say!?]

Right, that was the measure Ares prepared to prevent the enemy from killing the hostage. He had sent a secret letter to Bord, the Spear tribe’s leader.

While the rear is disturbed by surprise attack, he is to help the hostages escape.

The reason why the Spear tribe had to wait was because their position was sandwiched between the hostage at the front and the Iron tribe at the back. Should they act too early, the Iron tribe would move to kill them along with the hostages from behind… It just won’t work.

But it’s a different story if the back was in a state of confusion.

According to Ares’ plan, Bord made his move, freeing the hostages.

[Many tribes also defected to the enemy camp…guaaa!]

Amqa killed the poor messenger with a slash of his sword. Everyone around him turned pale after witnessing this.

[Shit! Retreat! Retreat and regroup later!]

The subordinates were perplexed at Amqa’s frantic order. However, at that moment.

[That won’t be needed.]

A voice spoke up.
Realizing that Bogdan had spoken against his order, Amqa glared at his advisor.


[Use this.]

Bogdan took out a small box and showed it to Amqa.

[By using this, you’ll gain a power that none can surpass. Use this power to take their heads, and we’ll win.]

Amqa silently observed the box for a while. Then finally said.

[This…how do I use this?]

[It’s very simple. I’ll use a special technique to embed it onto yourself. That’s it.]

Amqa went silent once more.

If this situation goes on, Amqa knows that his army will collapse. He will eventually die, and everything ends there. However, if he uses this, he’ll gain immense power. Bogdan was asking him to hold the line while waiting for the magic beast squad to finish their task.

[In addition to increased power, you’ll also be able to take control of nearby magic beasts. I actually don’t want to give it to you. But this is an emergency. So there you are.]

However, there were some who were against Bogdan’s suggestion.

[Amqa-sama! Do not be fooled by this guy. At this current situation we really should…guahhh!]

However, Bogdan was quick to approach that subordinate and swiftly beheaded the unfortunate man.

[Lowly trash…this isn’t the time for you to speak. Now, what do you say?]

[…………alright. Let’s do it your way.]

Amqa finally made his choice as he turned toward Bogdan. Amqa’s subordinates turned pale faced upon hearing his decision.

[Can this power make me the king of the steppes?]

[Not just the King of the Steppes, but you also can even become the King of All.]

Those words were enough to make Amqa grin.

[Interesting. To have everything in this world. The land, riches and the women… do it now, Bogdan.]

[Your boundless desire is truly marvelous…let’s get started.]

Having said that, Bogdan opened the small box.


<Milord, surely you realize?>

Ares nodded in affirmative to Saint’s question.

[There is no doubt. I sensed the sign of the 『Demon King』coming from there…those bastards, don’t tell me they’re using the 『artifact』…..?]

Right after Ares muttered that, Batu and Shu came up to him. Both had equally pale complexions.

[Fourth head! Why does the air over there feel distorted!?]

[Oi oi, even I can feel it too? Chills have been running through my spine for a while now… Big bro? What is going on??

[…….in any case we still need to go on. You know what to do. I’ve left my troops command to Roland. As for you two…]

[Don’t worry. I have Mukasa and Batoru to take command in my stead.]

Batu was quick to reply.

[If I don’t defeat Amqa personally, then I won’t be able to claim the title Ran for myself. It’s also a critical point for me.]

Hearing Batu’s resolve, Ares grinned in return.

[Got it. Let’s go.]

And thus, Ares, Batu, and Shu rode together toward the center of Amqa’s formation where the evil aura was.

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