The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.139

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Translator: Raizu
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Conquering the North part 8 ~Bull Warrior~

Sigurd was back at the allied camp across the Gayag hill.

However, their current formation was a bit odd.

Each of the center and the wings were facing the opposite direction. They’re actually presenting their back towards the direction of Amqa’s Iron tribe’s camp.

In the center, facing away from the hill in a spread formation, was the Grants army led by Sigurd. Meanwhile, the cavalry on the left and right led by Mukasa and Batoru were seemingly preparing to head towards Amqa’s encampment.

Sigurd and Shion rode atop their horses at the center of the Grants forces.

[How unusual. To think you’ll take to the frontline personally.]

Shion simply smiled in response to Sigurd’s comment.

[Honestly I don’t want to work in such an environment if at all. But…there is no other choice. Everywhere around here is dangerous at the moment anyway.]

Hearing such an exchange from the side, Arnold, Sigurd’s lieutenant, finally couldn’t help himself and whispered to Sigurd.



[Will it really be okay…?]


[No, I mean, bringing the strategist to the frontline like this?]

Arnold glanced at Shion as he said so. The person in question was sitting on the saddle, gazing at the distance relaxedly.

[Ah, you don’t know…well of course, most of the people currently working at Grants don’t even know as well.]

[…….about what?]

Hearing Arnold’s reaction, Sigurd simply grinned.

[That guy isn’t just a man with a big brain.]

He said.


Noises reverberated throughout the hill.

Horseshoe clappings, soldiers screaming and yelling….these various kinds of noises.

[The attack has begun…can you please inform Mukasa and Batoru?]

Shion gave an instruction to one of the [Dragon’s Eye] agents Zekka had posted nearby. The [Dragon’s Eye] agent quickly bowed before disappearing like the wind.

After a while, the cavalry on both wings began to march out. They’re heading to the flank of Amqa’s army to attack from the sides.

[Good grief…the people Milord has gathered really are excellent…]

Shion chuckled to himself, then turned to Sigurd.

[Alright then, isn’t it about time?]

On their line of sight, many magic beasts were approaching with a tall cloud of dust following them.

[You know what to do, right?]

[Yeah, kill the enemy carrying the 『Demon King’s Artifact』.]

Shion nodded in satisfaction at Sigurd’s reply.

[Until then, I will be conducting the battle from here….Sigurd only needs to focus on his task.]

[Understood… I will finish it in no time.]

Sigurd then held up his spear and urged his horse forward.

[By the way…I have left Ancient Dragon Zephyr nearby… Don’t wander too far away from him if possible.]

[Ahaha, no worries. I’m not the type to force myself to work hard anyway.]

Giving Shion one last glance, Sigurd urged his flame horse Brad forward to lead the army. After confirming that Sigurd had really started moving…Shion manipulated the wind with magic to deliver his voice to the entire army. His laid back voice made its way to the ear of every soldier.

[Aaー, attention to all soldiers. The enemy is currently in confusion and you all should be able to see that the cavalry has marched out, but…what you should now know is that our Lord Ares is fighting at the heart of the enemy camp as we speak.]

He took a breather before continuing.

[Now, it’s our turn. An army of monsters is approaching from behind. We must never let those beasts reach our Lord. Fight with your life….? No, I will not say that. This should be a cinch if you make use of the usual anti-magic beast formation. Be confident. When the time comes, General Sigurd will clean up everything while the rest of us can relax.]

Sigurd smiled at that last remark. Many soldiers also laughed.

As long as they do their best, the great general will handle everything else. Never had any of them heard such a “rallying speech” before.

[There is no shame in escaping. Life is the most precious thing after all. If you think that thing’s gone bad, feel free to run away…surely our Lord will also say the same thing…eh? All this talk and the magic beasts are already just up ahead….alright then, everyone, good luck!]

Shion then quietly pointed the iron war fan in his hand forward. At the same time, the roar of the ancient dragon Zephyr filled the air.

[That was somewhat…too relaxed, wasn’t it?]

But Sigurd was quick to correct Arnold for his comment.

[Not at all. Just take a look at the soldiers.]

Following Sigurd’s suggestion, Arnold turned his head around to look. And he was surprised.

There were no longer smiles and laughs in the soldiers’ faces. All of them had firm looks.

[He is a strange fellow indeed. But that’s probably why the soldiers like him.]

Sigurd grinned as he said so.

[That’s just how it is. He would always stand on the frontline, saying that the soldiers are doing their best, so he shouldn’t be the only one safe in the backline.]

It’s just as Sigurd said. When Shion actually participates in a battle, the man would be there at the frontline.
He wasn’t proficient with the sword, and neither was he with magic.

His martial arts were subpar, and he could only use elementary levels of magic. And yet he always stands in the frontline.

[Would the soldiers be willing to listen to someone who never risked their own life in the battlefield?]

Shion once said.

[Generals and soldiers alike should risk their life together in battle. That’s why the soldiers willingly follow our command… Don’t you think so too?]

Listening to Sigurd’s story, Arnold went silent for a while before muttering,

[If only the generals at the capital have a similar belief.]

[Well, even Milord has the same belief. That’s why we are strong…I guess? Everyone here has the same belief after all.]

Sigurd chuckled.

[Though I honestly don’t want him to die. That’s why I left Zephyr with him. Now I can fight with an ease of mind. Alright then, enough chit chat. We have work to do.]

Sigurd set his sight at the center of the magic beast horde.

[Over there is where the one behind this horde stands. I shall take his head.]


Sigurd charged through the magic beast horde atop his mount, the flame horse Brad. Following behind him were the elites of the army. Wherever they went, magic beast corpses were strewn along their path.

[Through here. The pendant is pointing to that direction.]

Sigurd rode to battle without a sliver of doubt. The pendant in his hand continued to show him the direction he needed to take.



Whenever Sigurd moved his spear, many magic beasts would be blown away. His steed Brad would trample over any that he somehow missed as it galloped.

Then suddenly, Sigurd, who had been moving unceasingly from the beginning, finally stopped.

[Oii! Sigurd…! If you ride too fast, the rest won’t be able to follow, eh…..!?]

Lieutenant Arnold arrived at Sigurd’s side a bit later with a ragged breath. Noticing that his leader was focused on something, he turned to see toward the same direction Sigurd was staring at.

And in Arnold’s sight…was a warrior. He was sitting atop the shell of a giant turtle-like magic beast.

[Oi…that is…]

Before Arnold could finish his sentence, the warrior before them already spoke up.

[So thou art the people that hast been charging through my beasts from a while ago.]

Arnold was surprised by the fact that the warrior in front of them could talk, considering his appearance and all.

‘He’ had a muscular body and beast-like features. The upper body was left naked while the lower body was covered by what seemed to be beast hide.
The greatsword in his back would certainly draw attention. But above all else…

Arnold murmured what crossed his mind just now.

[His head is a black bull? Is he that so-called true beastkin?]

True beastkin is what the beastkins of the current age called their ancestors. It’s said that they possessed much greater physical prowess than the regular beastkins of today. But the warrior before them quickly corrected Arnold.

[Ha! How unpleasant to be clumped together with those lowly beastkin. This me has transcended all species. Do not think this me is of the same level to thee lowly creatures.]

The bull headed man turned his sight to Sigurd once more.

[This me shall ask you just one thing. Art thy lord is that 『dog』, the so called 『War God』?]

Sigurd didn’t answer that question, instead he silently applied magic strengthening. His body instantly cladded in blue glow.

[Not even answering to this me…? What an unpleasant man. No matter. If thou art here, then thou must be the servant of that 『War God』. Thou shalt die in here.]

At that moment, an intense killing intent and magic power overflowed through the entire area. Nearby magic beasts dispersed to make room out of fear, but the soldiers behind Sigurd stood their ground. Watching their leader.

Yes, they noticed. Their leader is enraged.

The opponent had insulted their beloved Lord.

[No need to tell me your name…I will just say one last thing. Don’t even think that you’ll ever leave this place alive!]

The bull headed warrior replied with a similar amount of hate.

[Kukukuku, seems like a good dog, thou art… This me should be the one saying that.]

The moment the bull headed warrior said so,

Both men collided with such a terrifying force.

Thus, in the midst of the magic beast horde, a battle beyond human’s imagination commences.


Each time Sigurd’s spear and the bull warrior’s greatsword clashed, wind pressure and magical waves would overflow with them as the epicenter.



With a loud yell, the bull warrior shook his greatsword, this time managing to push Sigurd back.

But he still managed to land on his two feet, raising a cloud of dust in the process.

[Not yet!]

Sigurd fixed his posture as he said that, but at that moment…

[Too slow!]

The bull warrior was already right in front of him.


Sigurd let out a surprised shout. The bull warrior kept putting pressure on Sigurd. Gradually pushing the spearman into a defensive position.

[Oioi, if even Sigurd is being pushed back….that means neither Milord nor Darius can fight it…]

Arnold couldn’t believe that such a possibility was happening right before his eyes.

[What’s wrong,『dog』? Is that all?]

The bull warrior kept swinging his greatsword at Sigurd with a crooked smile on his face.

[Guh! Guuh!]

Sigurd sometimes blocked, sometimes evaded and other times, he would redirect the attacks coming at him. But it’s clear that he could only stay on the defensive.

[Fuhn, just a 『dog』after all. I suppose thy lord shouldn’t be a big deal]

The bull warrior sneered.

[My my, ‘tis not even interesting. At this rate, this me should just go and challenge that so-called 『War God』. Alright then, ‘tis time to finish this farce. This me still has something else to…?]

The bull warrior never managed to finish his sentence. He didn’t notice the change in Sigurd’s eyes as he spoke.


Sigurd’s whole body, previously glowing in blue, now began to shine white.
His roar was followed by a spear swing. The bull warrior still managed to dodge, but he was stupefied by what he saw.

[What…? What is that…]

The bull warrior muttered in confusion.

[Oi oi, isn’t that the same as what Lord Ares used…]

Arnold was also amazed.

Sigurd, enveloped in a white glow, didn’t respond to those comments and questions, and instead moved his limbs a little as if checking for something. After he felt certain, he once again faced the bull warrior.
Murmuring seemingly to himself.

[This is the first time I use the Magic Sword style in actual battle….. I’m looking forward to seeing the result.]

He then shouted to the bull warrior.

[For insulting my Lord, you shall pay it with your life!]

Right after saying so, Sigurd’s figure disappeared from sight.
He’s attacking the bull warrior with a speed unseen to the eye.


Not only was the bull warrior still confused, he couldn’t react at all even if he wanted to. But he still noticed that Sigurd had passed through him.

[What on earth…]

At that moment, his greatsword fell to the ground. No…

It was his arm that actually fell.


Finally realizing what had actually transpired, the bull warrior cried in pain.
But Sigurd, with eyes as cold as ice, didn’t care and moved to attack again.

On the other hand, the bull warrior no longer had any weapon to defend himself.

Sigurd and the bull warrior clashed for what appeared to be less than a second, before the former skidded to a stop some distance behind the latter.


Blue blood overflowed from the bull warrior’s mouth.

[Amazing…my eyes couldn’t follow at all…]

Arnold could only mutter so.

Sigurd had punched a hole through the bull warrior’s chest with his spear…right, the spot where the 『Demon King’s Artefact』was embedded.


[Ah, I have one last thing to tell you.]

Turning around and approached the bull warrior, Sigurd smugly said,

[The minion is such a weakling after all. I suppose your master shouldn’t be a big deal either.]


The bull warrior roared furiously. Right then, Sigurd flashed his spear sideways. A blink of an eye later, the bull warrior’s head was already severed from his body, exploding in blue blood and gore.

[Good grief…this is more tiring than I expected.]

Murmuring such to himself, Sigurd then turned to Arnold with a smile on his face.


A short moment after Sigurd defeated the bull warrior, the horde of magic beasts dispersed on its own.

[No need to give chase. Leave them alone.]

Sigurd commanded the army.

[Now, all that left is Ares-sama’s part…godspeed, Ares-sama]

Without having any doubt that his master would bring victory home, Sigurd looked back to the hill in the distance.

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