Glutton Berserker ch.155

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Chapter 155 Fate’s Room

My anxiety was proven right.
Entering the castle, I searched around looking for Eris….but found nothing.
In fact, I couldn’t even find Roxy and Mimir anywhere.
Probably realizing that I’m getting impatient, Greed spoke to me via 《mind reading》 .

『There is only one possibility left now. Have you cleaned up properly?』

[I was in a hurry to return to the capital back then…]

I just assumed that the maids working on the castle would clean the room up for me.
Thinking so, I went to my room. And of course, I heard voices coming from inside.
Those voices belonged to girls I’m familiar with.

[Fumu fumu, so this is Fate’s room.]

[We should not! Eris-sama, let us leave.]

[But we’ve just entered. Shouldn’t we look around for a bit? Don’t you think so too, Mimir?]

[Yes, as a maid working for this castle, it should be my top priority.]

[If you insist on leaving, then maybe Roxy should just wait outside.]

[Why only me! That is not going to happen!]

It was a fuss inside. And the voices just kept getting louder.
Quick, I must enter and put an end to this!

When I grabbed the door handle,

[Just admit it, Roxy also wants to take a look at Fate’s room, right?]

[That is…]

[Eeee~, then tell me why did you keep taking glances at the surroundings since we entered this room?]


Roxy was just trying to stop the two, but Eris’ alluding to her own curiosity…it only made her upset.
And then, there were Eris and Mimir, making sounds as though they’re turning the room upside down without leaving anything unchecked.
You really shouldn’t be talking about that, especially in my room.

[I couldn’t enter…]

『Don’t be such a dimwit. Just get inside already. Being so cowardly, and you still consider yourself the wielder of this Me!?』

[Shu, shut up.]

I had lost my timing completely. Anyone who looked at me standing there in front of my own room must be wondering what I am doing. Evidently, the maids who passed by the room could only look at each other in question as they didn’t know my circumstances.
The lord of the castle returned home after a fairly long time… But he had this troubled face that they didn’t dare to even greet him. Rather than inquiring about the problem now, the maids decided to postpone it for later.

『Can you just man up already?』

[I know.]

When I finally opened the door, the girls who had been talking to each other earlier suddenly turned their gaze towards me at once.

[Arara… The room owner has finally appeared.]

[Fate-sama, is there something wrong?]

[Something wrong, you ask? This is my room.]

[Is that the case? I didn’t know]

[How shameless.]

Eris and Mimir stood there imposingly. Even though it’s my room and they’ve been ransacking it right in my earshot.
On the other hand, Roxy’s face gradually turned red.

[Fai, did you… hear what we talked about earlier?]



Unable to look at me in the face anymore at that point, Roxy stormed off from the room.
I had no chance to stop her.
While I was occupied with staring at the open door, Eris’ hand made its way to my shoulder.
Her expression spoke to me that anything I said wouldn’t matter.

[Eavesdropping is not good.]

[Are you really one to talk?]

[What do you even mean?]

[You are in my room, you know?]

[I don’t see any problem with that.]

There is a problem! This is MY room.
But Eris could care less about that. She sat on my bed while maintaining eye contact.

[This is a pretty comfy bed. I’ll really get a good sleep tonight.]

[You… don’t tell me.]

[Ahaha, would you look at that! Fate’s troubled expression really is fun to see. Don’t you agree, Mimir?]

[Indeed it is.]

Mimir repeatedly nodded. What a nice teamwork! I guess the two really got along well during our trip to Hauzen.

[Please spare me.]

Roxy did say that she’ll become my bodyguard at night.
But the way things are, it felt like Eris and Mimir would still vie for a position on my bed.
I….will I ever have a nice comfy rest…?

[What’s wrong? You suddenly become pale]

[Arara, that’s not good. I better take care of Fate-sama properly tonight.]

[It’s because of you people! Now get out of my room already!]

[ [ Eeee ] ]

Eris and Mimir shot me with disgruntled gazes. No no, it should be me who gave you two that kind of gaze.
I pushed the two girls from the back, trying to shoo them away from my room. But right then, a lively voice followed by a noise of destruction boomed.

[Fate, found you! I wanna play too!]

[My rooooom!!]

Owing to her immense status and the lack of control therein, Snow literally pushed the door out of the wall as she stormed into my room. The door itself brushed past my cheek before it broke through the window and flew away somewhere.
What in the world… I lost my bedroom as soon as I returned back home.
Eris and Mimir who had been teasing me earlier now looked at me with sympathy.

[Ahaha…. Look at the bright side, it’s more airy now. I’m off to the guest room then]

[…..I’ll go find broom and dustpan.]

The two left the room, leaving me alone with Snow.
The price was fairly hefty, but at least it’s quiet here now. At least I wanted to think so.

[Snow, you can’t just break the door like that. Before this too, you also broke through the bathhouse’s wall.]

[Ah! I forgot… sorry]

This careless fellow! I wanted to pat her head, but if I did, the castle would end up full of holes. It would be a major crisis if the newly renovated castle collapsed so quickly.

This little girl tends to forget other things when she’s already focused on something. At first I thought it’s related to her amnesia. But having stayed with her all the time, I came to realize that it’s just the way she is.

For instance, even if she remembered not to break the door this time, she’ll forget it some other time. And because she’s an Area E already, her childlike appearance was very deceptive.

I suddenly felt a very strong tug on my arm, as Snow called out to me.

[Hey hey, I want to explore the castle!]

[I need to talk with Seto shortly, can we do it later?]

[I want now! Now, now!]

Fuuu~, even if I insisted on talking with Seto now, having Snow continuing to act like this would only hinder us. I should just take her for a small walk around the castle now. She’ll fall asleep on her own when she feels tired.

[Okay, okay]

[Yay! Come on!]

Good grief. We exited the room through the destroyed entrance.
And right then, from the corner at the end of the corridor, was that glittering blonde hair there?

After whispering something quietly to Snow, I went to meet the owner of that hair.
I opened up with a [Boo] with the intention to lightly startle her before asking what she was doing right there.


But unexpectedly, she was actually surprised.
It seemed that the person in question was trying to hide herself, and for some reason didn’t notice me approaching her.

[Fai, do not surprise me like that]

[Then, Roxy, what are you doing there?]

[Tha, that is…]

I talked to Roxy. But when I looked at her in the face, she turned away from me.

[I was just curious about what Eris-sama and Mimir are doing. Then I heard a loud crash… it would be weird if I didn’t come to check.]

[Indeed it is.]

The servants of the castle had also started gathering due to the noise.
I’ll explain the situation to them and have them conduct repairs soon. In my observation, the doors and the windows were newly installed, so it shouldn’t take long to replace them.

[Until then, I think I’ll have to rest in the guest room.]

[If so, there is one free bed in my room, is it not convenient?]

[Do you really want me to sleep in the same room as yours?]

[Why of course! Eris-sama and Mimir are too dangerous if left alone! And did you forget about that?]

[Nn? About what?]

[Studying. I once said that I would teach you personally. There are various things that we had to postpone due to all the travelling. So I will make sure that we catch up in no time.]

Eeeeee, studying!? I completely forgot about that. Now I have no right to call Snow forgetful.
As my shoulders drooped down, Snow tugged my sleeve.

[Castle exploring!]

[Right. What about you, Roxy?]

[There is no helping it, I guess. However, I will start teaching you at night, so you better be prepared.]

[…..I understand, teach.]


After taking Snow and Roxy on a tour around the castle, I had a talk with Seto. Then, at night, Roxy would teach me about various things that are important to know as a noble.
Un, it’s already as hectic as it could get.

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