Glutton Berserker ch.156

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Chapter 156 Spiritual World

A pure white world spread before my eyes.
It was a familiar sight. The spiritual world that Luna had created.
As it turned out, after discussing things with Seto, I fell asleep in the middle of Roxy’s class session.

Perhaps I unknowingly leaned on the table and fell asleep right then. Honestly, I think Roxy must be feeling irritated right now.
I really shouldn’t wake up anytime soon…


I called the owner of this space, but there’s no response. Only the silent white space replied back to me.


Along with Luna, I also called out to my one partner who had been assisting me in my training inside the spiritual world.
But the result was the same. There was no prideful voice that I’ve come to be familiar with replying to me.

Have I somehow become lost in this spiritual world?
No, no. That shouldn’t be the case. This world was created by Luna to protect my heart and soul from the Gluttony skill. Luna should be here, somewhere.
I repeatedly called her name, but no reply came back to me still.

[What is going on here…]

Stumped by the unexpected situation, my eyes wandered downward. And there, I saw my own shadow.
Weird… this is the spiritual world here. How come my spiritual body cast a shadow here?

[Why… do I have a shadow?]

I crouched down, trying to touch the shadow,

[Don’t touch!]

The shadow distorted and escaped from my touch.
So intently it tried to escape, it separated itself from where the shadow should’ve begun.
As if it has a will of its own,

[You are…]

The shadow rose and took shape. The silhouette of someone I knew.
It’s like looking at a mirror. But the shadowy form had a few distinctions that tell it apart from me.
It has a pair of repulsive bright red eyes.

Its index finger was pointed at me, as an ugly smile formed in its face. The shadow expanded and formed a greatsword in its hand. A greatsword, but it looked weird.
The body of the blade extended down to where the pommel should be, making it so as if the greatsword was just a piece of iron slab without any hilt at first glance.

A jet-black greatsword seemingly specialized for powerful strikes. The sword’s features reminded me of mortal sin weapons such as Greed, Sloth, and Envy.

The shadow seemed to be hostile. Its gaze seemingly filled with extraordinary hate, as though I was an obstacle to its greatest goal.

This might be dangerous.
The reason is simple. I was unarmed. And facing this kind of enemy while unarmed is like looking for death.
Even so, the shadow already moved in to attack me while letting a guttural beastly roar.

While I was still hesitating, the jet-black greatsword already rained down on me.


I managed to evade the downward swing. But then black aura burst out from the sword, painting the white floor where it landed earlier with its color instantly.
At the same time, my body was wrecked by pain.

[I still took damage… what did it just do?]

The shadow didn’t even care to reply to me. Already moving in again for a second strike.
This time I had no time to evade. I needed a weapon to block this attack.
But I don’t have any right now.
Am I going to die…

『Sorry for the wait.』


My partner appeared within my grasp in a flash of light.
Encouraged by his appearance, I moved to block the Shadow’s attack.

『You seemed to be struggling there.』

[This fellow, what in the world is he?]

『You should be able to tell』


Borne from my shadow, with a form that resembles me.

『Yes, you guessed it right. He is the other you……that has been corroded by the Gluttony skill. It is finally strong enough to force its way to the spiritual world that Luna created.』

[That is.]

『Until now, it has been waiting until you got devoured by the Gluttony skill. But now, it is trying to take you out by its own power. Remember that dying in this place equals to the death of your soul.』

[That means, if it managed to kill me here…]

『The Gluttony skill will take over your body and run rampant in the real world』

Dammit, I inwardly thought as I pushed the greatsword back.
If I get done in right now, the rampage will most likely destroy Hauzen.
I jumped as far as I could away from the shadow.

『That was why Luna lost control of this spiritual world. She asked me for help, so here I am.』

But Greed was in his sword form this time. He always appeared in his human form while in the spiritual world before.
And yet he’s using his real life form.

『Moreover, its power spiked up for some reason. I do not know why.』

[Ah, I wonder if it has something to do with me]

『So you have an idea why?』

With the black sword already in my hand, I felt most assured.

[Let’s go, Greed]


I deflected the attack from the shadow, and countered from the opening.
But the shadow managed to twist its body to minimize the damage it took.
A shadowy arm fell near my feet.
With that, it should have difficulties in handling the greatsword.

For the first time since it started attacking me, the shadow actually pulled away.
I didn’t miss one little fact.

[What was that?]

『It’s this form’s secret technique. There is no limiter in this world, remember?』

[Yeah, I’ll do my best then.]

Changing Greed into bow form, I immediately used Bloody Ptarmigan, this form’s secret technique.
We’re in the spiritual world. There is no need for me to sacrifice my status.
I could basically use the technique as if I’ve sacrificed 100% status. Thinking so, I changed the secret technique into its mutated form, the 《Bloody Ptarmigan Cross》.
Normally, sacrificing 100% of my status to Greed would’ve killed me though.
A huge black lightning split into a double helix and struck the shadow.
The shadow shrieked and tried to block the arrow with its greatsword. However, before the overwhelming power, its attempt was in vain.

What was left was tattered pieces of shadow as it was no longer capable of maintaining its shape.
And for once, it actually said something that I could understand.


After hearing that, I launched a coup de grace on the shadow. I could no longer stand seeing its hatred-filled face.
When it lost its shape, it melted into a black pool on the white floor. The pool, along with all other black stains that the shadow left behind with its attacks, disappeared after a while.

[Somehow, we defeated it.]

I could hear Greed’s voice. But it’s coming from behind me, not from the black sword in my hand.
Turning around, I saw him in his human form. Luna was also there standing next to him.

[I’m glad that things worked out. I was worried for a moment there.]

[Luna, that shadow, can you prevent it from attacking me again?]

Those last words the shadow left behind still lingered in my head.

[Impossible. After all, it’s also part of yourself, except that it has been tainted by the Gluttony skill. As long as you have the Gluttony skill, there is no escaping it. For now, it’s easy for Fate to defeat it since your heart and soul isn’t that eroded yet. However…]

[One day, it might get stronger than me.]

[Yes. I made this wall to prevent the Gluttony skill from devouring Fate. But at the same time, Gluttony skill is also trying to find a way to overcome this wall. I’m sorry…]

From the looks of it, there’s nothing else Luna could do about it.

[There is still time, you’ll still have the advantage until then.]

Greed added in as he tapped my shoulder.
I nodded to him, then spoke to Luna.

[Please don’t make such a face. It’s thanks to Luna that I could go this far.]

[Thanks, Fate.]

[I should be the one thanking you. So, thanks, Luna. Mmm, by the way, can I ask you one thing?]

[Yes, ask away.]

[If Gluttony skill manages to devour me, what will happen to you?]

The girl smiled as a response,

[Then I’ll fall into the infinite hell below.]

Her expression simply didn’t match the gravity of what she just said. Even Greed who was also listening next to me had his mouth agape.
These two sisters… They tend to be indifferent about themselves, don’t they?
In any case, all the more reason for me not to lose to that shadow.

[Alright, it’s almost morning. Fate should leave the spiritual world now. In the meantime, I’ll repair the damage left by the battle earlier.]

Luna said that before sending me back to the real world.

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