Glutton Berserker ch.157

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Episode 157 – Waking up in the Morning

[Morning, Fai!]

A pleasant and gentle voice entered my ear. At that moment, it felt as if any damage I took on my heart from the fight last night instantly healed.
When I slowly opened my eyes, there was the smiling face of Roxy right in front of me, bathed in the morning sunlight.


[You slept so soundly. You did not even wake up once no matter how many times I prodded your cheek. Could it be because of the evening study?]

[Probably half of it.]


The private tutoring…recalling back on how strict Roxy was when tutoring me, I suppose it’s only natural if I got tired.
I was just trying to be honest, but still got myself a light poke in the forehead anyway.
It wasn’t hurt actually, more like a playful one.


[No need to apologize. I also think that Fai’s schedule yesterday was too hectic. But it is fine as long as Fai learns everything I have to teach you very quickly. If you can keep that up, I believe you will soon hold an important role in the capital!]

[Ahahaha…I don’t think that I’m suited for that kind of position.]

[What are you talking about? Fai is the current head of Barbatos family. You need to be more knowledgeable as a part of the five great families. No need to worry though. I am going to teach you everything!]

[……please be gentle to me.]

Roxy was already in high tension this early in the morning as she raised her fist up to the sky.
There’s no stopping her now. Today’s lecture would most likely be even harsher than yesterday.
And I would probably fall asleep on the desk again. Ah, right!

[Thank you for yesterday.]

[Nn? What do you mean?]

[I mean, I fell asleep on the desk last night, right? But I woke up in my bed. Roxy must’ve carried me, haven’t you?]

[That is right. I may look like this, but I am actually pretty strong.]

Of course. She is after all, a Holy Knight.
Back when I was still working as a Heart Family servant. I still remember….how she split the gemstone I gave her as a present in two with her bare hands. She’s also more than capable of fighting monsters on her own.
Of course it’ll be easy for her to carry my body.

I chuckled from imagining the sight of Roxy carrying me from the desk to the bed.

[Now that I think about it, where did Roxy sleep last night then?]

[Why of course, I slept here!]

[EEEEeee!! For real!?]

[Yes, I did. It was really rough!]

[No way… don’t tell me]

In my head, the faces of Eris and Mimir immediately came to mind. Moreso, they had a fearless smile on their faces.

[It was just as Fai expected. The battle last night was fierce.]

Looking around, I only realized how messy my room was. Seeing me looking around, Roxy immediately apologized.

[Sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin Fai’s room…]

As I started to pick up the stuff piling up on the floor and returned them to where they belonged, something suddenly popped out from under the pile. This is… The scorpion tail… Could it be!?

Before I knew it, Snow already grabbed on me.
She appeared to be still half asleep, as she started to open her eyes with a yawn.


[You…why are you here?]

[Everyone was playing around happily, so I joined in.]

[They weren’t playing though!]

According to Roxy, last night was a rough three-way battle. Snow apparently sneaked into the room without their notice.

[But Fate was asleep, and everyone ignored me, so I decided to sleep here.]

[Buried in all that stuff? You really are a deep sleeper, aren’t you…]

I pinched Snow’s cheek playfully, then turned back to Roxy as I noticed that she’s staring at me.

[Ermm, what is it?]

[Even if you say that, Fai is also the same. No matter how tired, you should’ve at least woke up once with all the fuss last night, but you didn’t.]

[Now that you mention it… You’re right. Ahahaha….]

I was trapped in the spiritual world, forced to fight off my shadow. Of course I couldn’t wake up.

[Nn? Is there something wrong?]

[Nah…I was just really tired.]

Roxy had enough trouble as it is. I don’t want to burden her with more.
That’s why I told her a white lie.

[Many things happened even before we reached Hauzen, so I suppose it cannot be helped. Especially with Fai meeting your father.]

[My Dad, huh… Honestly I don’t know if I should be happy or not to see that he’s alive.]

[I think I could relate a little. My father is also revived… I am happy, but at the same time I wonder if it is a good thing or not. In Fai’s case, the mystery behind your father’s actions really did not help either.]

[From stealing the philosopher’s stone to kidnapping Raine… He really went wild.]

But Roxy was quick to remind me.

[But he helped us back in the desert, did he not?]


At that time, it felt like the Dad I knew from my childhood had returned to me. However, him trying to open the door to his land had made us enemies.

[Since their purpose is similar, I think Dad will also be here just like Myne.]

[I think you are right… I am also worried about that Libra we met at the oasis.]

In the discussion with Seto yesterday, I asked him if there were people who resembled Libra or my Dad coming to Hauzen. Unfortunately, after the reconstruction was over, too many people had come to visit Hauzen to take note of a particular person.
Due to the lack of manpower, the checkups had been kept light.
It was a stroke of luck that there is a report of someone resembling Myne entering Hauzen.

Letting Snow sit on the bed, I continued with cleaning up my room.

[Alright, looks decent now, doesn’t it?]

[Looks good. Alright then, go change your clothes. When Fai is ready, let us have breakfast.]

[Yeah…..Nn? Don’t tell me, Roxy is the one cooking the breakfast?]

[Why of course. Fufufufu…]

Taking Snow with her, Roxy winked at me.
That was a sign of confidence. She must’ve put her mind and soul to prepare this breakfast.

[Fai, I will catch you later.]

[Bye bye, Fate!]

[Breakfast, huh.]

Holding hand with Roxy, Snow waved her free hand at me as they walked away. I guess she had gotten used to Roxy along the way to Hauzen.
After this, I wish she can also get along with Eris… Although I felt that it would be difficult.
Snow was a Sacred Beastkin. On the other hand, Eris had a past grudge to the Sacred Beastkin. Libra for the most part. Snow’s presence might cause her to recall all the bad memories of the past.

Like during yesterday’s dinner. Eris was all smiles when Snow was around her, but she’s also sweating profusely at the same time. Most likely because her trauma flared up.

The unusually dull expression that appeared on Eris’ face back then came to mind. Can she actually fight Libra under this condition? It worries me.
I quickly changed my clothes and left my room. Not to forget bringing Greed with me as well.

『It was tough on you yesterday.』

[At some point I was wondering what will I end up with.]

『Luna said that she’ll strengthen the defense of the spiritual world. That shadow will not attack again tomorrow.』

[Good to hear that. I was worried that I’ll have to face it everyday.]

Now then, after breakfast, maybe I should head out to the town?
I need to check the location where Myne was last seen according to the report. I also wanted to see how far the city has been developed.

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