Glutton Berserker ch.159

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Chapter 159 – Libra’s Invitation

I just couldn’t stay quiet when being threatened with something ridiculous like that.
As I stared at Libra,

[Don’t mess with me! I will not let something like that to happen.]

However, his expression remained unchanged.
As if, he saw me…and everyone else as inconsequential, that only he himself that mattered.

[Now…there is no need to be mad. Oya oya, look at the way those two have been staring at me. Aaaa…now I’m the bad guy again, as usual]

[Obviously. You became one the time you mentioned destroying Hauzen.]

[Hello? Think about it, you can prevent calamity from falling on the entire world by sacrificing only Hauzen. As a whole, I don’t think it’s such a bad deal.]


[Moreover, how much longer do I have to give you? You haven’t even found Myne, have you?]

Libra turned around, twirling his white uniform in the process, before looking back at me in provocation. It was Snow who immediately responded to it.
Roxy panickedly tried to hold Snow back. But her strength alone wasn’t enough to do so.
I tried to stop her as well. But she still went through, heading straight toward Libra.

[I hate you!]

Snow didn’t pull her punches. She launched a blow that contained all the power she had at the moment.
But Libra easily stopped that blow. Moreover, there was no shockwave even if he was blocking an attack that powerful.

[It seems that you have developed an unneeded emotion. What a shame…however]

He grabbed Snow on her head and lifted her up. Of course the girl struggled to escape. I felt like this won’t end well if let be.
I was just placing my hand on the black sword, but Libra reacted faster by giving me a verbal warning.

[I’m not going to do her any harm.]

That said, his hand that held Snow began to glow.

[I just imparted to her some memories. It should prove useful even if a little.]

He smiled afterward, then silently tossed Snow back to me.
His body language looked like he was dealing with an object instead of people.


I caught Snow and proceeded to check her condition.
She’s just unconscious apparently.

[See, I didn’t hurt her, right? She and I shared a long relationship after all. I will still treat her politely.]

Beating me to it, Roxy spoke up to Libra who still kept his amiable-looking face all the time.

[Earlier, you said you are imparting to her some much needed memories. What do you mean by that?]

[My my, if it isn’t Roxy Heart. This place is way too dangerous for the likes of you though.]

Libra shook his head as he said so. He didn’t even bother to answer Roxy.
But Roxy set aside his critique and pushed the question.

[I am well aware of my lack of strength. But please answer me. What memory?]

[So you are that kind of girl. Very well. I will tell you. After all, us holy knights are similarly kind hearted…]

Kind hearted holy knight…? That last part was more of a soliloquy. So I couldn’t tell if he really meant it.
But Libra still replied to Roxy’s question.

[If I really have to explain in detail, we’ll end up standing here for a very long time.]

Even so, he smiled and went ahead.

[I shared some of my memories to her. About this place long before Hauzen was built here.]

[That…..could it be?]

[You’re pretty quick witted, aren’t you? Good guess. And you’re right. It’s the memories from the time when Gallia still ruled over this world.]

He pointed to his head, then to Snow’s.


What have I allowed him to do…? I thought to confront him for it, but I quickly hesitated.

[What’s wrong, Fate? What are you so afraid of?]

[That is…]

I took a glance at the still unconscious Snow, then back toward Libra.

[Ah…I know. If Snow regains her old self, she might turn hostile on you. Although she’s an Area E, she’s harmless the way she is now. You are afraid that she’ll start attacking when she’s awake.]


[I see, so I guessed correctly.]

Libra seemed elated to see through me.
But Roxy wouldn’t have any of that.

[She will not! Despite losing her memories, she is still, Snow. That is why, since Fate has decided to take her in, then at least please believe in her.]

[Roxy…I’m sorry.]

Perhaps the after effect of fighting the giant scorpion still lingered in my mind. Imagining that gigantic beast rampaging in the middle of Hauzen, I would be too distraught to fight back.

Libra then chimed in.

[That will be up to Snow to decide. The longer one lives, the more things happen during their life, and the more hatred one accumulates. It’s something inevitable.]

Libra is similarly a sacred beastkin just like Snow.
From our previous conversation, suffice to say that they were alive during the time Gallia reached prosperity.
To tell the truth, there’s no way to confirm that. Myne herself also said that she had lived through that period as well. Might as well ask her what actually happened.

In any case, if I chose to believe in Libra’s words, will Snow treat the memory Lira imparted to her as her own? Or was it meant to trigger the restoration of her memories?
Either way, it’s still a mystery over how she will treat us after she’s awake.

Meanwhile Libra was staring at Snow for a while.
And then, he turned around and walked away, as though he’s done dealing with us.

[I did my part to help. Now it’s your turn. Don’t you dare to fail.]


[Alright then, see you later]

After waving his hand slightly, Libra finally disappeared among the crowds.
At that moment, I felt that I was released from the suffocating feeling I always have whenever I met him.
And it seemed that Roxy had the same feeling.

[Fai…did you realize that, when we were talking to Libra, the townspeople acted strange?]

I felt somewhat relieved. I did notice what Roxy mentioned.
Even though we were pretty much talking in a main street, other people barely passed by.
And although the tension between me and Libra should be very obvious, the rare passersby remained indifferent to us.
Moreover, he was able to not only block Snow’s attack flawlessly and even lifted her by her head, and then tossed her back to me with one hand.

And yet, there was no noise at all.

[Could that be, one of Libra’s skills?]

[I do not know. I was hoping that Fai saw something with your appraisal…]

[He would’ve prevented that from happening.]

I learned how to do so from Aaron in the past.
Their eyes moved in a peculiar manner whenever someone activated appraisal. With the right timing, I could temporarily disabled their sight by manipulating magic within my body.

With the magic power stat of Area E, causing blindness with this technique is nothing impossible.

[Well…appraisal skill can easily dig out the opponent’s important infos. It’s way too convenient of a skill.]

[But that also means the countermeasures are also many. In any case, Libra had absorbed the life force of the entire Oasis. Even without appraisal…I could sense his bottomless power.]

Roxy was right.
Libra usually acts amiable. But what if he goes mad….? The very thought incite fear.
He has this unique air around him, telling us that he’s powerful enough to overwhelm us.

Both of us stared at the direction where Libra left for a long while.
After a while, the knocked out Snow slowly regained her consciousness.

Both me and Roxy held our breath.
Even though Roxy told me to believe in Snow, I still had a sliver of doubt.
Because the awakened Snow was overflowing with Area E level of magic power.

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