Glutton Berserker ch.160

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Chapter 160 – Snow’s Sacred Stigmata

A red tattoo――the sacred stigmata emerged on Snow’s face.
According to Libra,
The stigmata was the revelation from God…. Does that mean what is happening to Snow right now has something to do with God!?


[Is this what happens if she’s fully resurrected?]

While we were dumbstruck, Greed called out.

『We don’t know what will happen. Switch to black shield form just in case.』

As soon as I heard him, I immediately drew Greed out and switched him to shield form before taking my position in front of Roxy.

[The town…]

Snow may release a huge amount of magic power. If that happens, the damage would be immense. At least around the area we’re currently in.

And just as expected, Snow released a huge explosion of magic power.
It was so huge, that it filled my entire field of vision. If it wasn’t for me standing behind the black shield, I might’ve gotten overwhelmed by it.

[Are you alright?]

[Yes. Just a slight headache.]

[Thank goodness… How about the town?]

Saying so, I looked around.

[Fai, take a look!]

When I looked toward the direction Roxy was pointing at, I saw that there’s a hole on the street.
And it was such a well maintained stone paved street…. Anyway the hole looked quite deep.

[It seems that she went down.]

[To the Hauzen’s underground…?]

[Is there something of importance there?]

[I don’t know. All I know is that there is a sewer down there.]

Aaron told me that the history of Hauzen spans nearly a thousand years.
But in those recorded history, there’s no mention of anything of particular importance in the underground.

[But I don’t think she’ll dig underground without any goal…]

[This place was part of Gallia 4000 years ago. Just maybe]

We looked at each other as the possibility finally became clear in our mind.

[In any case, we need to make sure that none of the townsfolk get caught in the hubris.]

[About that, don’t worry. It seems that the reinforcement has arrived.]

While talking to Roxy, I could sense the sign of a lot of people coming towards us.

[Even now, the warriors protecting Hauzen are already on the move. They are dependable.]

When I turned around, several warriors had already arrived.
One of them came up front.

[Boss, that was some enormous magic shockwave. What happened?]

Before explaining further, I first introduced Roxy to the warriors.
This warrior name was Baldo. He was the leader of the party I saved from the Sand Golem in the past.
Originally Aaron’s subordinate, after Aaron’s retirement, he along with the other subordinates had been wandering around as mercenaries.

However, upon hearing about Hauzen reconstruction, he immediately rushed here.
And now, he’s working as my subordinate to maintain the town security.

[Turns out Fai has some reliable subordinates too.]

Roxy looked happy after I introduced Baldo to her. Did she think that I only have Greed to help me out…?
Well, if she’s happy, then I’ll feel happy as well.

We briefed the warriors about what happened to Snow.
While carrying their daily duty, I had also asked them to search for Myne. So they immediately understood that this has something to do with it.

[I see… Leave the town residents to us. And, what about that man called Libra?]

I shook my head and told them to not get involved with him. There was too much of a difference in ability. If they chased after him, the situation might turn worse if they accidentally touched Libra’s reversed scale.
That man, if he’s serious, he might be capable of erasing Hauzen from the map. The extent of his power is still unknown to us.

[The two of us will give chase to Snow. Baldo, go inform Seto and start working on evacuating the townspeople, just in case of disastrous result.]

[Is the situation really that grave?]

Obviously Baldo became anxious. But I could only nod to his question.

[I think you should’ve realized from the magnitude of that magic shockwave. The individual we are dealing with this time belongs to that area.]

[I could certainly feel it, and it was so much bigger than anything I’ve felt so far…No, it’s a big problem. I will start immediately.]

Baldo chuckled and left to give instruction to his men.

[Alright then, I guess it’s about time.]


Roxy also seemed to notice.
When I was dealing with Baldo, my mind was still filled with Libra and Snow, that I could only focus on what lied before me. But now that I’m calm, I could feel my surroundings in a better clarity now.
Since she’s still unable to overcome her fear, I was worried that she became upset with what transpired to Snow. But I guess my worries were misplaced.

There she was, battle-ready with the black bayonet hanging around her waist. Eris heralded her appearance with her sweet voice.

[Arere, as I thought, Snow finally shows her true nature.]

After all, she actually felt uneasy having Snow…a sacred beastkin around us.
I pointed at the hole and said.

[It’s Libra. He did something to Snow, saying that it’ll help us find Myne. It triggered Snow’s divine stigmata.]

[So that’s what happened… I don’t like this. It’s like we are dancing on his palm.]

[I couldn’t be more agree with you.]

[Then there is no other choice but to follow Snow-chan down there.]

I still don’t know whether we’ll find Myne at the end of this, but we can only forge ahead.

[Then what are we waiting for? Like usual, Fate is always like this!]

[Eh, me like usual?]

[That’s right. On this kind of occasion, men should go first. We women are weaker after all. Am I right, Roxy?]

[Ahh… I cannot refute that, Fai…

[I get it, I get it already. I’m going in first.]

I could use fire ball magic to serve as a makeshift lighting.

[Wait a moment, I’ll prepare the light…uaaaaa]

As I fumbled around, Eris who couldn’t wait anymore kicked me on the butt, pushing me straight into the hole. What are you doing! This little!
Eris jumped down soon after.

[Ahahah, it feels good. Lately, it’s been Roxy all the time. It’s good to be able to vent a little.]

[Wha!? It’s not the time and place for that!]

What a bully. Nothing less from a queen. She’s just tyrannical.
This time I managed to cast the fireball magic properly. Eris praised me, but I chose to ignore her.

But then, she hugged me tightly.

[You…what are you doing? I can’t land properly like this.]

[Right. It’s a problem, isn’t it!]

[At this kind of timing!]

[Ah, but I’ll be just fine. After all, I have Fate to act as my cushion. Although I’m a bit worried. WIth all your muscles, I wonder how much shock will be absorbed.]

I tried to release myself…but she’s serious.
Her hug was so firm I couldn’t free myself.

[Are you kidding me?]

[Ahahaha… This time I’m really serious. You’ll be just fine, because Area E.]

[Don’t wanna! Besides, I’ll still feel the shock.]

[If you faint, I’ll make sure to take care of you!]

Domineering! No matter what I said, it doesn’t matter.
Unfortunately, I really ended up acting as a cushion for Eris.

I actually fainted for a while there. The shock was actually considerably harsh. So I let myself lay on the cold ground for a while.

[Whoo. You seem to be in a sorry shape there, Fate.]

[How dare you say that. It’s you who did this…]

[This mouth dares.]

That said, she inched her lips closer to mine.


Fortunately for her, I couldn’t move just yet, so she could do anything she liked to me.
In such a situation, a scream could be heard coming from above us.


That was Roxy’s voice. Perhaps the hole was deeper than she expected. As I was wondering whether she’s okay, the girl landed squarely on me.


[I, I, I am sorry.]

[Ahahah, this is hilarious.]

Eris laughed out loud, while Roxy apologized to me…
I’m anxious about my future now.

[I am really sorry. I did not know that I would land right on top of Fai.]

[It’s fine. As long as Roxy is unhurt, I’m fine with it.]

[Eeeeee! That is unfair. The way you treated me was way different from how you did Roxy! The difference is like heaven and earth.]

[Put your hand on your chest and try to remember what you did first.]

Eris actually put her hand on her chest.
Then smiled widely.

[Fate, my bad!]


Nothing less from the tyrant queen.
It’s certainly troublesome, for both me and Roxy.

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