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Chapter 163 – Greed’s Hope

At the other side of the ancient gate, there was another passage with pale-white wall and ceiling.

[This, this looks similar to the military district research facility]

As I looked up, Roxy also nodded in agreement.

[Indeed. Not to mention its sturdiness, it is also reflecting light brighter.]

[Naturally. This is the genuine Gallia technology here. Unlike the imitations in the capital.]

Eris commented as she touched the wall.

[But to think that there is a Gallian relic here in Hauzen’s underground. I wasn’t aware of this place’s existence despite having been travelling around the world.]

[Around the world, huh….. I haven’t gone that far yet.]

The farthest place I’ve ever gone to was Gallia.
Eris said that she used to travel together with Envy in the past, just like she does now in the future.
I also wanted to look beyond the places I’ve visited one day.

[Hey, Fate, have you seen the sea before?]

[What’s that?]

I leaned my head closer in interest. Roxy however, was less curious.

[I have read about it in a book. It is said that on the far south of Gallia…there is an incredibly large lake.]

[Well, that’s certainly how the sea looks like in a way. I’ll take you there when everything is over. Maybe ask Fate to drink the seawater.]

Eris grinned excitedly.
I hope it’s not a bad thing?

[What are you planning?]

[Well, I plan to have fun with the ignorant Fate.]

[Please don’t.]


Eris continued talking after laughing merrily.

[Do you know…what lies beyond that sea?]

[No, I do not. None of the books I have read had any mention regarding what lies beyond that great lake.]

[How would I know?]

[Fate doesn’t even know what sea is, I’d be very surprised if you know what lies beyond it.]

[Yes, yes, pardon for my ignorance.]

Eris then proceeded to enlighten me from my ignorance.

[It’s a new continent. Lots of unexplored land. Perhaps, even wider than the entire kingdom]

[Is that true!?]

[Un. I’ve travelled there myself. But the new continent was too vast to cover alone.]

[I see… Were there strong monsters on that new continent?]

Hearing that question, Eris somehow looked horrified.

[You really don’t know, do you? Ah, Greed does have that kind of personality. I should’ve known.]

[I really didn’t know much before awakening the power of Gluttony skill. I’ve been working hard since then, but…]

[Don’t make that kind of look. I get it. Actually, on the new continent, there was no monster. Only regular animals.]

[ [ EEEeee!? ] ]

Roxy and I were amazed at the thought that there’s no monster on the new continent.
It’s mostly because the non-existence of monsters was something unthinkable for us. From childhood, it’s been burnt into our mind that monsters are dangerous creatures and that we’ll never be able to get rid of them completely.

[Is there really such a peaceful place?]

[Un, there is.]

[Then, why does the human never aim to cross the sea?]

[About that, I have no idea. But to do that, we have to cross Gallia first. I think it’s understandable why no one has ever thought about that.]

[Yes…it makes sense.]

According to Eris, Gallia served as an effective roadblock.
With strong monsters keep popping out here and there, even a team of warriors couldn’t hope to cross through…. It’s nearly impossible.
In addition to that, there was an orc colony in the southernmost part of Gallia. You’d have to survive through countless amount of orcs to be able to reach the sea.

I myself had tried to go near that colony for practice. It’s like facing a living tsunami. They came in droves like when the monster stampede attacks the fortress city Babylon.
Therefore, for regular humans, it’ll be impossible to pass through without proper fighting skills.

[Originally, Gallia spanned through a very vast territory, including the present day kingdom. However, even then their influence did not reach beyond the sea. I crossed the sea to check whether if it’s true. And I was convinced that it is.]

[A place free from Gallia’s influence?]

[Un, it is. You heard me correctly… Seeing your reaction, I guess you haven’t understood the significance of this yet?]

[Well, my bad…]

[It’s alright. Staying the way you are right now is fine too. But first, Myne…then stop the opening of the Door to His land.]

[It is exactly as Eris-sama said. We may not understand now. But once everything is over, and Eris-sama brings us there, I believe we will finally understand.]

[That’s right!]

Eris seemed happy with Roxy who was quick on the uptake.
What would a place without Gallia’s influence look like….? To be fair, I couldn’t even imagine a world without monsters.

Sounds peaceful. Then again, I don’t even know why monsters prey upon humans the most.
I think Greed had mentioned this before, but as usual, he never truly went into more details.
When Greed decided to keep something from me, it’s usually something bad. There were times when his silence had brought me trouble though.

I tried to poke at my moody sword buddy. He’s been keeping silent for too long now.


[Eris said that she had crossed the sea before.]

『She’d truly like to try something outrageous.』

[And why is that?]

『Obviously, because it’s something this Me couldn’t do.』

The corner of my lips twitched.

[Don’t tell me, you’re jealous?]

『Ha!? There is no such thing. This Me is just a sword after all. Freedom is something I shouldn’t be concerned with.』

[Then, I shall take you along as well.]

I could almost see Greed smiling a little in my mind.
Although I still couldn’t tell whether it’s because he’s happy or because he simply found the idea ridiculous.
At this point he’d usually say [Do as you like], before going silent once again.
Eris seemed to notice that I was talking to Greed after watching my soliloquy.

[What did Greed say?]

[That you’d like to try something outrageous?]

[Ahahahaha, that’s just like him to say that. But honestly… He was the one who really wanted to see the new continent the most…]

Suddenly I heard Greed’s outburst via 《Mind Reading》.

『Cut it out already! Just hurry up ahead! Did you all forget Libra’s threat?』

[I know, I know, no need to shout so loud!]

Even after going silent, Greed still couldn’t help but to shout. Unfortunately only I could hear him.
Even so, it was a pleasant surprise. Who knows that Greed would want to see the new continent across the sea as well?

He said he didn’t bother to think about it because he couldn’t go by himself as a sword. Then I guess I just have to bring him along when we get there someday.
I mean, he’s been helping me all these time after all.



[When this is over, I’ll show you the new continent.]

『… as you like.』

[Yeah, sure. I’ll do as I like.]

I’m happy to get to know something about Greed, since he doesn’t talk about himself that much.
When I’m only with Greed, there’s no way I’d get to talk about something like this. It was because Eris and Roxy are here that I could talk about a wider range of topics.
Having a party feels good indeed.

As we kept walking through the long passage, I saw a bright light at the end.
An exit?
The two girls also seemed to think the same. Unconsciously our pacing became faster.
Eventually, we were running. And at the end, we saw it.

[This is…]

A city on a similar scale of the Royal Capital stood there.
We were still underground, but it felt almost as bright as if we were above ground. The reason being there was a shining sphere floating high in the air above, emitting light like a sun.

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