Gacha Girl Corps ch.63

Weekly chapters (1/2)

The manga version seems already reached where MC summoned Shisuha.


It’s so fun and entertaining.

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Sushi

Chapter 63 – Exploring with Shisuha

[Fuu… finally got back into the groove.]

[Orya! Our current predicament sure does get you to re-recognize the value of Noru and Estel’s presence in the party.]

After our most recent break, we continued to proceed through this Labyrinth in hopes of meeting back up with team Noru. Various kinds of Goblins attacked us along the way, but me and Shisuha mop them up with little difficulty.

Shisuha’s movements appear a tad slower than they used to, which is probably due to the lack of the buffs from Noru and Estel. Even so, her moves are still much cleaner than my own.

Me? I just make good use of Excali-bar’s amazing attack power and bonus to action speed.

Although I need 2 attacks to get rid of the Black and Red Goblins, I can follow up my 1st stab with a 2nd one with almost no downtime, my base attack speed has increased noticeably. My usage of Pot Lid also benefits from that speed, as I am now fast enough to block attacks after I see them coming.

Even then I still feel much slower without Estel’s buffs, so I have been getting that slight awkward feeling for awhile.

As I have become used to my movements with the buffs, my body isn’t keeping up with my mental image of how I am supposed to be moving. The same can be said for Shisuha, who has been experimenting on the Goblins via jab jab straight-ing them as though punching bags.

Me being overly reliant on the buffs provided by the girls may perhaps be negative on the long run. Like our current predicament when we are separated like this, that minor difference may prove to be fatal. Luckily our opponents are mostly Goblins, it might have been bad if there were stronger monsters around.

[We have been going on for quite some time, still no sign of team Noru?]

[They have yet to appear on my Map… This Labyrinth doesn’t appear to have higher or lower floors, there’s just lots of ground to cover.]

We have been wandering around for about an hour, but there’s still no sign of team Noru on the Map. I did tell them to contact me if they found anything significant, so they would have contacted me if they happened to find something like stairs leading to the next level.

So I am still assuming we are on the same level… there’s no sign of them though.

[It’s just one goblin after another… is this place a Goblin Labyrinth?]

[Mayb―― Woah!? Oh you sneaky prick!]

Goblins were popping out all around us. As I was getting distracted by them, a ball of fire was sent flying towards me.

I defend myself with my trusty Pot Lid, then charged past the sword wielding Goblin in front of me towards where the magic came from. I proceeded to give the staff wielding Goblin a furious poking session with Excali-bar, which was hiding deep behind enemy lines.

[*sigh*, only them spell casting Goblins are dangerous.]

[Only because their attacks ignore defense.]

I turned around after killing the Goblin mage, only to see that Shisuha has dealt with all the remaining Goblins I ignored. I was right on time to see her crush the head of the last goblin with her staff.

I have been delegated to Goblin spellcaster duty. As I have more Magic Resistance than Shisuha, I can just shrug off magic attacks when I charge towards them. With me being the tanky guy I am right now, I can ignore the other Goblins as well since they deal barely any damage to me.

I’m getting a defence buff from Shisuha’s support magic too. It’s really easy to forget that Shisuha being the Priestess that she is, she can use these types of support magic.

[Okura-san you seem to be getting used to the fighting, despite being so un-confident all the time.]

[Uーn? Is that so?]

Am I really getting used to it? Compared to before, I certainly am getting hit less nowadays. I’m also getting better at judging which mob to go after first.

But when I compare myself to the girls… I still have a long way to go.

[Don’t you see? This is why you appear so uninspiring all the time. You gotta at least say something like “Worry not I’ll protect you!”.]

[Even if you say that… Shisuha you’re easily stronger than me.]

She says so while pointing at me and doing a nagging pose. She even went and deepened her voice on the “I’ll protect you” part. Why is she getting so enthusiastic about the roleplaying.

It’s not like I’m able to refute her either. Whenever I gain enough confidence, some event would happen and I’ll end up causing trouble… How am I supposed to maintain my self confidence with this kind of karma.

[Even I consider myself to be a “woman”, I’d want to hear someone say that sort of line to me! Isn’t that why Okura-san is still a vir――]

[Woah time out!]

Oh this girl, she almost went and said it didn’t she!? It’s ‘cause you keep doing things like this that it makes others suspicious whether you really are a Priestess!

Noru has a self proclaimed title of “Maiden”, but Shisuha if you are going to call yourself a proper “woman” I’d like for you to have some sense of shame. You appeared so pure and honest initially… Ah, I’d say she is still honest but not in a good way.

[Nnー, the manastone count is increasing, that means Noru and Estel must be fighting right now.]

[Zat so… Waow!? T, that’s quite the increase.]

[Yeah, it’s all rare variants in here. If we weren’t in our current situation, I might honestly be happier about this…]

The reward manastones were piling up in my smartphone’s “Presents Box”. My team has defeated a number of Black and Red Goblins too, I’m getting so many of them stones. And, the amount would keep increasing even when my team isn’t fighting.

Team Noru are really steamrolling through them Goblins… Earlier today I had 596 manastones when we left our House, I’m sitting on 689 now.

Judging from the numbers, the current pace has already surpassed any past records of manastone per day income.

I would be breakdancing like a maniac in glee if it weren’t for our current situation. I currently feel like I have post fap depression.

[What do you think of setting up a base camp in here and doing some grinding, after we link back up?]

[Hーmm, I think we’d better not? We have no idea when and where the monsters spawn in here.]

[True that.]

My idea of setting up camp and farming here for a couple of days in here after we link back up was quickly dismissed by Shisuha.

We don’t know when and where the goblins are going to spawn, the grind will be tough if we keep getting attacked all day every day. Things would be different if I could set a Beacon here… but things are never convenient when you want it to be.

[Well then… We seem to have arrived at a location of significance, despite having not linked up with the other team.]

[Yeahー, this place certainly feels suspicious.]

As we progressed through the consistent Goblin attacks, we arrived someplace that was built spaciously. It’s about the same size as the room that teleported us.

Me and Shisuha didn’t go inside, we peered into the room from the entrance gawking at the inside curiously. There doesn’t appear to be any enemies or anything conspicuous inside.

But that inversely feels suspicious. It’s a big room. Something should happen once we enter.

[Is that another passage at the back of the room?]

[We might find something if we go there.]

There was a hole at the back of the empty room, it was about the same size as the entrance we stood in. The path appears to continue onwards from there.

I thought about running to the other side before anything could happen, but no matter how I think about it the distance we need to cover doesn’t make that feel possible.

[So what do we do?]

[Methinks we should wait until we are reunited with team Noru to be the safer approach. But considering we haven’t seen any sign of them yet after progressing this far, there’s a very high possibility that they are beyond that passage at the other end of the room.]

A look at the Map App shows that my team has covered a considerable amount of ground. Even then I have yet to see any sign of team Noru appear on the map.

With that being said it’s possible that both teams are not on the same side of the map, like what she just said. When you think about it that way, who wouldn’t get the urge to go through that new passage?

But, getting to that passage means we need to traverse the room. I don’t want to get teleported somewhere else again… Since there’s another path at the end of the room, there’s a higher possibility of it being something other than a teleportation type trap?

[Let’s wait here. Maybe team Noru might come from the other side.]

Regardless of how much I want to link with the other team, forcing our way through the room might prove to be dangerous. We might get contacted by the other team as well, so let’s just wait patiently for now.


[Muu… Going through the room might be our only choice.]

[It’s getting more certain that they aren’t on the same side(of the map) as us. When I look at the monsters on the Map, none of them are moving towards any other direction.]

It feels like we have waited for a couple tens of minutes. We have been cleaning up the consistent Goblin attacks as we waited, but there has been no sign of the other team appearing thus far.

A look at the movement of the monsters I can see on the Map App, shows that they are mostly always moving towards our general direction, not that I would know how the monsters know where we are. Perhaps they’re automatically trying to eliminate us intruders?

In any case, this mostly proves team Noru isn’t on our side(of the map).

[Dammit. I can’t get in contact with team Noru either…]

[Resolving ourselves and proceeding onwards might be the only choice left.]

[That certainly feels to be the case…]

I have been trying to contact team Noru for awhile now, but she hasn’t picked up any of my calls. “The number you are trying to reach, is unavailable.” ―― this nostalgic reply was all I have been getting.

Even though my first call to her went through properly, is it because they have moved to some place where the radio waves can’t reach now? But if that’s the case I should have gotten a call from them before this happened.

There has been no movement on my manastone count either.That means that team Noru isn’t even fighting right now.

This is starting to worry me. I’m scared, but there’s no other choice but to proceed.

[Okay, let’s go. Shisuha, I’ll protect you so don’t stray too far away from me.]


After psyching myself up, I decided to proceed into the eerie room. At the point of entry, I said a part of the line that Shisuha wanted me to say to her.

It’s just me and her right now, protecting her is my responsibility. I said those words with such resolve… But the person who wanted to hear those words appeared so surprised that she let out a dumbfounded voice.

Oi, what’s with that reaction. I swallowed my embarrassment and said it, the least you could do was give me a proper reaction.

[Yeesh… Aren’t you the one you wanted me to say that. Give me a proper reply at least ]

[Well y’knowー, I never thought that you’d actually really say that to me.]


After doing the pose from the thinking emoji, a grin started to form on her face as she looked at mine. She seemed to be enjoying this very much so.

I have never seen such an aggravating grin in my whole life up til now. That expression on her face. It’s not something a proper girl should ever make, much less a Priestess.

Why do you do this to me. I never should have taken those words of hers seriously…

[Ah but that did make my heart skip a beat. What are your intentions? Trying so hard to make me fall for you. *Po Po* ]

[I wasn’t thinking about any of that when I said that! *sigh*… You better not go around telling Estel or Noru about any of this. It’s embarrassing.]

Now she’s putting her hands on her cheeks, trying to appear embarrassed. She looked to be goofing around as she made those “Po Po” sounds, but I could see her cheeks were just that little bit flushed.

Team Noru must never come to know of this embarrassing episode. Honestly, why did I even play into her(Shisuha) ploy like this.

“I’ll protect you”… Hnngh, it’s embarrassing alright. Very embarrassing!

[Yes, of course… I wouldn’t want to get on Estel-san’s bad side.]

[Estel’s just so scary when she’s angry.]

[Yes… she’s scary. She’ll do things to you that make you unable to laugh or cry.]

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Shisuha agreed with me on that part.

I wouldn’t know what Estel would get angry about from this topic, but if she would then don’t tell her about it. She’s reeeally scary when she’s angry.

And so as our anxiousness and tension slowly dissipated, we finally entered the room.




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