I Was Called Incompetent ch.20

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 20: Balmung

[Rhode-sama, you have gone up a level.]

[Oh really?]

Levi informed me as I was training my magic in the living room.
I was level 8 yesterday and just reached level 9. I should be able to use my magic more often and efficiently now.
Thinking that I’d be able to materialize Balmung if my magic level is high enough, I had been trying to increase the level by materializing Excalibur repeatedly.

[Took faster than I thought. Excalibur, I’m sorry that you have to put up with all this…]

[Mind I doth not. I am joyous yond thine own liege’s magick is becoming stout’r.]

[I still have long to go. But levelling up after 30 uses is pretty quick. I guess using Materialize on legendary arms like Excalibur and the others yields more experience.]

[Hmm. The magick pow’r I didst not useth is refund’d at which hour the magick is undone, aye? In yond case, doest yond not cullionly mine own Liege able raiseth the leveleth infinitely?]

[Not really. A certain amount of magic power is consumed with each use. So I can’t really use the magic infinitely.]

[I und’rstand. So the magick pow’r is not refund’d on its entirety. Well, t’s bett’r than nothing, I supposeth.]

[That’s how it is. I think I should be able to do it once I reach level 10. So I’ll be imposing on you a little bit more, Excalibur.]

[As thy wishes.]

While I continued my training, having done with her house chores, Levi was enjoying a cup of tea as she read the newspaper.
This is pretty much her daily routine. After she finished her chores, I often saw her spending her time reading the newspaper.

Looking at the laid-back Levi, I found myself starting to feel relaxed as well. I felt a tinge of guilt for secretly enjoying myself like this.
Eh? By the way…

[Hey, didn’t Levi usually drink coffee before?]

To my sudden question, Levi’s hand that was holding the cup of tea trembled slightly.
Levi seemed embarrassed for some reason.

[I-it’s just once in a while]

[Is that so? Then can you brew some more for me? Levi’s black tea is really delicious.]

[R-right away!]

[Ah, so hasty…she’s gone already.]

[Thine own liege is truly a sinful man.]

[W-what do you even mean…]

Levi returned with two cups of tea for me and Excalibur almost immediately after.
As Excalibur and I took a short break by enjoying our tea, Levi resumed reading the newspaper.

[Speaking of which, Rhode-sama…take a look at this.]

[Let’s see…]

Levi presented the newspaper she had been reading to me and pointed at a particular article.
The written title was as follows.

[“An incompetent was publicly executed for assaulting Armenian Noble”…..?]

[Yes. By the way, the assault itself happened two years ago. So maybe…]

That means they made sure the incompent suffered through unthinkable torture before the execution.
There’s no other possibility.

[I wast not aware…that t’hast gone this far. Maketh me wond’r if ‘t be true all this wast did cause by the gods’ int’rvention. But if ‘t be true t’wast, then f’r what goal?]

As Excalibur said, the reasoning behind this distortion is still a mystery.
Creating the concept of incompetent then eliminating them.
For what reason?
Why did the incompetents have to be oppressed?
I don’t know yet, but I’ve decided to find out.

[We must hurry… We need to go to the capital after all. If I want to make a name for myself then a big city is the best place to start. Although I actually want to spend some more time here, since Levi has painstakingly cleaned the house…

[No need to be concerned. I will just clean the room where we lodge in the capital properly instead… fufufu.]

For Levi, there is nothing else left to do in this house anymore.
She had basically made the house look as if it’s brand new.

[Yosh, I have to work harder then. Pardon me, Excalibur.]

[I has’t c’rtainly hath taken mine own reward by being did allow to sippeth on this exquisite black tea. O mine own Liege, doth not hesitate, cometh f’rth.]


Afterward, having used Materialization on Excalibur several more times, I could feel my power suddenly rising.
It was vague, but there’s no doubt that my magic power had grown.

[Congratulations, Rhode-sama. You have finally reached level 10.]

[Oh, I thought so too. I could feel it somewhat. Somehow… I felt that the growth in power was greater than ever before.]

[Indeed. Usually, it is hard to perceive the concept of levels. Normally, people will just feel that they’ve gone stronger. By the way, the upgrade Rhode-sama obtained this time is “capable of using Materializing Magic on an object twice the user’s weight”. Rhode-sama’s current weight is 71 kilograms….he has gained weight again, has he not?]

[Ah, I knew it. I think I gained weight because the food prepared by Levi is too delicious… remember how Aegis fainted in joy after eating the cake?]

[Fufufu… Rhode-sama is tall and fairly muscular though. Not to mention that his bone density is pretty thick.]

She could even see that…? I guess I couldn’t hide anything for her.
If I remember correctly, Balmung weighs 140 kilograms.
It’s barely qualified, but I could materialize her now.

[Thanks, Excalibur. Thank you for helping me.]

[Tis mine own pleasure to beest of useth to thee, thine own Liege. Prithee calleth upon me again soon, O Liege.]

After thanking and putting her back into the notebook, I called upon Balmung next.
Seeing the black greatsword in my hand, I felt somewhat elated.
Sorry for making you wait, Balmung.

Casting Materialization on her, Balmung floated in air, wrapped in black light. A human figure quickly took form.
She’s tall for a woman, should be about 170 centimeters or so.

Her long black hair was tied around the back, and her body was clad in black full plate armor.
The black armor was decorated with golden lining, giving it a regal look.

Materialized completely, Balmung stood before me with her greatsword self in her back.
Her arms were crossed, giving off an intimidating feeling even as she’s just standing there.
The eyes under that crisp black eyebrows… were focusing on me with the sharpness of a dagger.
…..she’s still mad, isn’t she?

[Ermm… Nice to meet you, Balmu…]



[Dit you nicht listen…? I sait kneeeeeeelen!!]

This is bad…she’s completely angry.
I should’ve apologized much earlier…

[You sait dat I am heafy! Zweimal heafier zan yourself efen! I am not zat heafy!]

[I-it’s my fault! I was wrong! So please forgive me!]


Balmung puffed her cheeks as she looked away with teary eyes.
I guess it’ll be difficult for her to forgive me…

[W-well, you can ask something from me; anything…!]


[A-as long as it’s possible for me…]



[Dragon…you said?]

[Un… is there one around here?]

We were talking with Ellie in the adventurers’ guild office.
Balmung’s wish was to “slay a dragon by herself”.
As a dragon-slaying sword, hunting dragons is the greatest joy for her.
Apparently, her wish was to be able to use her own hands to hunt one instead of having to be wielded by someone else.

[If you ask me, there is one, but…]

[There is one?]

[Yes, an unusual dragon has appeared around this region recently. It was last spotted near the Lapis Mountain.]

The Lapis Mountain Range was situated west of Ist, a towering mountain that divides the east and the west of Nibelugh. Therefore the mountain range was better known as the “Nibelugh Wall”.

[What do you mean by… ‘unusual’?]

[It’s a winged dragon wyvern. Apparently, it has been seen flying solo.]

There are various types of dragon in this world.
Wyvern is a draconic species with wings integrated on their arms, making them good flyers. They’re also known for their tough scales and long tails.

Wyverns are classified further into different types, depending on their appearance and what their weapons are.
What this particular wyvern is classified as was still unknown, but apparently it came to this country after a long flight.

[A wyvern huh… It’ll take at least a week of travelling from here to Lapis Mountain.]

[The travel time can be shortened by riding a horse-drawn carriage… should we find one?]

[We’ll need one anyway if we want to head to the capital. Ellie, is there a request for the wyvern?]

[Yes, there is. But, Rhode-san’s rank is…]

[Ah, I see… Not sufficient enough yet, right?]



D 4 power - Balmung

(source: Light Novel)


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