Glutton Berserker ch.171

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Chapter 171 Myne’s World

When I opened my eyes once more, I was no longer in the white world, but in a place bustling with people.
I didn’t know where this was, but each one of the people around carried a weapon.
A roaring sound came from the distance, one that sounded inhuman in nature.

[Greed!? Luna!?]

We should’ve entered Myne’s mind through the spiritual world.
However, both Luna and Greed were nowhere to be seen.

It seemed that I got separated from them.
But that aside, what’s going on here? A war?

While I was looking around perplexedly, a flash of white light shone from behind me.


I jumped away in reflex, seeing a gigantic creature from which the light originated from.

[The machine angel!?]

This type looked different from Haniel. Its core was covered by a shield, so I couldn’t look at what’s inside.
This is bad…not to mention that I had no weapons in hand at the moment. The situation shifted way too fast.

People’s mind is like a labyrinth, and earlier I had been told that if I got lost in it, I might never be able to come out…

[Not saying that I’m not afraid.]

There’s no time to complain more.
The machine angel was advancing towards me. The other people around, most likely soldiers, started to shoot their weapons.
But it’s like tossing burning rock into water.

That machine angel…its size was also different from Haniel.
Not only was it one size bigger, it also had six wings.

After another flash of light, a man’s vibrant voice could be heard.

[Get the hell out! You’re in the way!]

It was a man holding a black sword that looked very similar to Greed. His hair was fiery red, and his skin tanned.
Apart from his distinct equipment from the other soldiers, his tall and forged body made him easily noticed.

He headed straight toward the machine angel.
Even against the beam of light, the black sword still easily cut through all in its path.


His swordsmanship was precise and there was no wasteful move. The fighting style reminded me of Aaron. No, he’s on a level much greater than even Aaron.

[I’ll handle the machine angel. All of you press onward!]

Everyone around, presumably his subordinates, obeyed to his command and marched ahead.

He could wield the black sword? Then was he a Mortal Sin skill holder as well?
Perhaps I could dig up some clue about that in this world.

I picked up a long sword that was lying around nearby, intending to assist the man.

I rushed forward
Soon I found that I could move my body just like how I could in the real world. This should do.

I called out to the red haired man ahead.

[I’ll help out as well.]

[Nn? I haven’t seen you before. Black eyes and black hair…you aren’t a Gallian.]

[About that…]

[No matter. The more people helping us the merrier. After all, everyone in this world will soon meet their demise.]

He said as he waved his hand at me, now adjusting his pace to run in parallel to me.

[However, this is my prey. My stomach is hungry. The skill inside me told me so. I need to devour that to sate my hunger.]

He sped up even more, the black sword flashing.
The machine angel reacted by shooting exploding beams from its wings. However, it’s as if those beams were in standstill as the man easily weaved through them.

A single slash. That’s all it took.

The gigantic machine angel was cut vertically along the core.

[Kuuu~! Grosss~!! This taste, but I can’t afford to stop eating the big thingy!]

There’s no doubt. This man was the holder of Gluttony skill.
It was also the case with me. When I devoured Haniel, I didn’t feel the usual exhilaration just like when I did with other strong enemies. Just like Greed said… It ran in the family.

[Well…that was unpleasant. Then, who in the world are you?]

The red haired man finally turned around and spoke to me, with the machine angel falling over to the ground behind him.

[I’m…Fate. It seems that I got lost…]

My explanation was replied with a loud laugh.

[What? You actually got lost, in the middle of the battlefield no less? You’re an interesting guy alright. But your willingness to help me, and your bravery despite standing before the machine angel, I like that a lot. By the way, I’m Kairos.]

Kairos was strong. I could tell when he forcibly took and shook my hand.

[Alright, let me take you to our base. Can’t eat in the middle of all this, can we? And I’m still hungry. I can’t certainly eat properly here.]

[Thank you. Honestly, I felt troubled as well.]

[I know right? I can tell from your face. You, Fate was it? Let me tell you this. On the battlefield, you should never show your emotions.]

[I heard that a lot.]

[Wahahaha. Well, being honest has its merits. Especially in a fucked up world like this.]

Kairos put his black sword back to its sheath.
With the machine angel defeated, the enemy forces had started to retreat.

[Alright, today’s battle is over. Next time they’ll come back with stronger forces. We should get enough rest before that.]

Turning my eyes to the black sword on Kairos’ waist, I praised.

[That’s really one hell of a sword. Being able to cut down such a large enemy.]

[This fellow is called Greed. An unsavory, but still a good guy.]

[You sure took a beating first before saying that last part, Kairos.]

[Did I? It’s just so this fellow doesn’t get mad. You see, it’s a talking sword.]

Kairos said as he stroked the black sword’s handle.
Apparently the current Greed was somewhat different from the one I knew.
For example, the Greed I know could only talk with me via Mind Reading, but here he seemed to be able to talk with others normally.
Which means, Kairos had unlocked Greed’s fifth tier.
The level I hadn’t reached yet.
By the way, are we in Gallia right now?
The place was certainly different from the barren Gallia I knew. The place still has plants I couldn’t identify growing around. Despite having been ravaged by war, the greens were still there.

[No worries. Our base is located north from here. Let’s go.]

[Alright, Kairos-san.]

[No need to be so formal with me. Just call me Kairos. Like everyone does.]

I followed Kairos afterward, heading north.
After a while, a familiar black wall entered my sight.


[What do you mean by Babylon?]

[No, nevermind.]

Apparently the place was not yet known as Babylon.
Kairos tilted his head slightly, as if he was thinking about something.

[I like how that sounds. Babylon! They’ve been telling me to find a good name for the fortress. Thanks for the idea.]

[Is that… really fine like that?]

[It’s fine. I want to get back at those people who kept forcing me to think up a name for our base anyway.]

As we got closer, the place was indeed a lot different than the Babylon I knew of.
No, it hadn’t even become Babylon to be more exact.
When I looked around, I found that some of the walls were still in construction.

[We don’t have enough material just yet. Getting Adamantite from our enemies is hella hard. Honestly I think that it’s easier for me to just fight alone.]

Kairos greeted the construction workers amiably.
I came to notice that this man didn’t show any sign of fatigue despite having just fought a battle.
Moreover, Kairos seemed to be different from me in regards that Gluttony skill didn’t seem to influence him too much. So far, I didn’t see any sign of that.

After a while, Kairos guided me to the dormitories.

[Alright then, it’s meal time.]

[Errmm…is it really okay, treating a stranger like me so well?]

[I told you, didn’t I? I like people like you. Moreover…..]


[You have a very similar smell. You know, just like me. Get it?]

I was lost for words. Should I say that it’s probably because both of us were Gluttony skill holders?
But seeing me unable to give any reply, Kairos simply muttered [Well, doesn’t matter.]
Then proceeded without showing any sign of being offended.

[A newcomer similar to you joined us recently.]


[Look, over there. Always brooding in the corner. Fighting prowess might be topnotch, but everything else is meh. What a troublesome fellow.]

Kairos smiled as he said so. That said, he was pointing at a girl with silver hair and tanned skin.
Other than that, she had a pair of crimson eyes.
She was sitting while hugging her knees, staring up to the sky.


I might’ve said that way too loudly, everyone around us turned their heads towards us instantly.
And as such, Kairos also squinted his eyes at me.

[What is this? So she’s someone you know? In that case, you two should be able to get along well. I’m counting on you, Fate.]

After saying so, Kairos left, apparently to handle other matters.
Myne’s piercing gaze was now focused on me. Why of course
After all, I spouted her name out loud just now.

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  1. Thanks for more this chapter, and I am curious to know if it is possible to say in which chapter such arc begins and which chapter ends a determined arc, to what I see, the last chapters here seem to be from volume 07 of the LN, it is possible to delimit the chapters of the WN more or less by the volumes of the Novel?


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