Glutton Berserker ch.170

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 170 – Luna’s World

I consumed Luna’s soul in the past. Since then, she’s been helping me. Creating the spiritual world to keep the Gluttony skill at bay, and also during my training.
I really can’t thank Luna enough for everything she had done.
And that same Luna’s only wish, to stop Myne, happened to align with mine.

To fulfill our common wish, I developed a new power for Gluttony skill.
Not to just imprison, but also interact with the souls that it had consumed, allowing me to borrow their certain abilities.
Even skills and abilities that weren’t part of what God had bestowed to the world.
An example was Luna’s (Haniel’s) unique abilities.

In a sense, it’s similar to the use of Crossing between me and Greed.
Having consumed their souls, interacting with them was certainly no child’s play.
Therefore, I was only able to use Luna’s power, as we shared the same goal.

When Luna told me about Myne’s past, she also promised me that she’d lend me her power.

By achieving an agreement with the soul, the said soul would be able to manifest their power into the world. According to Greed, even the previous holder of Gluttony skill would never come up with such an idea nor be able to achieve the same thing.
Greed who was still in Crossing state with me said.

(Actually paying attention to the person whose soul you’ve consumed, I guess that’s so much like you…you crafty guy. Anyways, Haniel’s power can be very reliable here. Let’s go, Fate!)

Haniel’s scorching fire orbited around me. In addition to that, the blue barrier was tough enough to withstand even Myne’s 《Noir Destructo》.

(Fate, we can’t waste time. Luna’s soul won’t hold if you strain her for too long)

Using this power unfortunately would also scrape on Luna’s soul.
And it’s said that when the soul is exhausted, one will cease to exist.

That was the difference from Crossing.
It was a one-sided deal between me and Luna.
As Greed said, the longer I used Haniel’s powers, Luna’s soul would gradually grow weaker.
But even with such a risk, Luna still agreed to fight together in order to stop Myne.

Myne was still distraught from seeing me drawing on Luna’s power.
I had only one chance.
Concentrating, I used the blue flames to knock Sloth away from Myne’s hand.
And just like that, I opened the barrier so that I could drag Myne to me. Hugging her tightly so that she couldn’t escape.

[Luna! Now!]

The barrier closed back, and a bright light filled its interior.
I could feel my consciousness fading away.
When I opened my eyes again, I was greeted by the sight of pure white that stretched as far as I could see.
This was the spiritual world that Luna created inside me.

Myne was also here, lying unconscious next to me.
This was the place I’ve chosen to stop Myne, a place where we could talk.

It was Luna and Greed’s suggestion.
When fighting her in the real world, they knew that Myne would end up immersed in Wrath skill, thus preventing us from convincing her to stop peacefully.
Sure enough, with Shinn’s goading her, Myne released the Wrath skill.

Myne in the real world was currently also unconscious.
But even here, the horns on her forehead still remained.
If she woke up, there’s a possibility that we’ll have to fight her in the spiritual world.
While I was mulling over that, a hand grabbed my shoulder from behind.

[We somehow made it. That’s the result of using Crossing with this Me.]

When I turned around, I found Greed in his human form. Combing his red hair with his fingers as he looked smugly at me.

[Hey you…can you really afford to act so relaxed right now! In the real world, Shinn is about to sacrifice the entire Hauzen still!]

[Haven’t you realized yet?]

Greed snapped back at me.

[How many times have you visited this place already? The time passage in this place is different than the real world.]

[Is that so?]

[Really now… you’re truly hopeless. This spiritual world was originally created by Luna to keep the Gluttony skill at bay. Of course, the rules of this world are exactly as Luna wants it to be.]

[Including the flow of time?]

[That’s just how it is. The flow of time for the soul and body is already different to begin with.]

Greed mentioned how [The flow of time between the soul and body were different]. My mind was already full with Myne and Hauzen, so I wasn’t able to process that information properly. But it slowly sunk in.

When I turned to the still unconscious Myne, Luna was already there kneeling beside her.

[We finally meet again, big sis.]

She gently stroked Myne’s cheek with her hand.

[It’s always like this. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.]

Tears rolled down Luna’s cheeks.
Greed also looked pained from seeing this, so he spoke to Luna.

[We have pushed you to do something unreasonable.]

[It’s fine. It was my own decision, and I asked Fate to do it.]

[Luna… you…]

[What happens to me doesn’t matter. I’m already but a fragment of the past. To me, what’s most important is big sis, who is still living in the present. So, Fate, thank you.]

She stood up and held my hand. I felt warm despite the fact that it’s our spiritual body.

[I…what I did was just suppressing Myne. You are the one who brought us here.]

[No, that isn’t necessarily true. You did enough. It’s thanks to Fate that I was able to bring big sis here without hurting her. Take pride in that. Don’t you think so too, Greed?]

[Yeah, you did really well. More than my expectation. You didn’t even step back when facing the Wrath immersed Myne. Not a shred of fear at all. I can tell for sure, because we were in the state of Crossing.]

It’s a bit annoying. That Greed who rarely speaks highly of me suddenly praised me like that, making me feel embarrassed.

[However, the hard part starts now. Luna… are you really sure?]

[How come you still ask when we are already in this stage? Of course I’m sure. After all I’m the only one here who can reach into big sis’ long closed off heart.]

[You… you do know what that means, right?]

[I do, and I always do. That aside, why is Greed bothered by that? You should make up your mind. Despite all the big talk, you still haven’t really changed from how you were in the past, have you?]

[That is…]

[Still a fainthearted when it really matters.]

Greed scoffed at Luna who laughed after openly making fun of him.

[I was a crybaby and indecisive in the past… But I have resolved myself now. I wish to do everything I can for big sis]

[Just… do as you like.]

[And I will do just that. Let’s get started then. Fate, would you please?]

Luna said so as she stretched out one hand to me while her other hand was on the still unconscious Myne.
I reached out to her hand, as prompted.

[Now, we’ll dive. Straight into my sister’s heart. I’ll guide you, so don’t let go of my hand. Human’s hearts are like a labyrinth. If you get lost, you may never be able to return.

No need to make it that scary. I’d never let go of your hand now.
I couldn’t help imagining having to wander forever inside Myne’s closed off heart.
All I want is to continue living together as we used to in the real world.

[Are you guys ready?]

[ [ Yes. ] ]

I looked at Greed and Luna’s faces, then nodded.
These two were irreplaceable people for me. Without them, there’s no way that I’d even get this far.
And Myne was also the same.
Thus, with Luna’s guidance, we entered into Myne’s closed off world (heart).

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