I Was Called Incompetent ch.21

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 21: Request

[Yes… Rhode-san just became an adventurer recently. Your rank is the lowest D-rank. That’s why you won’t be allowed to take the request since it’s a regional request.]

[So adventurers are now divided into ranks? I did not know about this before.]

[Ee? It wasn’t like that in the past?]

[Yes. There were adventurer guilds, but I believe there was no such rule in the past.]

[I-in the past…?]

[Ah, nothing, don’t mind our conversation. She simply forgot about the adventurer’s rank. Pardon me, but could you explain about the rank and its relation to the request in an easy-to-understand manner? I also know very little about it.]

Since I dreamed of becoming a hero when I was young, naturally I had some basic knowledge regarding monsters and adventurers’ guild.
However, my memory was a little vague, so let’s take this chance to rekindle it.

[Ah, yes! First of all, about adventurer rank…]



Adventurer rank.

It was made to prevent adventurers from recklessly taking requests beyond their capabilities. It can also serve as an indicator to an adventurer’s strength.
Classified from【D】to【SSS】with the highest rank being ‘Hero’.

One’s rank can be improved by completing requests. The number of available requests and the degree of difficulty would increase as the rank goes up.
Although a rare occurrence, if an adventurer is allowed to take and somehow managed to complete a request meant for a higher rank, then it’s possible to ask for rank promotion.


There are several types of requests: branch requests, regional requests, national requests and international requests.
Each request also has a rank requirement and only adventurers belonging to or with higher rank can participate in that request.
All requests other than the branch quest are collectively considered as shared requests.

Branch requests are literally requests specific to a certain branch.
This type of request is usually a simple task like item collection or subjugating weak monsters around the area where the branch office is. Therefore, almost all adventurers regardless of rank can take this request freely.

Then what about regional requests? If the Guild Master determined that a certain task is difficult to handle with only the adventurers residing near the branch office, they could issue it to another branch office.
When a particularly strong monster appeared, the request would usually become a regional request from the get-go.
Depending on the target area and the strength of the monster, usually only adventurers of Rank B or higher are allowed to take this request.

If the regional request proved to be harder than expected, it can be turned into national request where this time it would be made available to the branches all around the country
Naturally, the difficulty is high and only rank A or above can take this type of request.

Lastly, the international request. It transcends national borders as it’s a super difficult request and thus can be found in every adventurers’ guild branches all over the world.
Few people could complete it and not to mention that it’s often issued in urgent situations because of how dangerous it is.
Since it can only be accepted by SS rank or higher, of which only a handful of them exist, this type of request can also be considered asthe ultimate request.
That said, S-rank adventurers are allowed to participate as assistance.



[That’s all.]

[I see. I understand now.]

[Uーn, can’t be helped…hopefully Balmung is willing to wait.]

Talk about a missed opportunity because I don’t have a high enough rank to reach it…

[Unfortunately the rule must be upheld…]


A tall, bulky man appeared from behind the receptionist,
I could already tell who that is from the silhouette.

[Ah, Gagan-sama.]

[There will be no problem if I send a special recommendation letter. Go for it, Rhode.]

Special recommendation letter?
I’ve never heard of that…

[Gagan-sama…will that be alright?]

[I don’t see the future where Rhode could fail this request. Though, if he did fail, then I’ll be as good as dead. Not that I care about it.]

[Eh? Gagan-san, what do you mean…?]

[A special recommendation letter is the authority of a guild master. It will allow an adventurer to receive requests that are beyond their rank. But it must be issued only when the said adventurer is deemed to be capable of completing the request. Well, basically just like what we have here. Of course, it’ll be my responsibility if you fail. I have deliberately put an adventurer in harm’s way after all.]

[No way… is this really alright?]

[It’ll be alright, no worries! Rather, let’s take it this way. Consider this my way to apologize and to thank you. Guys like you shouldn’t be holed up in this town. Aim to become a world-class adventurer! This time around…pull out the wool over everyone’s eyes.]


Gagan-san then instructed Ellie to prepare a request form, which he signed and stamped with his seal.
When he handed the form to me, he narrowed his eyes and smiled.

[I can only do this much, I’m sorry. When you return back to town, I’ll make sure to reward you properly.]

[No, it’s more than enough already. Thank, Gagan-san.]

Hearing me say so, Gagan-san could only shake his head and smiled in defeat.


On the way back home, we stopped by the shopping district to prepare for the trip.
Nobody treated me like trash anymore. Everyone greeted me politely. Some even took the initiative to have a little chat with me.

At the store where I usually bought my daily necessities, we bought some ingredients for today’s dinner and a good amount of food that could last long.
When I was about to pay, I noticed that the shopkeeper had packed more than I originally wanted to buy.

[U-uncle, this is…]

[I…I can only do this…to absolve myself from my sins! Please enjoy the food…! And I’m sorry… sorry…!!]

Seeing him desperately stuffing more and more food into the shopping bag with a runny nose and teary eyes, I felt like I almost teared up myself.


[I don’t need your money… All I want is…… forgiveness…I’ve treated you like crap!]

[Enough… That’s enough. Even so, you still allowed me to buy food in your store, didn’t you?]

Hearing my reply, the shopkeeper uncle slumped down to the floor.
He soon devolved into a weeping mess, constantly asking me for forgiveness or thanking me in between his sniffles.

After that, I went around the shopping district to buy a tent, a lantern and other travelling necessities.
Wherever I went, there would always be people apologizing and thanking me.
All of them insisted that I don’t need to pay them, which I felt obliged to accept to help ease their anxiety.


When I arrived back home after shopping, there were already many people waiting on the front lawn.
These were my colleagues at work, including Boss.
I was relieved that their wounds had mostly recovered, but why are they in here…?

[Boss…and everyone…?]

When I stood right before them and said so, they took that as a signal to kneel down all at once at the same time.


[We have made you suffer. No…the best way to say it is we have practically brought hell upon you…! Thinking that you’ll forever stay an incompetent…thinking back we were really at fault. Either way we really have done something we shouldn’t. But you… we… Not only did you say that you’ll forgive us… you also saved our life! Now that we owe you our lives…how can we return this favor!? How can we repay your kindness… I… I don’t know…!]


Boss’ voice sounded shaky with emotions.
His shoulders were trembling as he bowed to me.
How many more times do I have to hear people apologizing to me in a single day?
How many people had thanked me today?
I feel all that is more than enough to wash away my 3 years of suffering.

[Rhode-kun sssowwyyy! Dhank gyuuuu…!]

[Rhode-kun, thanks to you…I’m still able to meet my daughter…ahh! I did terrible things to you in the past! I’m truly sorry…!]

[To think Rhode-kun is such a benevolent person… I… I regret every wrong I had done to you…!]

Everyone tried to apologize sincerely, some regretted their actions and some were grateful to me.
Hearing each one of them, I was barely able to keep my calm.

[Boss, everyone…Thank you…very much. That’s enough. Because, in the end… We still get along with each other…!]


I’m happy enough already.


[Rhode-sama, today….is also a nice day.]

[……yeah. It’s indeed a good day.]

We laughed together as we’re preparing for the trip.
I had done enough in this town.
My promise to Crown-san had gained one more meaning, and I would surely fulfill it.

[Fuuh, it is done. Rhode-sama, shall I brew some tea?]

[Yes, please do. Let’s enjoy the tea together.]

[Yes…then please wait a moment.]

Finished with the preparations, I took a seat on a chair.
While waiting for Levi to return, I took a look at the black notebook.
The number of lit up pages had increased to 10. I gained more companions.
What kind of individuals are these new ones?
I look forward to meeting them.

[Ah, I have to let Balmung know.]

I invoked Balmung and materialized her.
She soon emerged from the black light.

[A vyfern? I hop it vill put up a gut fight.]

[So you heard? Well, we’ll leave tomorrow. The trip should take about a week or so.]

[I kare nein so long as I get to fight. Zat sait…..you are nicht bat of a perzon.]

Her lips might be saying that, but her eyes were reddened.
Balmung isn’t really being honest, is she?

[Well…I guess so?]

[Vell, fine, but it is nicht zat I kare. It is your life. You gif me a body to fight, zus I vill fight for you. Best regarts, Rhode.]

[Best regards to you too, Balmung. I’ll be counting on you.]

[If it is a dragon, you kan kount on me. I schall bisekt zem into zwei vit one schlash. Fufufu…]

What a beautiful face…but what an evil smile she had just now.
As long as Balmung is happy, I suppose it’s fine?

[Ara? I did not know that Balmung-sama is also here.]

[Oh, hey. Nn, is zat zee blakk tea? I vonder if zere any for me.]

[Yes, certainly.]

[Danke, Levi. Zen, you too, Rhode…]

[Wha, hey…?]

We had an evening conversation over a cup of tea.
Tomorrow would be the day we depart.
What kind of trip will it be?
There might be difficulties ahead.
But I’m sure that there will also be fun there.

[Are you listenink!?]

[Yes, I am!]

[Fufu…zis is schomvat fun.]

See, everything will be just fine.

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