The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.148

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 148 – Return to the Frontier

Heinz was currently filled with festivities. All the residents stood by the roadside with smiles on their faces, waiting for the arrival of a certain group of people.

The women carried a basket of flower petals while the men gazed toward the gate with mugs of cold ale in their hands. Many children had also gathered near the gate.

[Ah! It’s here, they’re here!]

One of the children suddenly shouted causing the rest to grow excited… causing a loud mess.

[That’s our Lord at the very front!]

[The Lord has returned?]

[That’s right! Hurry up and tell the adults!]

The children scattered toward the adults immediately like spiderlings.

It was at that moment a great fanfare could be heard coming from the gate.


Ares had returned back to the frontier territory. Ares was at the forefront with his white battle attire, riding atop a hard to describe beautiful white horse (Kirin), creating an image of a hero often depicted on scrolls.

Immediately behind him… were the warlord Sigurd on the right and the military advisor Shion on the left.

Right behind them was someone that seemed to be a refined warrior; a strangely dressed foreign warrior who was clearly amazed by what he saw here.

The moment they entered the gate, they were greeted by a magnificent flower petal rain.

[Our Lord, Ares-sama, welcome back!]

[Sigurd-sama, Shion-sama! Thank you for the hard work!]

Following behind the four….the cheering intensified as the frontier territory’s soldiers marched in.

[Our brave warriors, welcome back!!]

[You all have returned safely!]

Whilst looking sideways to the excited crowd… Ares spoke to Sigurd and Shion.

[What a good view, right?]

Hearing that, Shion simply smiled.


Ares thought to himself. Everything is as I imagined.

People praise and look up to heroes. However, the true heroes here are the soldiers.

The one worthy of praise was the soldiers who had to risk their lives in battle, not the commander. That’s what Ares thought.

The people here knew it as well from the countless battles Heinz had gone through in the past.

[Milord, please.]

[Thank you.]

A little girl called out from below, Ares dismounted to receive what she had to offer.

It was a clumsily made flower crown. Ares put it on his head and smiled then stroked the girl’s head.

[This is even more precious than the medal His Majesty granted to me. I’ll cherish it.]

Hearing Ares’ reply, the girl smiled in return.

The number of soldiers marching into the city kept increasing and so did the cheering. The bustling festivities didn’t stop until the next day.


[Welcome back, Ares-sama.]

George spoke when Ares entered the office and sat in his chair. At the same time, all the other internal affairs officers bowed their heads at once.

[Yeah, I’m back. Are there any changes while I’m away?]

[Cornelia-sama has been a very welcome help in terms of domestic affairs so there was no problem at all. Rather… there were several good achievements.]

[I see. That’s good to hear…. Wait, where is Cornelia then?]

[Her Highness said that it won’t be fair for the other wives if she were to meet Ares-sama ahead, so she headed back to her room. It seems Milord is up for a huge feast later.]

[…that’s so much like Cornelia alright. Well, I guess I can talk about it with her slowly later.]

Ares said with a wry smile. Not only is Cornelia really good at handling domestic affairs but she also mingles well with his other wives. He could only feel grateful.

[Alright then… let’s hear the report now, shall we?]

[Are you not tired? Milord had just returned today.]

Smiling in appreciation to Elan’s consideration, Ares replied.

[Well, nothing’s wrong with it, and I’m quite curious about what happened anyway… so it’s okay… George, would you please?]

[Yes. Then, first of all…]

And thus Ares listened to the report of the domestic officers. The meeting lasted until the evening.


[Then, Ares-sama. It went like this…]

[Un, un.]

[Ares nii-sama. It’s actually like this.]

[Ho, ho.]

[Master, right here, right here…]

[Hmm, hmm.]

[Hey, you. Are you listening properly?]

A little shocked by Sharon prodding him, Ares put on a calm look on his face.

[It’s okay. I’m listening.]

He replied.

At dinner, Ares was reunited with his wives after quite a long period of separation. After embracing each other, they slowly got into the table to have dinner….but they couldn’t really eat. The wives were more interested to tell Ares about their days while he was away.

Women really love to talk, do they? They don’t even care about the man’s opinion in this case.

Ares was aware of this truth.

He listened to the stories and gave appropriate responses, while piecing the stories together.

(However… it’s surprising.)

Ares thought whilst listening.

(Each of them took active roles according to their specialties… what’s more, it’s getting to the point…)

According to George’s report, his wives had been helping out in their own way for the country’s advancement. Ares at least expected that some of them would help to an extent, but…

(I never thought that they’d help this much. Some of them are even talented in dealing with domestic and military affairs)

Ares pieced together what his wives had told him so far.

Sharon and Liliana worked together in general, but particularly active in maintaining public order. Just the other day they helped subjugate a horde of magic beasts appearing near Heinz. During his leave, the two had gained overwhelming popularity among the guards.

The three Rosenburg sisters not only helped the Blue Legion in creating the huge defensive barrier around the city, they also aided heavily in magic research. It can be said that the magic train that was finished the other day became a reality thanks to their help.

Nina assisted Tobias in commercial development work. They were currently trying to normalize the economy by checking on and watching the market.

Theta and Maria didn’t only stop at giving proper instruction to the maids in the mansion in order to keep the mansion well maintained, but they also took active part in training new employees. The trainees would eventually take an active role in the mansion.  

Lilith was in charge of controlling the magic beasts around the frontier territory. Sometimes, there would be some that went into a rampage, but her influence was usually enough to keep the rest in order. Demonkins with high intelligence and magic power, such as the dark elves that were formerly under her rule, were already assimilating into the residence of Heinz, working together with other races. Ares also heard that Lilith was in charge of managing the magic stones as well.

And above all that…

Ares turned his head sideways to glance at Cornelia.

It was her… Cornelia’s presence. Despite Ares’ absence, it was thanks to her that the city’s development could still move forward.

[Perhaps Her Highness is an even better ruler than Ares-sama. Cause unlike you, she doesn’t try to escape every time.]

Ares could only smile after hearing George said that.

Yes, Cornelia had ruled Heinz perfectly on behalf of Ares.

On top of that, she put the wives together and arranged them to help out on parts they’re good at to keep them happy.

In fact, the unity among Ares’ wives was really high and each one knew how to make themselves worthy.

All of them did not bound themselves to the fate of 『birthing an heir』like most aristocratic women. It’s easy to see why they’re happy. 

(Is it because of the influence of『That』power… or is it her own quality…? Either way, as long as she’s here, the territory will still run properly even if I have to go on a campaign in the future…) 


Cornelia suddenly called out, causing Ares to quiver.

[Yes!? What is it??]

[Why did Ares-sama look like he is planning something bad?]

[About that…]

[You thought that the political affairs will proceed just fine if you leave everything to us, didn’t you…?]

[…..!? How come you can read my mind like that?]

Hearing Ares’ response, Cornelia let out a heavy sigh.

Sharon and Nina immediately chimed in.

[Are you stupid?]

[Truly the worst…]


Being stared at from all sides, Ares shut his mouth. Cornelia continued to speak.

[Ares-sama… indeed we have covered up for you during your absence. But that was not exactly what we wanted.]

Having said so, Cornelia’s cheek bloomed a slight red.

[What we want the most right now… is to spend our time with you. And… we are still women after all. We do have a strong desire to bear your child.]

[…..forgive me.]

Listening to Cornelia’s words, Ares drooped his head in shame.

[It’s my mistake. After we’re done with the dinner, we can share our stories to each other properly. And I don’t think there will be any conflict for a while so I’ll be able to spend more time with you all.]

Ares chuckled after saying that. His wives smiled in return.

Seeing those smiles… for the first time after returning from the north… Ares felt truly at home.


Author’s Note:

I guess I’ll just write this here.

Getting to the next arc took too long! I’ve read this kind of comments recently.

However, this is how it is… I will not revise the story. I’m sorry.

The majority who read this story are those who support it… thus I cannot just change how the story goes.

Various perspectives and ways of thinking…. Mixed together into one… it can be complicated indeed.

But waging war is impossible without foundation and solid internal affairs. I don’t want to neglect all that just because I want to depict a battle.

I want to write those in more detail so this is the method I take.

There were times when I thought that it’s okay to fast forward everything through the perspective of the main character… but the world isn’t that simple.

Again, I really want to write everything I can in more detail.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.

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  1. I have no problems with author including different perspectives. In fact, its very different than a lot of novels where we only perceive the world through the MC’s eyes. Thank you very much for translating this novel


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