Glutton Berserker ch.179

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Editor: Mirp

Chapter 179 – Snow and Roxy

[Fai, watch out!]

Another big earthquake occured as we ran through the sewer that led to the underground city.
The ceiling of the sewer collapsed as a result.
The rubbles would fall on us, but it’s actually something convenient.

I changed the black sword into its shield form.

[Roxy, to me.]


I held her hand and drew her closer to me.
The black shield protected us from the falling rubble and even set it aside.

[I’ll use the hole left from the collapse to climb up.]

[If it is only that much, I should be able to climb up as well.]

[Then let’s go!]

Balancing myself on top of the unstable scaffolding, I climbed up toward the opening from where the sunlight leaked in.
Snow was silent all the time, staring at the sky.
I’ve seen this kind of reaction before. It’s always like this when Libra was involved.

[Snow, once we get to the top part, can you evacuate alone?]

[No way! I’ll fight! Fight!]

The grown up Snow would likely be a force to be reckoned with. However, the current Snow that was hugging Roxy was stuck in her child form.

The current her was hard to work with. Perhaps due to her childish attitude.

[I will fight along with Roxy!]

She hugged Roxy even tighter while saying that.
How long have we separated that she changed this much!?

[Somehow, she became close to me after I treated her earlier.]

[I like Roxy!]

Roxy was trying so hard to get along with Snow. She had been trying to lessen the distance gradually, and apparently treating the unconscious Snow gave the last push needed.
I’m happy for her. But if only this happens after we manage to overcome the crisis that is about to engulf Hausen.

[I understand. Then, Snow, please lend your power to help Roxy.]

When I properly asked her for help, Snow’s eyes sparkled and she started making a big fuss.

[Leave it to me! I’m strong!]

[I look forward to working with you!]


Such a heartwarming scene with Snow. I could feel the tense air disappear and my heart relaxed.
The tremor on the ground intensified.
We continued to run, as fast as we could.

An alarm was ringing in Hausen. Stacks of black smokes were rising from all over the city.

[Fai, the evacuation seems to be delayed somehow.]

[It seems so… I asked Mimir to help just in case… but I guess the population was a bit too big to complete the evacuation in such a short notice.]

The hired warriors in the city also helped out in the evacuation effort. However, the sudden event might’ve caused panic among the residents. Therefore some of them may not be willing to listen to the warriors.
From time to time, I could hear screams echoing in the sky.
When I looked up to the sky, there were flashes of light.
Sound of thunder continuously cracked from the sky up north, each one always followed by a new rising black smoke.

[Is he… attacking from the sky?]

One wouldn’t be able to see it with naked eye. But Snow tugging at my hand proved that it’s true.

[Dropping those lights from the sky. He’s playing around.]

[What? From the sky?]

[From a very, very high place. Where you can’t even breathe because there’s no air!]

Playing around, in a place so high there’s no air?
Someone, can someone put it in layman terms!
Realizing me tilting my head, Roxy attempted to make it clear.

[Look. Up there in the sky!]

[So it’s up there!]

That wasn’t a star. It’s something else.
Just when I thought so, it shone brightly.
Immediately afterward, a pillar of light hit a spot very near to us and caused a huge explosion.

[Roxy, Snow!]

I still had the black shield, so the explosion was nothing much. Being hit directly by that light is a different matter though.
I took a look at the place where the pillar of light had struck. Fortunately there was no one there…
If this is just playing around as Snow said, then what will happen if he’s serious?
Greed then talked to me via《Mind reading》.

『What Snow said is correct. This is certainly bad. He’s currently beyond the atmosphere. Simply speaking, he’s attacking from such a ridiculous range that neither the black bow nor even the bloody ptarmigan can reach him.』

Greed explained as I looked up into the sky once more.
The star-like dot was shining again.

『Snow might say that he’s just playing, but those lights are actually his power spilling out. He’s actually in the process of charging an attack.』

Does that mean… there’s no way for us to retaliate?
I gave up stopping the door to His land from opening, and yet I’m now stumped by this.
Seto and Mimir were still in the city. While Eris, Myne, and Raine were underground.

Seeing me holding my head, Snow suddenly said.

[Then just fly up to the sky!]

She said while flapping her arms. Oioi, we are not birds, okay?
But Snow seemed to be serious. She stared at Roxy, then continued to speak.
Oddly, her tone this time sounded mature, different from the usual Snow.

[Roxy Heart, if you are ready for it, would you forge a contract with me?]

Roxy was surprised from receiving such an offer. And so did I.
Could it be that she’s regaining her true self? Is it finally coming out?
At least Snow’s words implied that she’s serious.

[Ready for a contract…?]

[It means becoming part of my family. Should you fail, you will end up becoming a creature called darkness. But should you succeed, you will step into Area E and gain new powers.]

Roxy’s eyes opened wide. After all, she’s always been looking for a way to reach Area E.


She glanced at me, which I replied by shaking my head.

[Please do. Please forge a contract with me.]

[Roxy! Don’t….]

[No. I have to decide now. Moreover, our time is running out.]

[Very well. Then please come closer to me.]


While light pillars kept raining down, Snow kissed the kneeling Roxy’s forehead.


Snow’s body turned into light particles and flowed into Roxy.
Roxy’s body was immediately enveloped in pale red light.
Did she feel as if something is wriggling inside her body or something? She was hugging her own body, giving me that kind of notion.


Right when I called out to her name, white wings sprouted out from Roxy’s back.
1, 2, 3, 4. There were 4 wings sprouting out in total.

In addition to the wings, a white halo appeared, floating above Roxy’s head. And her blonde hair――there were now traces of Snow’s hair color along the tips.
Her current figure… looked nothing less like the angel told in fairy tales.


The changes were so divine, it’s breathtaking. It’s not the time and place, but I was truly fascinated by her look for a while there.

[A, are you alright?]

Roxy slowly raised her head in response to my voice. A smile then bloomed in her face.

[There is no problem. Although it feels a bit weird to suddenly grow wings… is it not?]

[I think it’s pretty.]

[If that is so, then good!]

Roxy looked happy. Accepting the changes so readily, I wonder if it’s really alright…
She’s originally a very positive person. I knew that full well.
I was so worried about what will happen if Roxy were to step into Area E. But looking at her stepping up so easily… I really can’t beat her after all.

『That doesn’t even look difficult. Am I right, hard-working-Fate-kun?』


『I mean it. At this kind of timing――it’s good that we are able to borrow the power of a Sacred Beastkin like Snow. Besides, the Holy Knights naturally have good affinity with the Sacred Beastkin. The adaptation rate is very high.』

[You should’ve said it earlier!]

『I just wanted to see and enjoy Fate’s natural reaction on this』

[You sick bastard.]

Greed laughed loudly. Well, of course.
If it posed a huge risk for Roxy, Greed would certainly warn me ahead of time.
Snow was the same. I thought I knew them well already, but I guess I still have a long way to go.
Snow did ask if Roxy was ready though. She wanted to see if Roxy really had the resolve in her.

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