Glutton Berserker ch.180

Weekly chapters (1/2)

The climax of the long battle.
Enjoy the chapter~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 180 – Things You Don’t Want to Lose

I took another look at Roxy.
To think that successfully contracting with a sacred beastkin actually made someone become prettier… This is certainly a far cry compared to those darknesses we fought in the desert.
Roxy herself was initially amazed by the changes.
But she soon tried to flap her wings.

[Fai, look, I can fly]

[Ooooh! Amazing!]

This was way too cool to be true.
While watching her flit around in the air, I wondered.

[How come she turned into that kind of form?]

『That is called a valkyrie. That is the result of when a holy knight forges a contract and successfully assimilates with a sacred beastkin. She’ll probably have to adjust as this form opens up new ways of fighting. But really….. Valkyries were enemies in the past, but who would’ve thought that we gained one as an ally now.』

Greed did tell me that the Sacred Beastkin and Mortal Sin skill holders were enemies.
However, time has changed since then. Kairos and the others had to fight the valkyries in the past, but now one became our ally thanks to Snow’s help.

I quickly informed Roxy about what Greed had taught me just now.
After practising for a bit, she seemed to understand something.

[Fai, come here.]

She beckoned me to approach.

[Could it be, this?]

[Yes, there is no other method.]

She circled her arms around me as I approached, then flapped her wings with all her might.
Even while carrying me, she took to the sky with seemingly no problem.

『It’s not exactly flying with wings as normal. She’s using magic power to propel herself into the air. Let’s just say that the wings are what allows her to do so.』

[Is it the same reason as to how Tenryu could fly in the sky despite its huge body?]


I see. Still so much more to learn. As I listened to Greed, we flew higher and higher.


[I think I am getting used to this. You know, when I was little, there was a time…when I wished that I could fly. I have always wondered how good it will feel like to be able to fly freely in the sky like a bird. Now that dream has come true.]

[Roxy, you are truly strong.]

In the past, there was a time when I was filled with fear that one day Gluttony skill would devour me and turn me into a monster.

[Knowing the risks, it’s certainly not an easy decision. But you couldn’t just stand still when the fate of the people in Hausen is in line, so you strode forward without hesitation. If it was me, I don’t think I can make such a heavy decision instantly…]

[Not really. All I did was emulate Fai.]

Roxy increased in altitude even faster. It seemed that she’s having fun.

[Now who was the person that tended to act recklessly and crazily, making me worried sick whenever he was not around me? Moreover, I do not want to be left behind anymore!]


[And I also want to be able to help Fai more… I have had enough always becoming a burden!!]

Her momentum never diminished. She was getting faster instead.
But can we break through, what did Greed call it again, the atmosphere as is?
Keeping that doubt to myself, we soared to heaven.


[Almost there.]

[Huge. what a size.]

There was still some distance left, but what we saw was at least as huge as the entire Hausen.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a flying fortress.
Greed roared in my mind as it became clear what we are up against.

『I was wondering about this earlier, but isn’t that the sacred beast zodiac Aquarius!? How come that it’s still here?』

[That is a living thing?]

『Of course. That thing was originally a sacred beastkin just like Snow. it’s in its transformed state now…..but staying in that state for too long will cause it to not be able to transform back to its original form. I doubt that it can still retain a clear mind by now. He put out something interesting…..that Libra bastard』

As long as it stayed beyond the atmosphere, the sacred beast zodiac Aquarius was able to absorb the sunlight and weaponize it. People of old called it Arrow of Indra.
Out of curiosity, I thought about using appraisal on it, but Greed was quick to warn me off.

『Stupid idiot! Who the hell stupid enough to use appraisal from the front? You’ll just lose your eyesight from the appraisal countermeasure. Rather than that, it’s finished charging its attack.』

We are still way too far from it.
With the black shield… Is there really no other choice than using the 3rd form’s secret《Reflection Fortress》!?

Roxy, sensing my movement, shook her head.

[Please do not do that. Using the secret will cost Fai a lot of stat. If you use it now, you will run out of methods to stop that sacred beast.]

[Then, what should we do to defend ourselves?]

[Leave it to me!]

She said so without a shred of hesitation. Apparently Snow who was dwelling inside Roxy acknowledged that it’s possible to do so.

[Snow is also very excited inside! Fai, you should just focus on what lies beyond this.]


A searing flash!
A lump of light was projected from beyond the atmosphere. Anything that was caught in it would evaporate without leaving a trace.

But Roxy went toward the sacred beast’s attack without even trying to evade..
Because if she does, Hausen and the underground city below will turn to nothingness.

[Please hold on to me tightly.]

As we were about to be hit by the lump of light, a circular invisible wall unfolded around Roxy, diffusing and refracting the light.
After a while, the refracted light dissolved into motes of light before disappearing one by one.

[That was, could that be the holy blessing!?]

[Yes, Snow-chan said so.]

It was the same holy blessing that the sacred beast Scorpion used. Actually, this one is way more powerful.

『This, nothing less from the so called Divine Guardian Shield.』

Roxy managed to defend against the attack. It should take quite a while before the beast can launch another one.

[We are getting closer. But the air is growing thinner as we go. I can hold on a little thanks to the holy blessing, but I do not think I can reach where the sacred beast is.]

[That should be enough. Greed, surely we can reach it from this distance?]

『Why of course, who do you think I am? Let’s go, it’s time for Bloody Ptarmigan.』

But that alone won’t be enough. Our opponent is a sacred beast after all.
On top of crossing, I need to aim for a greater height.

[Greed, Crossing.]

『Sure things!』

[And then, take 80% of my stats!]

I’m not done yet!
I added the Gluttony skill mutating effect on top of the already horrible looking black bow.
And then, the Bloody Ptarmigan Cross was released!
Back in the capital, I did it by myself. But right now, I’m in the state of Crossing with Greed. The degree of perfection in using the secret is a lot higher than ever before.

[Let’s gooooooooo!]

The spiraling two bolts of black lightning raced toward the sacred beast.
It was a bull’s eye, cleanly piercing the sacred beast at the center, right where its core was supposed to be.

[We did it, did we not?]

Roxy opened her wings widely in joy.
The sacred beast was emitting smokes, its body started leaning to one side as it’s slowly losing altitude.

I was happy at first. But then, I realized… What will happen if a sacred beast that large fell to the ground?

[Greed. If it keeps falling like this… don’t tell me…]

『Nothing good will come from it. You should know that as well, Fate』

The sacred beast was falling along the direction from where we came from.
Are you kidding me? Tell me it’s a lie.
I had put a considerable amount of power into that last shot. My current stat is only at the bare minimum of Area E.
In other words, if I were to give more stats to Greed, I would lose my Area E, which means I won’t be able to deal any damage to the sacred beast.

I gave Roxy a look, but she could only look back at me regrettably.
She’s in a similar state. Using holy blessing to completely disperse the giant blazing light took most of her power.

『Could that Libra guy has predicted even this far ahead?』

[Dammit! Everyone…at this rate everyone will…]

The sacred beast started to fall faster. The friction with the atmosphere wreathed it with flames. It looked like a giant meteor now.
If it hit the ground, a huge area of the land would cave in, creating a huge crater in its wake.

『How preposterous. We’ve gone this far, there is no way I could accept this kind of ending!』


『Luna also believes us till the end. And yet this me….this me could only watch. How pathetic… think so too, don’t you…..Kairos.』

The black bow shone as it began to change its shape.

『Fate, forgive me…..forgive me for doing this. I cannot simply stay here and just watch. I just can’t!』

[What are you trying to do!]

I suddenly had a very bad feeling. Before I could ask him to stop, Greed had already assumed a new form.

『This is the fifth form. A pair of gauntlets. With it you will be able to manipulate up to 10 black threads. From now on, nothing shall escape us anymore.』

The explanation was quite clear. But what happened? Tell me what you just did!
Isn’t it strange!? Normally, to unlock a new form, I will have to sacrifice a huge amount of status.
And yet… I didn’t pay that price. Then if I didn’t, who did?

[Greed… you, don’t tell me…]

『Alright. March on, Fate. Those are the people you care about down there. In that case, there is no need to hesitate anymore. You should already know what must be done. Wield this Me!』

[Even though you keep telling me how reckless I can be… aren’t you the same, you big stupid idiot!]

Entering Crossing state repeatedly would normally render me starving and low on spiritual energy.
However, now that it’s gone to this, how could I not respond in kind!

[Roxy, go to the sacred beat. Take us there.]


She complied without saying anything. Perhaps she couldn’t bear to say it.

As we finally caught up near the fire wreathed sacred beast, Roxy let her hold on my body go.


After confirming that Roxy had moved away, I looked at the pair of gauntlets that is Greed’s new form.

[Let’s go.]

The fire burning around the sacred beast couldn’t hurt me due to my fire resistance skill.
When ten black threads were released from the black gauntlets, my body was hijacked by Greed.

[Sorry, Fate. Think of it as a gift from this me at least.]

The black threads wrapped around the sacred beast like a cocoon.
Moreover, the threads were filled with magic power that far outsripped mine.
Soon after a squeaking noise could be heard, as the threads tightened.

[Is it still not enough? Very well, prepare for worse then]

The black gauntlet changed shape. Was it the secret of the fifth form!?
It should cost status to activate it. In addition to that, since it’s the later form, the status cost must be higher than the previous four.

And yet I didn’t pay all that cost. I checked myself. It was all coming from Greed.

[Fate, look closely. And remember the feeling well.]

I couldn’t reply back because my body was hijacked by Greed. But apparently, my thoughts could still reach him.

[Do not be worried. This me is nothing but a weapon. Unlike Fate and everyone else. Nothing to be sad about. However, even this me… has something I do not want to lose at all cost]

I could sense that Greed was happy from the bottom of his heart as he said so.
And then, he activated the secret of the fifth form――Dimension Destruction.


The glittering black threads became able to cut through even space itself. With that absolute cutting power, the sacred beast was shredded into dust.
And those dust quickly burned down under the air friction.
The inorganic voice resounded in my head, announcing the end of that battle.

As for me, I simply fell.
The state of Crossing had suddenly been cut off.

[Fai! Your hand!]

Roxy approached in a hurry, trying to grab my hand.
We managed to protect Hausen from the Sacred Beast. But… I…
I took a look at Greed, who had reverted back to black sword form.

[What!? What in the world is happening here?]

I heard a loud noise of the earth.
At first I thought that the horizon had risen up somehow. But overtime, I realized how wrong I was.

The continent was really rising to the sky.

[That direction, is that not Gallia?]

I nodded in response to Roxy’s question. Perhaps Dad had managed to unlock the door to His land.
As a result, Gallia had actually risen to the sky. The balance of the world had finally begun to collapse.

Only the two of us could see clearly that the continent had floated up under the sunset.

[Hey, Greed. What should we do now?]

I was expecting him to explain like usual, but this time there was no answer.

[You said that once we unlocked the fifth form, you’ll be able to talk to us all normally. Say something… please… Greed.]


Roxy hugged me. But that only served to make my emotion overflow.
Below, we could see the people important to us waving.

[Greed… please come back.]

But today, I lost something… I lost… an important companion.



Author’s Note:

Book 7 ends here.
As a bonus for the book, I added a side story featuring Myne.
Hopefully you’ll read it when the 7th volume is released.

And maybe, the next book will be the last.
Hereafter, as before, I will do my best to answer the expectations of those who supported me.
Look forward to it.

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